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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 195 Ch 193: Taking Advantage [Pt1]

"Aww man, to think that you caught on to my true personality so a bummer. And I liked your looks as well. What a shame."

Huye sounded dejected as she put her hands behind her head and closed her eyes. She turned away from Yohan as soon as she realized she could not get what she wanted from him.

It was a pity but Yohan was someone she had liked from the first time she saw him. His face was beautiful and different from the others around her.

But an intelligent man who caught on to her true nature was not attractive to her at all. She liked to play the role of a naive fool to get people warped around her finger.

"So you lost all interest in me because I uncovered your true form? Is that what is going on with you?"

Yohan sounded amused as well, but Huye could tell he was not interested in her as well. And there was no need for Yohan to be interested in her sexually since he must have girls flocking all over him.

But darn it was a shame that she could not enjoy such a delicious man in front of her. It was a pity like no other for her,

"Anyway, now that you are a part of us, you will need a new identity and you will also need to acquire as much knowledge about this world as possible. So, care to join us for a dungeon night out?"

Yohan was baffled at the sudden request Huye put up for him. He was not entirely opposed to going out but he had not expected to be accepted so soon.

Despite her innocent looks, Huye seemed like a sharp person who knew how to make allies. Maybe that was how such an ambitious [person had survived so long.

"Ah, I see. Do you wish to use my looks to seduce more people toward your cause? I can see right through your act."

"Right partner. You have a handsome face so make use of it and get us more fodder in our fight."

Yohan teased back once he felt much more comfortable with Huye. Now that both of their personalities were out in the open, they saw no harm in playing around with each other.

They both knew that this flirting was not going to go anywhere. But not everything seemed to think the same.

Jay, who turned the corner the same second Huye put her hand on Yohan's shoulder and leaned closer to him, had a jealous look in his eyes. He looked from Yohan to Huye and then back with a glare.

"Huye, the base commander is asking for us back so we need to go. I am sure our recruit will be able to find his way around somehow."

Jay had a sharp voice as he commanded Yohan to set away seamlessly. Yohan expected this hostility so he was not taken aback. Instead, he hid his smile as he watched Huye manipulate the man.

This girl was good once you get to know her real nature. She was a crafty bitch.'

"Jay, but Yohan is new here so we need to help him out. Can we not stay here for a little longer so that we can-"

"NO, YOU CANNOT. I mean, we are being called urgently so maybe we should get back now."

Jay dragged Huye away and Yohan did not take anything the jealous man said to heart. There would be so many more times he will have to face such a thing.

'Well, time to look around and know what is going on in this world.'

Yohan knew he lacked a lot of knowledge when it came to local cultures as well as the inner workings of the realm. Knowing a little more would not hurt him in any way.


Yohan walked around the base and managed to get back to the starting room somehow. It was all thanks to his system and its data mapping.

Yohan had forgotten a crucial point when he had been left alone - there was illusion magic all around the base, and walking around was impossible.

"So you eventually made it back huh? How did your experience with the base commander Emma go? Are you too shocked to say anything?"

Yohan looked up to see a woman passing a drink to him. Her blue eyes were filled with sympathy but also interest as she stared Yohan up and down. Her lust was sparked quite prominently by what she saw.

Her white hair hid the woman's elf ears which were interesting for Yohan. It had been ages since he had seen an elf and from what he remembered, they had quite a high sex drive.

"The base commander sure is…interesting. But he's also a fool for sacrificing everything for a single woman. And a woman who is the love interest of a lot of other people at that point."

Yohan decided not to hide his words and the elf seemed surprised at Yohan's words.

Maybe she had thought that Yohan would be one of the fools who fell for Huye's charms and ended up serving her as well. There were certainly many such cases before Yohan.

"Oi, you shouldn't say that. Huye is a nice girl-"

"Yeah sure. But I'm not really into girls like her. I would much rather be with someone gorgeous like you who has a nice body."

Yohan could feel his need sparkling. Especially since it had been some time since he had laid down and rested. He wanted to sate his hunger or he would get distracted at the wrong time.

The elf blushed hearing Yohan's words since she was not used to them. Everyone just fell in love with Huye to pay anyone else any attention. That woman was worse than devil snare when it came to seducing men.

And what was worse? Everyone just ended up falling for her in the end. It was unfair and beyond cruel at this point.

"A-Anyway, my name is Mira. I guess I can stay here and provide you with some company if you don't mind."

Yohan was not surprised to see the elf fold in front of some affection from him. She was a lonely soul after all and her sexual frustration must be off the room at this point.

She wanted to be picked and sated tonight and Yohan would give her just that. She was cute and sexy all in one. But she also looked to be someone just looking for some fun and not to get attached to him.

He drank with the elf for some time before he decided it was enough playing around for him.

Yohan was not a virgin and he did not want to wait around like one either. He wanted to get right to the main course.

"Now that we know each other, do you think we should get out of here and go to the upper room?"

Yohan offered and the lonely elf did not take long to agree with his offer. She was beyond drunk and would have agreed to anything he would have asked of her.

Everyone watched the pair go up in surprise. This was the first time someone had not fallen for Huye and it made Yohan a legend in the small group's base. They were all talking about this happening.

Especially the girls who had their partners taken away by Huye welcomed this change and newness.

"I cannot believe someone was able to overcome it. Huye finally lost her charm. Does this mean we finally have a chance?"

"I don't know but I will have to try my luck as well. I am so frustrated by this lack of action in my life."

"So true. My current partner is so bad and frustrating so I think I will finally give up and try something new."

Yohan knew exactly what he did to Huye's reputation and what was being said about him. He had gotten a lot of people interested in him all of a sudden.

But Yohan did not care much for this since he was waiting to do something like this anyway. The more people who were interested in him, the more these people would empower him.

'I guess it is time for me to finally lay my case to rest and to start empowering myself in this world. I will also need to get a lot of people on my side in a short while. It is time to finally start changing things around here.'

This realm was a challenge and there were a lot of obstacles for Yohan to overcome. But he was not worried about his future.

"Hey, are you alright? You zoned in there for a second."

Yohan's partner asked with a worried face. Mira had led him to the back room she often used and her body was pressed against Yohan's. She was aggressive since she had not wanted to wait around.

It had been a long time since she had gotten some and she would take her to fill in any way possible.

And Yohan was interested in taking an elf as well. It would be a novel experience as well and his mouth tingled as Mira pushed her tongue into it.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 195 Ch 193: Taking Advantage [Pt1]