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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 194 Ch 192: The Inauguration [Pt2]

"Emma darling, we are back for more. And look here, I brought someone with me as well."

Huye had no shame as she broke down the door and entered the back room without a punch of guilt on her face. Yohan did not try to stop her since it was not his place.

He was more curious about the pinkish-looking room he had entered and he felt a small headache form behind his eyes. It was just too much pink for his brain to process at one point and he could not help but think of a love hotel when he saw the room.

'Look, I generally don't mind pink but this is too much even for me. Is this room decorated by a pre-teen or something? My eyes hurt a lot.'

Yohan tried to ignore all the pink around him and keep up with Huye as she hopped toward the center of the room. There was a soft (pink again) mattress that had a delicate body lying on top of it.

Most people would have seen the general shape and thought of a woman lying down but Yohan was not any normal man. Everything in him told him that the gorgeously dressed woman lying in front of him was a man.

"Emma, how did your day go? Did your meetings turn out to be successful?"

Huye had no decency as she jumped on the bed and on top of Emma. She looked happy as she nuzzled the man in front of him.

Emma had a sharp gaze as he looked Yohan up and down. It was an interested gaze but not one that was sexual. He was being measured in worth right now.

No matter what this Emma's hobbies and preferences were, there was no doubt in Yohan's mind that this was a trained person who would not hesitate to kill. But Yohan refused to be intimidated by the man in front of him.

"Hmm, so this is the person you wanted to introduce me to? I have to say that he's pretty cute. He's an exotic type, right?"

Emma had a teasing tone in his voice but the flatness of it caused Yohan to know that he was not welcome there. The way Emma was looking at him did not settle well with Yohan.

And then there were those small glances Emma gave to Huye that Yohan categorized as 'interested'.

'Ah, I see what is going on. Everyone in here is in love with Huye and they are jealous of me since she brought me along. Man, I hate girl troubles.'

Yohan had gotten sharper when it came to people so it was easy for him to read the situation. He wanted to head out and save himself the trouble but things did not look like they would work for him.

"Emma, stop it. I brought Yohan here because he had amazing connections and things. He tried to assassinate the queen and still survived. Don't you think that's amazing?"

Yohan could see Huye's eyes shining as she spoke about his achievements. She missed the gritted teeth and the tight smile that Emma gave Huye as a result of her admiration.

"Yeah right. He's amazing, alright."

Emma barely let those words out with gritted teeth as he glared at Yohan. Any other man would have wondered why he was being treated so harshly by a woman. But Yohan could see the truth so he remained calm.

"Emma, can Yohan join us? I will take responsibility for his identity and his allegiance. So can he join us?"

Huye's eyes sparkled as she begged Emma for a favor. How she could miss the tightening of Emma's fists or the weird expression that took over Emma's face?

A second look cleared things up for Yohan. There was a small smile on Huye's face that told him she knew the situation and was enjoying it. She was purposely using Yohan for her purpose.

'This is one devilish woman in front of me. I cannot believe I allowed myself to be used like this.'

Yohan now knew the true nature of Huye and he also knew why he had been brought back by this woman. She was using him to make everyone else jealous and to divert their attention toward herself.

"Alright, I understand. In other words, this is an influential person we should have on our side. Usually, I won't have considered taking in someone like this flashy man but I can make an exception for you Huye. So, you said your name was Yohan?"

Yohan had not said anything until now but he was being interrogated as if he was a criminal. He did not like his chances of being around these two people.

"Yes. My name is Yohan Strout and I must warn you. If you are looking to run a background check on me, you might as well save time. I am not someone from this realm."

Yohan saw no point in lying about his identity. His system had not considered these two as dangerous. It likely meant that they were no threat to him and his powers.

"Not from this world? Then why did you try and assassinate the queen? Your words make no sense to me."

Emma questioned as he placed one hand on his head. He was falling apart in his role the more he talked with Yohan. Huye was beginning to look concerned about her partner as well so she tried to divert the attention away from their current talk.

"Ah, now that I see it, Yohan looks like he's had a tough day. I will lead him to his room for now. Emma, you should have some rest as well and I will see you soon."

Huye threw Emma a suggestive look Yohan was not supposed to see. Emma went red in the face as soon as he received the look and looked away.

Huye's innocent smile would have been enough to fool a lot of people but Yohan could not help but feel like they were similar. They were both predators who hid behind a mild temper.

"So, what do you think about Emma? She's adorable, right?"

Huye asked as she led Yohan out of the room. His lack of shock and reaction was making her nervous. Yohan could play this game longer but he decided to cut to the chase.

"That poor guy? I just feel sorry for him because he's being toyed with by a devout woman like you. So, how many hearts have you broken until now?"

Huye stopped walking as soon as she heard Yohan's words. He had a second where he felt immense blood lust aimed at his back and Yohan was ready to retaliate back when it all stopped.

Huye's expression was calm and serene when he looked back at her but her eyes had lost their innocent look.

"Tsk, you are not as naive as you look. I went after you thinking that you were an easy target but it seems you are quite the opposite. You are more like me, right? A predator."

Huye dropped her innocent look as soon as she had been discovered. Her shoulders relaxed and so did her body language.

She was a lot more open and dangerous now than before. And somehow, Yohan could not help but think that it suited her better like this.

"Like you? I guess you can say that we are both alike. And since we share so many similarities, I will tell you one thing - don't try and use me if you know what is good for you. I will not play along with your motives."

This was both a warning as well as a pledge. Yohan was not one to let others take advantage of him, no matter who the other person was.

And as such, Huye would not get to use him for her purpose as well.

"By the way, I don't know what you want to gain by doing all this and I don't care. Don't get in the way of my business and we will have a good partnership."

Yohan offered this, knowing well that this was a double-edged sword for him right now. Huye could try and backstab him later, or she could even try to take advantage of him.

But if she knew what was good for her, she would not try to do either and be content with her play.

"I see. In that case, I will tell you my goal so that we don't clash. I have a feeling you will keep quiet about it."

Yohan was getting curious now. He had never met such an ambitious person before.

"I want to be the queen of this world and be in absolute power. The current queen is a fool who is at the center of her hive but she has no clue what to do with her power. But I will be different once I get that seat."

'Oh, that's interesting. Huye thinks that the current queen is a fool. But the woman I saw before looked anything but stupid when our eyes locked.'

Yohan was getting amused more and more as watched Huye. her ambition was also high and mighty.

It was a battle royal in front of him and Yohan could not help but get excited all of a sudden.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 194 Ch 192: The Inauguration [Pt2]