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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 193 Ch 191: The Inauguration [Pt1]

"Zadkial, get ready to head out. We have gotten orders to suppress an incoming calamity. We might be in for some tough times ahead."

The little goddess hurried into her room and ordered the angel she had to throw her body hard on the bed. Despite her insistence that it was an urgent order, the little goddess was not showing any anxiety on her face.

Zadkial was well versed in his little mistress's whims so he did not think of her behavior as out of the ordinary. He knew that she was blowing things out of proportion right now.

"Understood. How soon do we need to leave for our mission?"

Zadkial could get ready in under a minute but that was not the case for the little goddess. She required almost a day to even get packing. And she was also slow in other cases which made her a liability.

He would rather go on this mission alone but the little goddess would insist on coming along. She was in a tough state these days and often liked to argue.

"Hmmm, how soon? Well, it depends on how soon I get permission to take our secret weapon out. But it should not take too long."

The little goddess sounded delighted as she looked out of the window. A messenger bird was pecking on the window outside their room.

Zadkial let the bird in and the small bird landed on his outstretched hand. It burst out into flames and left a note behind. The little goddess hurriedly snatched the note from his hand and read it over.

The small smile on her face bloomed into a full-blown grin over whatever she read and she instantly stood up.

This was the most active Zadkial had seen his mistress and he was interested to know what had forced her to show such a degree of interest. She was getting more and more willful lately.

"Zadkail, let's go and get our last member. I am sure you will be delighted to see her as well."

Zadkial had a bad feeling about his mistress's good mood. If she was this delighted, then it could be nothing but trouble. His mistress had a broken sense of fun after all.

'I guess I am struck with her anyway. Darn, this cursed vow I was forced to make.'

Zadkail hated his situation every day but it was enough self-wallowing. In the end, his situation would not change no matter what he did.

"Hurry up, you a dumb slave. You should be happy because you are about to get a companion."

Zadkail did not react to the little goddess's provocations since he knew her well. She did not mean anything rude by those words, it was just the way this child spoke.

It was rude and needed correction, but no one worth thier salt wanted to take time out of their busy schedule and correct the little goddess. They were happy ignoring she existed and that turned the little goddess into a worse person.

"Your pass"

The little goddess led Zadkail toward the prison section of the realm. It was a place where only the worst criminals were kept and rehabilitated. It was not a place for decent humans to be loitering around.

But the little goddess seemed to have a purpose. She took out the gold-plated pass she had received and handed it over. The guard looked the little goddess up and down with curiosity but did not question her.

"You are allowed to take the weapon out for some time but make sure not to damage her."

The guard warned but the little goddess did not seem to care much about that warning. Zadkial was worried about his involvement now.

Should he make an excuse and highlight out right now? He was sure that the little goddess would mess up since she did not seem interested in hearing the warning.

But he kept quiet and followed the little goddess inside. The jail was made up of cold stone and it shined with magic as the pair walked deeper into it.

Every step felt forced and Zadkail felt as if magic was being sucked out of him. How someone was able to survive in this environment was beyond Zadkail.

"Well, hello there my little weapon. I hope you are ready to obey me in the future. But oh well, it's your honor to be in my presence."

The little goddess sounded delighted as she reached out toward the face in front of her. Zadkail recognized the weapon as someone he had captured.

If he recalled, this person was named Ruri and she had a brother who had gone missing shortly after she had been captured. It seemed like the retainers had been busy training this woman into a weapon.

'I should feel sorry for her but I am not. Ruri was the one who betrayed heaven first.'

In the end, Zadkail did not deserve to have an opinion on this situation so he did not say or do anything as the little goddess cooed over the slave.


"Yo, everyone. Look who decided to break out of the prison they were being kept in. Am I amazing or what?"

Huye smacked the door inside as she quickly walked in. Everyone looked in her direction with faces filled with admiration and awe.

"Wow, are my eyes deceiving us? Is this Huye? How did you get out of the prison alive?"

"For sure. I thought you would die this time for sure. Did those prison guys take pity on you? Did you use your charms on them?"

Huye laughed the concerned and teasing remarks off as she made her way through the room. She seemed to be in her element which made Huye relax and her shoulder dropped their tension.

She thought of this place as safe and Yohan also decided that this place meant him no harm.

"Huye sure did not take long to start mingling. Are you feeling jealous about the attention she is getting?"

Jay asked as he took the place next to Yohan. Yohan had not been noticed yet and he would like to keep it that way.

Huye made her way through the crowd, not once looking at Yohan but he could not help but feel like Huye was still keeping an eye on him and his location. She just seemed like a person who would be good at that sort of thing.

"Jealous of Huye for getting all the attention? I don't care for it much. And I don't have 'that' kind of relationship with Huye to feel jealous when others look at her."

Yohan finally decided to clear the misunderstanding that was brewing between him and Jay. he had a feeling that Jay was someone he could get along with if not for Huye.

And girl troubles were the worst kind one could come across. Someone had lost their lives in the last realm because of girl problems.

"I see. In that case, I would like to apologize for thinking you were at the wrong time. You should try and relax at these times."

Jay finally looked relaxed after talking with Yohan. In front of them, Huye was going from person to person and relaxing them into accepting her.

"Oh Yohan, that reminds me. There is someone I want you to meet so come with me. The person is a high-ranked member of this rebellion so make sure you don't offend them."

Yohan felt everyone's eyes turn to him in an instant. Jay looked back at Yohan with pity-filled eyes. Yohan sighed and stood up from his seat.

He wanted to deny going with Huye but everyone was already aware of his existence. He needed to get away from the prying eyes in front of them.

"Fine, lead the way."

Yohan decided to follow Huye into the back room and everyone else started gossiping as a result of this interaction. Jay looked at the gossiping group in front of him and he felt sorry for Yohan.

Knowing this rowdy bunch, rumors about Yohan and his relationship with Huye would spread all over in a jiffy. And although Jay felt jealous of Yohan, he knew he needed to keep it in check.

"Hey, don't be too cruel on the new guy. You should do what you were doing while we go in and out."

Huye decided to come to Yohan's defense, making things just worse. She could be so sharp and so full at the same time. Jay felt sorry for Yohan who had to deal with her.

"Anyway, Yohan, don't pay attention to them. You just need to focus on our mission and make sure you are in top shape."

Huye was getting flustered but Yohan seemed not to care about all the rumors going around the room. He looked used to having people talk about him behind his back.

And with looks like Yohan had, it was a given that people would talk about him and point him out. A good-looking man was a good-looking man.

'Although I feel sorry for him. He's about to get the shock of his life in the coming few minutes. I wish I could see the reaction but I will have to make do with second-hand knowledge.'

It was regrettable but Jay was happy to wait outside for now.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 193 Ch 191: The Inauguration [Pt1]