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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 191 Ch 189: The Escape [Pt1]

Yohan had been let out of the cage at the request of the teenager in front of him but that did not mean he trusted the teenager who had freed him.

"So, what do I call my savior? My name is Yohan Strout."

The teenager exchanged a look with the person who had come to save him before replying to Yohan's question.

"You can call me Huye for now. And my partner here is Jay. it's nice to meet you Yohan."

The teenager grinned big but Yohan could tell that either party was not trusting him in front of him. It did not take a genius to figure out that he had just been given fake names.

It indicated that neither party was trusting him in front of him. But it was alright with him for now. He did not need to be trusted by them to follow these two.

"Be careful on your way out. By now, it would have been discovered that we broke out so security will be at an all-time high now."

Huye carefully made her way out of the hallway and instantly fucked back because of what they saw. Yohan was curious but could guess what had happened to make Huye step back like this.

"Shit. these bastards are getting faster and faster every time now. I don't think we can take it this way anymore."

Huye looked disappointed; from how Jay cursed, this was the only way to get out of the prison. Yohan was not as worried as he should be about his condition and it was mainly thanks to his system.


Scanning environment and creating a 3D map for usage.

Kindly wait patiently for one minute.


Since the map was being made, Yohan had a feeling that there was more than one way to get out of the prison. He just needed to be patient for a little longer.

And his patience did bore fruit once he saw the map.

There was only one 'normal' way to get out of the prison and that was through the hallway in front of them. But there was also a pipeline network for servicing that was available on the side of the wall.

It was likely old and easy to get lost in but Yohan had his system so he was not worried.

"Hey, I know that you both don't truth me but I might be able to get us out of this prison without detection."

Yohan purposed and he instantly had the other two's attention. He could tell that the other prisoners were weighing his words and trying to figure out if they would be betrayed by him or not.

But then they decided that if Yohan was going to betray them, he would have done it long before now. They were in the same boat now.

"Well, I guess we have no choice but to trust you for now. Don't lead us astray."

Huye tried to joke but it fell flat due to the tension in the air. Yohan let the joke rest for now as he tried to press the wall to gain access to the hidden passage.

Just because he knew where the likely entrance to the pipeline did not mean he knew how to get into it all of a sudden. It would take some trial and error to get to the right location.

Of course, the guards were not sitting ideal all this while either. One of the eventually managed to turn the corner and come quite close to them.

"Hey, what are you-"

Huye's hands made a sudden strike and knocked the guard unconscious. It was also in time for Yohan to press his hand on the panel and finally find the hidden switch. The wall was pressed in a little and eventually opened up.

Both Huye and Jay looked in awe as a small and cramped passage was revealed to their eyes.

"Wow, since when did this place exist? I have never heard anything about this existing in the castle before and I have been here ever since I was born."

Huye's voice sounded in awe as they followed Yohan inside. No one questioned why he was leading the group all of a sudden. There was an unspoken trust between the party now.

Yohan led the group through all the crossroads until they eventually got out of prison. It had been an easy path to take and they eventually ended up in a dense forest.

"Heh, I managed to get out of prison. Man, I cannot believe I got caught in the first place."

Huye sounded disappointed but Jay looked suspiciously at Yohan. His suspicion was a given since Yohan had shown knowledge of the castle that even experts did not seem to know.

Yohan tensed up as he felt the curious aura and his blade clashed with Jay's before he was pressed back into the tree.

"Who are you and how did you know the secret passageway? Are you a spy from the queen?"

Jay questioned as he pressed more and more forward. Yohan tried to muster up his magic but then thought better of it. He did not need the realm keys to defeat low-level demons in front of him.

But luckily for Jay, Huye managed to interfere before Yohan could make a comeback and harm Jay.

"Jay, let Yohan go. I was the one who decided to ask for his help in the first place. And from what I can tell, he's not the queen's spy or on her side. He even tried to kill her in the first place."

It seemed as if there was a misunderstanding about why Yohan had been thrown in the prison. He could insist that he had not been trying to kill the queen but no one would believe his words.

In the end, even Yohan decided that it would be better for him to have the moniker of someone trying to kill the queen. It would make the rebels trust him a little more.

Jay still looked like he did not believe Yohan but he calmed down significantly after Huye spoke up for Yohan. It seemed that the teenager's words carried a lot of weight.

"Fine, I will sit down for now since that is what Huye wants me to do. But do not think that I trust you even a little."

Jay sounded disappointed but Yohan decided to take all the grace he could for now. He did not want to fight uselessly with the man in front of him.

"Anyway, since we are all here, why don't we head back? We can introduce Yohan to the others and have an inauguration ceremony. After all, it's not every day that we get such a capable soldier."

Huye sounded happy to have Yohan with them while Jay looked sour and jealous.

"Huye, really you-! Don't tell me that you fell for his looks. I thought you were not interested in things like love or romance even though you are a girl."

Jay looked sick and Yohan had a feeling he was being dragged into another misunderstanding. But as usual, he did not try to clarify his standing. He did not feel a need to do so whatsoever.

As for Huye? She looked sick but struck as well as she contemplated Jay's words. But in the end, she decided to let those go without answering.

No one knew what was going on in her mind at that moment.


"Queen, I'm afraid that the prisoner you asked us to keep an eye on has escaped. You can punish us for our negligence."

The court stopped as one as they looked toward the blank face of their queen. Beautiful eyes looked back at the guard who had reported the missing people.

The queen did not say anything but everyone could tell that the queen was disappointed with the answer she got.


"We know. We will do our best to capture the target again and present him in front of you. He shall become yours, my queen."

The guard bowed low, seemingly understanding what the queen was not saying. Their queen hardly spoke but she had a mysterious power to convey her words to her subjects.

It was those powers of hers that caused everyone to be in awe of her presence and the queen seemed to enjoy her power as well. No one could say that queen was anything but perfect.

"Then, since the guard has reported his findings already, it is time to continue the court in session. I hope you all will pay attention to our next case."

Once the disturbance had been taken care of, the court resumed. It was almost like a play with the way things were taking place in front of the queen. She looked on with a bored expression as people tried to flatter her.

And then she finally raised her head up and on her cheek was a very peculiar mark that resembled the one Yohan had.

The queen had absorbed the realm key and was the master of this world. But her body had paid a price in return for housing such a dangerous object inside it.

Nevertheless, the queen did not regret her decision and the absolute authority she had gained in return for her small sacrifice. But she wanted to meet the man who had piqued her curiosity again.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 191 Ch 189: The Escape [Pt1]