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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 190 Ch 188: A New Journey [Pt2]

"You are a trespasser. You will be locked up for attempting murder on our queen."

The atmosphere had turned tense all of a sudden as soon as Yohan has a weapon aimed at his face. Everyone was looking at him but he was only aware of the piercing eyes of the queen sitting on the throne.

There was something about her stare that carried a lot of power and made Yohan's senses tingle. His instincts were telling him to be careful in front of the female.

His back and his hands were on fire as he tried to hold the queen's stare. Yohan could feel a connection with the queen in front of him. She was someone who had what Yohan wanted.

"Stop looking at our queen with your filthy eyes. Keep your eyes down and stay at your place."

The guard who was standing behind Yohan pressed his beck more into the ground. Yohan was able to keep his balance but his head was forcefully pushed down by the guard.

All this while, the queen did not say anything. She kept on observing Yohan and what he would do next. But Yohan had no plan to do anything for now. He needed to know what kind of world he had ended up in.

Especially since no one around him felt human. This realm was not a normal one and Yohan needed more information before he could act on his feelings.

After all, he did not even know why he had ended up in this realm in the first place.

"Take him and lock him up in the dungeon. Also, keep an eye on him so that he does not run away before his sentence has been dealt with."

Finally, the queen spoke. Her voice was strong and cold which made everyone shudder. People looked at the queen as if she was a god and they were hanging on to her every word.

Yohan did think about breaking free and making a run for it. But there were too many variables to make it out in this hallway. It would be better to go along with what these people wanted for now.

"Hey, did you not hear the queen? Start walking, you criminal."

There was no point in Yohan insisting that he did not do anything and he was harmless. He knew that the guards accompanying him would not hear anything he had to say.

"So, your queen. You, people, idolize her, right?"

Yohan asked the question to try and gain some advantage. But his words ended up engraving the guard behind him. The spear that was previously aimed at his back was dug a little into his back.

Yohan did not show any reaction but he could feel the spike digging into his back a little deeper than before.

"Idolize her? You have no right to say her title with your filthy mouth. Now get inside so that we can kill you off."

The guard almost screamed as he shoved Yohan. It was not nearly enough to force to make Yohan to stumble but he pretended like it was.

At times like this, the more you showed the reaction these guards wanted to see, the sooner they would lose interest in your act and leave you alone. Yohan counted on this face as he tried to make himself powerless.

"Hey man, let it go. The queen will deal with this man soon so we don't need to get our hands dirty. We should get going back now."

The other guard, a female one, placed her hand on the male guard's shoulder and turned him to go out. She took one last look at Yohan and her cheeks were a little flushed.

It seemed like some things never changed no matter which world you ended up being in. Yohan was likely considered good-looking and exotic even in this world.

Once he was left alone, Yohan had enough time to think about what happened. He had been pushed a little and had lost his balance.

As a consequence, he ended up being transported into this new realm and kept in a prison. But the main thing was, someone had purposely dragged him into this world. He had felt a hand pulling him back into the pool.

"Fuck. This is getting needlessly complicated for me. All I wanted was to go back home and have a reunion with those who follow me. How did I end up in this world?"

Yohan asked the question out loud but he got no answer. Not that he expected one since he was alone.

'No wait, I have the system. I should ask the system what happened.'

Yohan suddenly felt like he had gained enlightenment and he opened the system screen.


The system welcomes the user.

Welcome to the new realm - Harsui, demonic realm #1. May the user have a pleasant experience here.


"That's all you are going to say to me? Is there no news you can give me regarding what happened in the previous world? What kind of bullshit is this?"

Yohan yelled out loud but there was no answer. It was just silence from the other end of the system and Yohan also let his anger go.

There was no point in getting angry at someone who would not respond to your provocations and had no answer for you.

Yohan had finally let his worries go and fallen back-first on the ground when he felt someone throw stones at him. It did not hurt but it was an irritation, to say the least. Yohan could feel his temper rising as he was made to feel the small jabs.

"Alright, stop it. What is it that you want from me?"

Finally, not being able to take it any longer, Yohan looked up. The thrower of the stones was someone in the opposite cell to him and Yohan's curiosity was piqued.

The person who was throwing the stones finally moved forward and Yohan was startled to see a teenager standing in front of him. Their endogenous look made it difficult to say if they were a guy or a girl at first.

"Hey, did you get caught while trying to assassin the queen? So, do you hate her tyrannical rule as well?"

The teenager asked and even their voice did not give away their gender. Yohan was curious about the teenager but he did not want to invite any more danger to himself.

Especially since it looked like there were guards keeping watch on them all the time. He needed to take it slow and make himself seem not like any danger.

"Hey, are you ignoring me? You should answer me if you did or not. Your answer might make your life easier."

The teenager tried, once again, to make Yohan confess. But even if Yohan told the truth, he doubted it mattered to the guards. They were looking ahead to him making a blunder after all.

But the teenager was not discouraged by the lack of response from the man in front of him. Instead, Yohan was subjected to a lot of curious stares stabbing him in the back.

"Hey, if you want to get out of here, you should lie low. Oh. and do try to make it seem like you hate the queen for the next few minutes."

Yohan wanted to ask what the teenager meant but the prison shook because of a small explosion. Yohan was surprised at the sudden attack but the teenager in front of him was smiling calmly.

Someone hurried up into the hallway and opened the teenager's door. But nothing seemed to be phasing the teenager in front of Yohan. He looked relaxed as he opened the door and walked out into the open.

"Oh, that reminds me. We should take this man in front of us as well. I have a feeling he's our companion."

The teenager spoke with a happy smile as he gestured toward Yohan's door. The man who had freed Yohan looked hesitant after Yohan was asked to be freed. He looked toward the cage and then back at the teenager.

"Are you sure it's a good idea? You know, what if he betrays us later?"

The man asked the teenager with a hesitant look in his eyes. But despite asking this question, he did not outright deny the possibility of Yohan coming along.

Somehow, Yohan knew he needed to say something right now if he wanted to get out of there. And he had been given a way out by the teenager before.

"I hate the queen as well so I tried to assassinate her. If you take me with you, I assure you that I will help you out in the future."

Yohan was not one to boast empty words so he needed to keep his promise. The teenager smiles as he watched Yohan's words but the one who had snuck in to get them out looked awkward.

He did not look convinced but it was getting late. The steps of soldiers coming to capture them were coming closer.

"Just get him out as well. I will take responsibility for anything that happened."

The teenager replied finally and their rescuer sighed tiredly. But Yohan was finally let out of his cage and into the world. He had to escape this prison with these unknown people he had only known for a few minutes.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 190 Ch 188: A New Journey [Pt2]