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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 189 Ch 187: A New Journey [Pt1]

"You are right. I do need something from you, Khole."

Khole had seen a lot of people in this world and he was proud to say that he could read human body language quite well. As such, it was not difficult for him to know what a person was thinking.

It was his ability that allowed him to keep a step forward in his field and to know when someone was right for a job. It was just the kind of person he was and his lack of feelings enabled him to use people.

That was why when he found it difficult to read someone like Yohan Strout, it was a surprise as well as a shame. No one else had piqued his curiosity quite like this person.

"So, now that we are alone, you should tell me what your real objective is. I don't know why but there is a weird energy surrounding you right now."

Khole was not saying words in an empty flattery way. He could feel a weird energy coming out of the man in front of him. It had been masked for all this time but it was really strong right now.

Had Khole not known better, he would have even taken it as the energy from the central cord. But he did know better and that was why he was not foolish enough to say those words out loud.

As for Yohan? He let out a small chuckle as soon as he heard Khole's words. Maybe he recognized Khole's intuition and that was why he found this situation all the more amusing.

"Khole, you were interested in studying the central cord and its energy, right? It's a pity that I cannot give you the central cord, but what if you could still harness its power to study?"

Khloe's mind went blank for a second as soon as he heard that offer. It was too good to be true for him but he still wanted to know what Yohan meant by those words.

Was he offering what Khole thought he was? If that was the case then Khole was willing to do anything to make it happen. He did not even have to think about it at this point.

"I want that power. No wait, this is a test, right? Let me prove how much I want the power to be mine."

Khole had never kneeled in front of anyone. He had always been an elite man who never needed help from anyone.

But for the first time in his life, Khole decided to put his head down in front of someone. And that someone turned out to be Yohan Strout. It should have been a shameful position but Khole never wavered in front of Yohan.

After all, dignity and respect did not matter in front of one's ambition. And Khole was someone who was dominated by his ambitions. He did not mind giving up some unnecessary things for it.

Yohan did not say anything at first and Khole did not raise his head to check. It was a test after all. And Khole was going to show his stubbornness to pass it.

"You are one interesting man, Khole. I can see your desire to have this power so I will share it with you. Turn around and show me your back."

Khole ordered and there was not even any hesitation or delay in Khole's step. One second he was in front of Yohan and then next he had his back turned to him.

Despite Khole being more of a shut-in, his back was strong and filled with muscles. Yohan did not have any problem finding a strong point and a link was created.

He could feel the central cord's interest as he exchanged powers with Khole in front of him. And it was satisfying for the central cord as well since one of its children would get to rejuvenate the world.

Khole flexed his hand as he felt around for power. He could tell that something inside him had changed and now he could use magic without the use of a conductor. It was such a unique and new feeling for him.

"Wow, so this is what magic is? I can see why everyone was obsessed with possessing the central cord for the past so many years."

Khole's body felt more alive and energetic than before. His brain also worked faster and he was able to compute so much more. He could see the desolate world in front of him and turn it into a new world.

Suddenly, the possibilities in front of him were endless.

"It's nice to see that you like my present because you will be the central cord's proxy in this world. That is the role you have been chosen to play."

Yohan spoke and Khole felt shocked for the first time.

Perhaps it should not have been such a big shock since Yohan was not someone from this world. As soon as Khole recognized that truth, he also realized that the reason Yohan had come here was to take the central cord away.

Still, the chock prevailed until Khole wrestled it under his belt and calmed himself down.

"I see. So that is why you called for me? It's a big responsibility you are saddling me with, right?"

Khole could not help but show some of the disdain he felt right now. He and Yohan were not close enough to complain like old friends. But it also did not feel like they were strangers at this point.

"Well, with great power comes great responsibility. I hope you are ready for your new position in this world."

Khole was far from ready but it was also something he needed to be ready for. This new world had not seen any setbacks until now. It was not prepared for what it would have to face in the future.


A week passed and Yohan remained in the same world. He had no other choice since the central cord was still not satisfied with the direction this world was heading into.

The rules of this reality had changed quite a bit from the past but the human race was still finding it hard to adapt. And the central cord needed to see that this world would be alright.

The only thing going for this world was that it had Khole in it. And Khole was a godsend for everyone. He was the one leading the operation and maintaining the peace in the world.

"Hey, are you happy with what happened? Humanity is going to shit because of your selfish desires."

It was Shizue who had come out to take Yohan in. She still found it hard to stand but she was getting better. And as ever, she refused to look Yohan in the face and talk straight with him.

In reality, she played a big role in what happened to this world. But she was also a pawn in the grand scheme of things so Yohan did not say anything to her. Besides, Bernetta was not behind when Shizue was out like this.

"There is no point blaming me for what happened in this world. It was heading toward total annihilation anyway and I just hurried the process. If you have anyone to blame, then blame your worthless government."

Yohan did not mind shifting the blame on someone else since he was sick and tired of taking all the blame. This world was getting so tiring for him and he did not want to be here anymore.

'How long before you are satisfied? I want to finally head back to my world and see how it has changed.'

Yohan had never thought he would miss the people he had left behind but the longing was in his heart now. He missed his world a lot by this point and the first realm key also wanted to go back.

It was a mixture of those both that caused his feelings to fluctuate inside his heart.

"Hey, we are not done talking. Are you listening to me, Yohan Strout?"

Shizue tried to touch Yohan but he took a step back and lost his footing. He felt someone pull him backward but there was nothing to support him as he fell.

It all happened in a split second and Yohan felt as if his back touched a pool of water. And before he knew it, he was being pulled down the drain and into another place.

When he opened his eyes, there was a sharp spear pointed in front of his face. Yohan did not know where he was or even what happened, but all he knew was that he was in danger.


Warning: Magic cannot be used in this realm. The system is warning the user to be careful.


Yohan wanted to shake his system which finally seemed to have gone online. But his timing could not have been worse as he was being threatened. And the words the system spoke could not have been any more condemning.

"You are a trespasser. You will be locked up for attempting murder on our queen."

Yohan looked up at the man and then coincidently looked back toward the throne. And just then, his head was pushed down by someone and Yohan was made to lose consciousness.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 189 Ch 187: A New Journey [Pt1]