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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 187 Ch 185: Deep In Consciousness [Pt1]

'Fuck, it hurts. Why did I think that trying to contain this thing in my body would be easy? This hurts like a bitch.'

Yohan could feel the burning feeling in the pit of his stomach. It felt like someone had carved out a hole in it and then decided to poke the open wound. And no amount of magic would make this wound of his ok.

In front of him, the central cord was taking a rigid shape. It was divided into different segments but they were coming together to form a coherent body type.

But without a host, the central cord was divided on how to use its power. It could not express its full potential currently.

"You are good for a living being and your tenacity to live piqued my interest. But I'm afraid I need to put an end to you now."

The central cord was getting impatient as well. It might be an artificial energy source for the world but it had instincts as well. And currently, its instincts were telling him that it needed to be careful or he would be engulfed by this entity.

This man was not from his world but he had an energy source comparable to his own. The central cord did not want to share the host.

"Oh, you think you have a choice? The outside world might have been your domain but your arrogance made you commit a huge mistake."

The central cord would have narrowed its eyes had it had a body. But the mass of energy could just be vigilant currently.

Yohan gave a corrupted smile before magic crashed all over the place. It thrashed the walls of the place and caused the central cord to be squeezed. The central cord tried to break free but the usage of magic was getting more and more difficult.

There was a weird pattern on Yohan's hand that was shining. It was the source of that great power the central cord was feeling. That magic wanted it to come closer and have a deeper look.

"Do you know, that there are more of your energy sources in different worlds? Coincidently, I happen to carry one in my body. I wonder what would happen if you both collide."

Somehow, the central cord had a feeling that it would be the end of this world and its rules.

There was an image of a big 'boom' in his mind and then the debris of what used to be a world. It must be the program for self-protection the central cord was programmed that caused it to think rationally.

The central cord had been integrated with human society for a long time. And as such, it had watched a lot of tragedies happen. It also gained human wisdom in the meantime.

And by the end of it all, it had learned to care about humans and their sorry pasts. It wanted to save the world it had established.

"You are one twisted person. You are even willing to abandon everything for your greed. Is this what it means for you to be successful?"

​ The central cord could not help but question this person's moral compass. Although it had been seen that it would not affect this person, the central cord could not help but be intrigued by this man.

"Who knows? There is nothing like 'true morals' in the first place. Everything in this world is subjective, won't you agree?"

Yohan questioned back as he finally reached the end of his endurance. The first realm key was finally active and veins shot up in his mental landscape. This place was one which he controlled but only as long as he concentrated.

But Yohan had not initiated his attack to overwhelm the central cord. He needed the central cord to be interested in Yohan as a person.

And he could tell that he had succeeded. The central cord canceled its attack but it did not take any action.

"You are a weird person. Is everyone in your world as weird as you? Or, are you a special case?"

The central cord questioned with a curious look in its magic. Yohan knew that this was the time to strike the hammer.

"Weird? I would say that every world is unique but you will never get to see them if you are stuck in this world. But if you are interested, come with me to see the world."

The central cord laughed out loud. It was an ugly laugh that would cause people to faint due to shock and trauma. It was not good for Yohan's heart either but he endured it for the time being.

He did not want to give up when he had come this far already.

"I see your angle. You are inviting me out so that you can use my power for yourself. Do you think I will fall for such a trick?"

Yohan smiled back at the central cord.

"The fact that you are asking me this means that you are considering my words, right? You should not be afraid to take a chance to sate your curiosity."

Yohan knew how to bait the central cord. Out of all the realm keys he knew about, the central cord was the most curious. If there was one person who would pay attention to knowledge, it was this realm key.

And as expected, the central cord seemed to be considering his world.

"Your words do have merit. But this world is under my protection as well. I am unwilling to abandon them to their impending doom."

Now that Yohan saw it, the central cord looked more like a parent than anything else. It had seen this world grow up and progress.

But Yohan did not care about its feelings. Why did he have to care about them when they were a source of his hindrance? He needed to pretend to be sympathetic when he was not.

'Ugh, so irritation.'

"These people will adapt. If there is one specie on this planet that is worse than cockroaches, it's humans. They adapt and improvise until they can live well again."

Yohan wanted to gag as he said those words. They were not some he believed in personally but he still needed to say those words.

Surprisingly enough, his words caused the central cord to stop. It had a thinking look on its face before it rushed toward Yohan.

He was about to raise his hand and stop the central cord's attack when he felt a cool sensation wash over his body. It was refreshing and powerful as well.

'I can see the wisdom in your words. But I will need you to stick around for a few days so that I can see stability with my own eyes before we depart. Give me this and I will stay put obediently in your body.'

The central cord was very much an active part of Yohan's consciousness now but it was not a quiet one. He would have to endure it all for the time being.

"Alright, I guess you leave me no choice but to stick around for now. But I must remind you, I am not from this world and I will need to go back soon. I hope you do not get your hopes up."

Yohan repeated his words once again and the central cord kept quiet this time. He had no idea what the central cord was thinking about but it was like a quiet snake right now.

Now that one trouble was over, Yohan needed to pull out of his consciousness. But this might prove to be a difficult task since he did not even know where he was in his mind.

He had randomly selected the place to go when his mind had been overwhelmed by the central cord so there was no way for him to follow back outside. Yohan would need to look around for more information.

'Tsk, if only the system worked in this place.'

Yohan grumbled as he walked further into the space. It did not take him long to walk into a forest-like place which gave him a feeling of familiarity. It was as if he did know where he was going.

'This place, I have been here before. But I don't have any recollection of being here at all.'

This forest gave Yohan a soothing feeling. It felt as if he was supposed to be here and nothing would be able to harm him if he stayed here.

He was so relaxed that he even sat down on the rock in front of him. But he was still not able to recall where he had seen this place before.

'If only I can recall this place. Maybe this itch inside my mind would be soothed.'

Yohan grumbled before he finally decided to stand up and walk around. Sitting down was not going to solve any of his problems. But at least observing this place would be worth it in the end.

He had taken two steps when Yohan felt someone splash water on his back. Yohan looked behind, only to see the familiar lake behind his back. Yohan was sure there had not been a lake here before so he was confused.

'Huh, what is going on here?'

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 187 Ch 185: Deep In Consciousness [Pt1]