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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 186 Ch 184: The Pre-Preparations [Pt2]

After half an hour of slaving away at the body in front of him, even the doctor had begun to get sweaty. He was still cutting into Shizue's body with precise cuts though which showed how professional he was.

But despite his nervousness, the doctor was steady and soon there was a small glowing orb that could be visibly seen in Shizue's body.

'So that's the central cord? It looks different from what I imagined it to look.'

Yohan was interested in holding the central cord in his hand. The power that was pulsing out of the small orb-like thing was unimaginable.

"Now, don't touch the patient since she's too unstable. I would advise you to - hey, what are you doing?"

It was human nature to do what you were advised not to do. And Yohan was the embodiment of human desires and wishes. He was the most impulsive person you could meet in your life.

Just looking at it was enough to send shivers down Yohan's spine. He was about to touch the central cord when Shizue's body woke up. Unlooking grey eyes looked at Yohan and his breath was caught in his throat.

A blank smile was plastered on Shizue's empty face before she pulled Yohan's hand closer to her body.

"You are going to make a big mistake if you think you can overpower me that easily. I hope you are ready for the consequences of your actions."

Another threat was not going to work against Yohan but he was interested to see what the central cord had planned for him. He allowed the central cord to pull him into a static state since he could not fight it.

In a world that was not his own, Yohan had next to no authority to do anything. But he was interested to know what would be the consequences of his actions.

The first thing he noticed was a network-like area with various lines interconnected to each other. If he had to say, he would say that this was what the insides of the internet would have looked like.

"I can see that you are rude existence and unnecessarily prideful. You are in front of a god and yet you still have the time to look away."

The voice echoed all around the area, causing one's senses to not know where it was coming from. Yohan was even sure that some of that sound was echoing inside his brain as well.

'Well, it's a novel experience but I don't think I will find it pleasing for much longer.'

It was certain that this echoing would get annoying faster than it was necessary. Yohan was already beginning to feel a residue of magic power closing in on him. It was trying to crush him but it was not going to be easy.

Although he lacked the necessary force, his power still had to be respected. Especially since he was using the power of a realm key as well. The first and second keys collided in a massive explosion.

The central cord was a mass of power so it had no expression. But Yohan felt like it would be frowning if it could frown.

'You are a tricky opponent. What was the power you displayed just now?'

It seemed as if the central cord did not know what the power of other realm keys felt like. It was a good thing Yohan had not used his power excessively until now.

He did not reply to the central cord's question but he did make a sly attack as he expanded his power. It was an attempt to over-power the central cord and it somewhat worked. But then the central cord realized what he was trying to do.

As soon as the power around Yohan sizzled out, he decided to take a step back. It would be beyond dangerous for him to try and fight outright with the central cord like this. He needed to find a middle ground he could use.

"Interesting. Show me more of that power so that I can study it."

The central cord was interested in Yohan's power. This interest was a doubt-edged sword since it would determine Yohan's future.

He knew that the central cord would not try anything too funky as long as Yohan was staying out but that did not mean he would remain safe while he was being studied.

'I need to find a balance for the power of the first realm key. I cannot show too much of it.'

It sucked that Yohan was faced with such restriction. But he had to respect what had gotten him this far. It was not often that the realm key was exposed like this.

"If you are interested in the thing inside my body then why don't you come closer and have a look? Surely it would be better than staying far away and wallowing in your interest?"

Yohan extended his hand toward the central cord. He got quite a painful sting for his efforts. Yeah, it was not going to be that easy to overcome the central cord.

"Oh sure, you can tempt me all you want. Or, I can just tear you apart and see what is the power inside you."

The central cord had an unusual grin on its face. It was looking far too delighted for mere energy that made Yohan unnerved. He had no idea what the central cord found to be that funny.

"I can see what was attracting me to your power. It's because the thing inside you is similar to me. Won't you let me see it?"

'Absolutely. If you agree to become mine as well.'

But saying this out loud would not yield any results. Rather, knowing the central cord might make things even worse. Even now, the space surrounding Yohan was beginning to lose its shape.

For something that had kept this palace rather connected throughout its life, the central cord was rather whimsical.

"Give it to me. Your power, give it to me."

Yohan only realized that he was in hot waters when the central cord decided not to play his game anymore. The next attack was vicious and came out of nowhere. If not for Yohan's fast reflexes, he would have been pierced.

He did not want to die but it was seeming more and more like a possibility now.

'Shit, this is not good. What else can I do to ensure I do not die? Do I have no other choice?'

The main problem with the central cord was that it had nowhere to go. All this energy was currently out in the open and causing chaos inside Shizue's body. And somehow, Shizue was holding on strongly.

But a human body could only take so much abuse. What would happen if Shizue died?

"You have no interest in becoming mine, right? Then, how about I give you a reason to become mine?"

The central cord had an unholy grin as it spoke. It's every word gave Yohan a bad feeling and he would have backed away into nothingness if he could have.

"Give me a reason to become yours? Do you even realize what you are saying?"

Yohan's sweat made its way down his brows. He was getting more and more nervous by the second. Somehow it seemed almost as if the central cord was having fun with him.

"Hmmm, a reason? Maybe this face will be to your liking."

The central cord morphed into a familiar face. Somehow, Yohan had not expected to see the face of his human mother from his previous life. He had no special memory of that face but it stuck Yohan with a sense of fear.

He did not know why, but he wanted to get away from that face. This woman was dangerous and it made Yohan's heart beat faster in fright.

"How fascinating. I thought that humans were supposed to be close to the one that birthed them. But maybe it's because it's your second life? Then, would a more familiar face be better?"

Yohan's panic for better as he started into Mimi's face. He had no idea why he had reacted like that in front of his mother's face.

'I need to shake it off. Let's not focus on too much right now.'

Of course, Yohan was too dazed when he did not notice the energy source in front of him. He had gotten distracted enough for one day.

The central cord's energy collided with Yohan's but he decided to make use of it. As soon as he was sure, he was able to take the central cord's power into his own body and he created a connection.

Since Shizue's body would not be able to take the battle, Yohan needed a better battleground for his final battle. And what better battleground was there than his own body?

After all, he was not fragile like a human and his insides were made to store the realm keys/ surely he would be able to keep such a great power inside his body.

That was what should have happened but the power rebelled inside his body. It hurt at first before agony flashed in front of his eyes.

"How dare a being like you try to contain me? This humiliation, I will not forgive it."

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 186 Ch 184: The Pre-Preparations [Pt2]