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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 183 Ch 181: Escaping The Crime [Pt1]

The situation outside the facility had not been pretty, to say the least. Yohan had some idea of what had happened but even he could not say for sure what had happened.

Most of the buildings and streets looked as if they had collapsed on top of each other and there was unnecessary debris everywhere. The world looked to be post-apologetic which was a direct contrast to how it had been just hours ago.

"The conductors stopped working somewhere around an hour ago. You can imagine what happened next."

Khole did not have to elaborate for Yohan to get the whole picture. It was like imagining a world without electricity but worse since even everything worked on Magi craft in this world. There was no sense of physical labor anywhere.

A world that had adapted to the magi craft this perfectly could not survive in its absence. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

"Wow, so we did this? I knew we were dependent on magi-craft but darn, this is too much even for me to imagine."

Bernetta exclaimed in surprise as she took in her new world. She had imagined a world like this before but the reality even escaped her imagination. She was left in awe of what she saw.

"Anyway, we need to hurry up. I asked Liza and Diantha to keep the authorities in check for now but it won't work forever. We also need to do something about the chaos core before Shizue developed an immunity."

Khole's words were not empty threats. There was a real chance that Shizue's body would evolve now that she had the chaos core in her.

Bernetta's arms tightened around Shizue's unconscious frame as she held her partner close. She did not want to see Shizue in pain or to fear what would happen to her. She just wanted her partner to live a good life.

"I understand your concerns Bernetta but you will need to let Shizue breathe for now. So relax your hold on her."

Yohan did not interfere in personal relationships often but even he could see that Shizue was being hurt by Bernetta's tight grip. Bernetta let her partner go preemptively as soon as Yohan pointed her mistake out.

That was one problem out of the way at least.

"I can hear the sirens. Let's make a run for it."

Yohan exclaimed with perfect timing as he made a run for it. Police and other authorities started to make their round after them but they lacked force behind their actions.

For what it was worth, the authorities did try their best to stop Yohan and his company from leaving. But it seemed impossible to do once they were past the threshold of the sector line.

Not to mention, Yohan and Khole were at an advantage here since they were not relying on conductors. Khole threw the small ball and broke it apart. Green smoke filled the area, making everyone's visibility zero.

"Hey, I know it is too late to ask. But do we have a plan here? Where are we running toward? And also, aren't we public enemy number 1 right now?"

Bernetta asked as she huffed. She was carrying Shizue on her back so her exhaustion was a given. But still, it was admirable how she was able to keep on carrying her partner.

It was admirable and something Yohan was not sure he would have done for anyone in his life. His interests were much more important to him than saving an individual.

Thankfully, he did have an answer for Bernetta this time. He had thought of the answer on a whim but the more he considered it, the more he liked what he was thinking about. There was one person who would be able to help him out.

"Run toward the jungle and cross it. We will reach the temple's sanctuary and that is where we will seek shelter."

Bernetta looked startled but Khole had an understanding look on his face. He had an inking into Yohan's connection to the temple since he had seen the resistance and also participated in the raid before.

"Don't tell me, the temple is in on our plan as well? Just how far is this line of resistance?"

Bernetta asked in awe. For what it was worth, Bernetta was not interested in the resistance so she was lacking in a lot of knowledge when came to that department. That was why Yohan did not fault her surprise.

"You will be surprised at the reach the resistance can reach. But that is a question for another time. Look alive, we are about to reach the end of this forest."

Khole was the first person to reach the end. He was also the one the temple pointed its weapons against.

"Freeze and do not move. State your name and your designation."

The guard asked Khole, ready to pierce the spear through Khole's body. It was a dangerous situation for Khole to be in right now. It was also the time other people broke through the forest line and saw the situation.

Yohan was not even surprised at the turn of events since the world had all but come to a stop. If the natural-born conductors had stopped working, so had the artificially made ones by Khole.

And the resistance was one paranoid bunch. They would not let anyone they considered a threat near them.

"We come in peace. Get Priest Bruce here and he should be able to vouch for us."

Yohan quickly dropped the one name who could save them all. The resistance looked nervous and a little taken aback but they quickly shared a look before deciding to trust Yohan.

It was a bold move on their part but Yohan was sure that it would work out in his favor. He had released some of his charms to make things work in his favor after all.

"Just wait for a second and we will check in with our leader. By the way, what name should we give him?"

The guard asked, the only one to speak and show caution to their odd group. Yohan had a good feeling about this kid since it looked like he had a good head on his shoulder.

"Tell him it is Yohan Strout. I am sure he will be able to vouch for me."

Yohan's confidence seemed to be shaking the guards. Their eyes flashed with recognition as they exchanged looks with each other which meant that they recognized Yohan by the name.

Had his infamy reached that far? Or had Bruce told his soldiers about him?

"Ah yes, we do know you. Please follow us for now while we check with our leader about the validity of your claim. We will provide you with the best hospitality in the meantime."

The guard had a suspicious look in his eyes as he lead the group to the tent. Yohan followed out of curiosity even if he knew that nothing good would happen even if he did follow him.

As soon as their group entered the room, it was locked from the outside and they were stuck inside. Bernetta tried to break the door apart but it was too tough for her to crack. Meanwhile, Yohan and Khole did not even try to do anything.

"Please stay put until our leader comes back. Meanwhile, enjoy yourself inside your room."

The guard asked as he likely walked away. Bernetta was dumbfounded by this but both Yohan and Khole made themselves at home. They had anticipated this happening since they knew how Bruce was.

He had likely not say anything good about them to his subordinates and they were being treated as ticking time bombs by the guards.

"Are you alright with this treatment? We are all but locked inside this room. Don't you find this frustrating?"

Bernetta asked as she watched the other two relax in front of her. It was too easy to jump on the bed and let all their worries go. They had nothing to fear right now.

"What is there to worry about? We can break away from the room whenever we want to. So we might as well relax for some time. Ah, looks like the phone still works somehow."

Khole easily summed up their situation. He was not worried about anything that was happening to him and his current condition.

Yohan was the same as he sent messages to Diantha and Liza about finding them and how to get to them. It was nice to have some sense of communication available for him.

"I should send a message to let Diantha and Liza know where we are. They will have to find us on their own so I hope they don't take too long."

Not that Yohan cared about being found right now. There was nothing those two could do for him anymore so he had no interest in the for now. He wanted to press his advantage as much as he could for now.

And to do that he would need a way to get the central cord out of Shizue somehow. That was the tough part to figure out now but it would not be him who would have to wrack his brain for the time being. He had Khole for that.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 183 Ch 181: Escaping The Crime [Pt1]