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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 150 Ch 148: A Deal [Pt2]

Yohan had a feeling that he was being stalked. Ever since he had left the hideout of the rebels, he could see a shadow following after him from the corner of his eyes. These people would just not leave him alone no matter what he tried to do.

'Such annoyances. What should I do to get rid of them all?'

Yohan was sure there was a lot he could do but it would all attract attention toward him. He was still in the crowned parts of the town after all.

'First of all, I need to lead my stalkers to an abandoned site where I can kill them off. Or better yet, I need to find out who is behind this attack.'

Not that it was difficult to guess who was behind this attack. Even a blind person would see that Marvis had a big hand in creating this situation.

Yohan had asked the system to mark Marvis's position just for this occasion and somehow, his gamble had paid off. Yohan could see Marvis's blinking spot nearby which meant that the other student was likely keeping an eye on this situation.

'I wonder how Marvis would feel if I got the drop on him. Would he be surprised? Or would he try to kill me outright?'

Yohan wanted to see some chaos brew so that was why he decided to take a short detour.

The spies who had been following after Yohan panicked as soon as he disappeared into the next corner. Since they were poor mercenaries, they had no way of gaining an access to a conductor.

As such, they could not even imagine Yohan using magic.

Marvis, who watched it all happen from the sidelines was furious. Unlike these gutter rats, he knew what Yohan had done and that irked him. He suddenly realized that he had made a mistake by hiring these gutter rats.

They were only going to be a liability to him and now he also needed to get rid of them as evidence.

"Hey, where did our target go? How did we lose him?"

The grunt questioned, not even noticing when Marvis stepped nearby their side. They were too open for him to be worried about being attacked back and Marvis scoffed.

He had no idea why he had fallen for these rats' words and decided to trust them and their words. Even if Yohan was filth as well, he was still an academy student and had a conductor.

"Blame your one capabilities for this death. Now, die and keep your mouths shut forever."

Blood splattered around Marvis's face as he made quick work of everyone in the vicinity. Even the witnesses were killed as a result of his swift blade work and he had lost the edge of surprise.

Because of his carelessness, Yohan was now on high alert and he knew that he had assassins after him. It would make approaching him much more difficult in the future. But Marvis was not discouraged.

He still had a lot of tricks up his sleeve and he would make sure to get Yohan before they go back home.


"Wow, what a swift knife work. It's too bad that Marvis is intent on killing me for no reason. I have not even tried to steal Liza for real."

Yohan complained as he watched Marvis make quick work of the assassins. They stood no chance against him even with their huge numbers.

It was a given that Marvis would be the only winner of this small fight but that was not the real reason Yohan was watching and even recording this fight.

No, he was doing it for a purpose and it was all to bring Marvis down without even fighting him. It would take some time for the controlling blobs to be born which was a shame. But Yohan was still going to send this video as a gift.

'I wonder how these hunting associations would react once they see what happened to one of thier branches. I am sure Marvis would not be able to take their anger.'

There was security in numbers and it held even if one had great power.

These common hunters might be weak individually but they had a lot of support all over the place. It would not be hard for them to make an elite disappear if they tried hard enough.

"Oh well, it is Marvis who managed to get himself in trouble. Oh, he is even facing me fully now and showing his face. This video is turning out better than I expected it to be."

Yohan could not keep his excitement out of his voice as he recorded more and more of the killing. He did not mind witnessing this senseless mess that was taking place below him and he was also not decent enough to stop Marvis.

This video would be used to create a relationship between these bac people and Yohan. He could just see the profit rolling in at this rate.

"Thank you, Marvis for working so hard for my sake. I will make sure you have a painless death just for this."

Yohan edited a little bit of the clip to take his voice out and then sent the clip to the head association. These hunters had a few people ready to take revenge for them.

Now it was time for Yohan to take himself out of the equation. The system made sure to select any visible traces of his involvement out of the context. No one will be able to track this back to him no matter how hard they try,

It was as if the sender of this video did not exist. But Yohan had still entered it into the database so that its authenticity could not be tested.

"Hey man, what are you doing here? It is not safe to be in these dark places since you could easily get muggled. And what is-Oh hell? What is going on? Should we call the police?"

Yohan smiled at the poor beggar who managed to find him and he quickly killed off his victim. Anyone who saw Yohan here should not be kept alive.

The beggar died a painless death in the end, but Yohan did not feel any guilt as he threw him between Marvis's victims.

He would make sure to come back for these corpses later since they would make a good addition to his collection of the undead army. It would be incredible for dealing with mass attacks that could happen in the future.

They also worked as great distractions since there was no case of such powers in this world. Yohan would be going against the laws of fiction in this world.

"Now then, I need to set up a place and for myself to get the best alibi possible. And what better place than to be caught in a crime scene as a victim."



The system doesn't think it is a good idea for the user.


'Oh, I know it's a horrible idea to play to victim card. But seeing those blobs earlier gave me a few ideas. I wonder if any of these monsters can be used in any potions to gain an advantage.'

These monsters reminded Yohan of the dungeon monsters he used to hunt in his free time back in his home world. And if there was one thing he had learned, it was that these monsters were always good ingredients.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 150 Ch 148: A Deal [Pt2]