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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 15 Ch 13: Allure Of The Night [Pt1]

"Fine, I get it. I am coming back with you right now so stop making my life difficult already. And you," the kid turned toward Yohan, "don't think too much about it. You won't remember what happened anyway so think of it as a dream."

Yohan heard those words from one ear and they went out of his ear. His brain found it difficult to hold on to all this new information.

He knew that this world had become one that was ‘fictional’ but that did not mean that people could come back once they were dead. That just did not make sense.

‘But wait. Did the kid die? I just saw him disappear into a golden light. Can’t it be some kind of ability?’ Yohan’s brain was working overtime now. His head had started to ache after thinking too much.

“Oi, I just said not to overthink. Here, give me your phone and I will call someone for you. Being alone is not right for you.” The kid sounded concerned.

Even Ruri was hovering closer than usual, her hand reaching out to touch Yohan before it was pulled back.

Yohan focused on Ruri’s eyes which were full of concern for him. He felt like he could drown in their pure light and get lost.

‘They would look so good once they are lost in pleasure. I can corrupt such a pure girl like her and make her my slave.’

Yohan shook his head at his thoughts. Even he knew that his thoughts were sick and twisted so he should not encourage them. But he could not help but imagine Ruri beneath his body, her face twisted in pleasure as he took her apart.

It would be such a fun time and…

“Listen here, big brother. We need to head back home now but I called someone you know to take you back home. You should wait here for your friend to come and get you. Alright?”

“Alright.” Yohan agreed before realizing that he did not have friends who were nice enough to help him out.

“No, wait. Whom did you call…”

But both Ruri and his brother had already left the ally before Yohan finished asking his question. He quickly picked up his phone to see who the caller ID belonged to.

The number was saved as ‘bro’ under his calling list but Yohan did not remember ever putting it in there.

What’s more? He did not even have a brother, nor anyone close enough to call him a ‘brother.’ So this number was one Yohan had no idea about.



An unexpected situation was encountered. +50 exp gained.

2550/10000 exp needed for next level


‘Great. Now the system is getting involved again. But if the system is getting involved then I should just run away. I don’t want to face any more ‘fictional’ situations anymore.’

Yohan was sure that this ‘so-called’ help would make his life even more complicated. It was what had happened this far.

So he decided to leave the ally and go back to a hotel for tonight. Or that had been the plan when he bumped into a familiar face in front of him.

“Yohan! So there you were. I was so scared when I got a call from your number saying that you needed help. But who was the kid that spoke to me? I don’t think it was your voice.”

Zane questioned Yohan quickly and all in one breath. Yohan had no idea how he understood all the questions being asked of him, but somehow he did.

“I…sorry. Someone must have accidentally called you when they were trying to call help for me. Nothing happened and I’m sorry to have wasted your time. I should get going now.”

It did not matter to Yohan that he was not making much sense. He just wanted to go back to a safe place and not deal with anything anymore.

That had been the plan but once Zane had his arms around Yohan’s shoulder, it was all over for him. One look at that smiling face and Yohan could tell that he would not be able to escape today.

“Why are you in such a hurry today? Are you busy at home?”

“I am busy. I am very, very busy.” ‘I am so busy that I don’t want to even go home.’ But this was not something Yohan could say out loud.

And his lack of response was enough reason for Zane to pull him along after himself. Yohan felt like a ragdoll that was being taken advantage of.

“Come on. No kid our age wants to go back home. I know! Why don’t you stay over at my house tonight? I live alone so I have a lot of freedom. And there is no one to interrupt us no matter what we want to do. You can do whatever you want to. So, what do you say?”

Yohan knew he should not agree with such a proposal. It sounded too good to be true and that should have made alarm bells ring inside his mind.

But Yohan did not remember that this was a fictional world. All he saw was a pair of eager eyes and a man who would not let him escape.

“Fine. I will stay over at your place today.”

Yohan was not sure why he was even agreeing under such peer pressure. But he had always been easy to influence.

That was why Yohan did not have many close friends. He was afraid to be taken advantage of by those who were dear to him.

“Excellent. Now that you have agreed with me, there are some places I want to take you to.”

Zane not only sounded happy but also gleeful as he dragged Yohan behind him. The further they went, the more Yohan felt like he had made a mistake.

Perhaps it was not a good idea to follow Yohan out like this without having any idea about his true nature. It was entirely possible that Yohan was trying to trick him and would end up selling him somewhere shady.

Even the place Zane took Yohan to looked nothing short of illegal. There was a dark atmosphere around the building and just looking at it gave Yohan a feeling of doom.

“Hey Yohan, have you ever gone gambling? Well, it’s your lucky day because I have brought you to a special place.”

Zane sounded far too happy as he gestured toward the casino behind his back. Yohan turned back to walk away when he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

He instantly turned around to tell Zane off for trying to stop him but his breath fell short as he faced the female in front of him.

The only thing covering the female was a body-tight strip of cloth on the female’s private parts. That thin piece of cloth left nothing up to one’s imagination and outlined everything on the female’s body.

But the most amazing thing of all was the pair of fluffy cat ears on the girl’s head. They looked almost real.

Another fluffy appendage rubbed against the inside of Yohan’s thigh as he tried to pull away from the girl but his legs were losing their strength.

“Are~? Dear customer, aren’t you going to come in? I want to see you win big so badly.”

Even the voice calling out to Yohan was a sexy purr that made his whole body shake and vibrates with need.

‘I-It’s a catgirl.’ Yohan had always wanted to meet one but they had not been real. Even those people who often cosplayed as famous catgirls lacked something.

But this girl in front of Yohan was like a perfect specimen of her specie. There was a feeling of ‘right’ when Yohan looked at her.

“Yohan, you should answer her or the lady would need to leave. However, if you come in then you will be able to meet more of such lovely ladies.”

Yohan knew it was wrong of him to give in to his hidden desire but he was a man. And what man could resist the pull of a beautiful lady that looked like she had come out of their hidden dreams?

Whatever complaints Yohan had about this place seemed to be melting under the scope of his desire.



The hidden scenario found - the den of conquest.

Objective - Conquer the queen of this nest and become the king of every creature inside.

Reward: A loyal clan ready to do their master’s bidding. A Royal heir from the queen who would be bound to you. +5000 EXP




The new system is unlocked. Corruption value: 1%

Reach 100% to unlock the next rank and gain eligibility as the demon king of realm 1.

Realm conquered: 0/7 (demon)

0/5 (human)

0/9 (holy)


Had Yohan taken the time to read his system’s message, he would have thought twice about everything.

But he did not and his new destiny begun from that day.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 15 Ch 13: Allure Of The Night [Pt1]