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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 149 Ch 147: A Deal [Pt1]

"Hey Sid, how difficult is it to cultivate these small blobs and make them into obedient pets? Is it possible?"

The more Yohan looked at the small blobs in front of him, the more he was curious about their practical uses. He could think of so many ways they would be useful without a contract or killing someone.

Yohan did have mind-control powers but they required touching and prolonged affinity to use.

Meanwhile, these blobs did not look like they needed much care or even maintenance to be able to be cultivated. They were the perfect tool for anyone to use to take care of pests.

"Are you serious? These blobs are wild and uncontrolled. You cannot use monsters to control someone. It's against the law and you might get killed if you are found out."

Sid replied with a panicked expression. He did not know what Yohan was thinking but he did know that he could not allow Yohan to push his thinking any further. It would be beyond disastrous.

Yohan realized Sid's thinking as soon as the younger teen opened his mouth. He was even shaking after hearing Yohan's plan which was a shame. The poor kid had so much potential but he was actively suppressing it.

'Mah, not that it matters. I was not going to rely on Sid's information in the first place.'

And why would Yohan rely on Sid when he had the system to take care of such tasks for him? His system could analyze the blob and find if it was possible to influence them or not.



Analyzing the blob data…..

Compatibility with the enzymes and other regents….

Synchronizing possibility…'s possible but it would require patience….


Yohan's smile was dark as his brain calculated what he could do to take advantage of the situation.

Patience was something Yohan had in abundance and he also had the necessary data available. But what it would require was an expert to cultivate these blobs into the necessary things needed.

"Sid, can you find me an expert on the biological wild-life who is also an expert in biotechnology? Money is not a problem but I need someone who will be willing to keep their mouths shut…woahhh, easy there."

Yohan was not finished speaking when Kyle decided to rear her head up again. Her eyes were confused still as she tried to attack Yohan.

But she no longer had her wildness and even her body had lost its energy. She fell flat in the end and was not able to touch Yohan.

"Here Sid, catch her since she's your responsibility. And since you showed me something amusing and are even willing to do me a favor. I will be counting on you now."

Yohan put his hand on Sid's shoulder and the younger teen had a determined expression. He finally looked somewhat like a young leader ready to lead his army.

"I will do what I can but I cannot make any promises. The first part would be easy but I am not sure it will be easy to keep their mouths shut. Would it work if the person I find is a little shady and odd?"

Yohan smiled at Sid's words before his grin turned even more sinister.

"It will be perfect. I don't care who you find as long as they can keep their mouths shut and can guarantee me the results I want."

Yohan was sure that even Sid had caught up to what he wanted to do. But Sid still did not preach to him about the importance of ethical values and other things. He was also no longer the cheerful and native person Yohan had seen before.

Just a few days and it almost seemed like Sid had changed completely. Was this a result of dealing with the devil?

'Things are becoming more and more interesting. The flow of balance, it's about to change soon.'

Yohan had a feeling that something big would happen soon. And this storm would take the world by storm. It was something he was looking forward to.


"Fuck. Why would that Strout walk all the way here to this run-down part of the town? But then again, it suits a person like him. He belongs with all these worms down here."

When Marvis had decided to follow after Yohan, he had gotten lost pretty quickly. But he had still been able to follow the trails left behind by Yohan until he had reached the town.

But to say that this place was a part of the government sector would be too much. This was a run-down garbage dump where Marvis would not have been caught dead otherwise, but he had to if he wanted to kill Yohan.

"Hey boy, come with us. We can make all your dreams come true. Come and play with big sister."

Marvis looked away from the barely-dressed woman calling out to him. She was beautiful with her curly hair and her big asset. But that was all she had when it came to attracting someone.

Her personality was too loose and her aura could not hide the filth she carried. She was trying too hard to appear young and attractive in front of Marvis and it was not working.

"Hey kid, did you not hear me-"

"If you touch me then I will kill you. You do not want to cross me, right?"

Marvis flashed his conductor and the woman paled as soon as she noticed it. Her lack of magical aura said that she was not someone chosen by the central chord and was incapable of using magic.

Such people did not deserve to breathe the same air as Marvis, much less touch him.

If not for his goal, he would not have even stepped into these parts of the town. It was such an unfortunate turn of events.

"I s-see. In that case, I will leave you alone. Enjoy your time here."

The woman ran away as fast as she could from Marvis. She had not managed to last even a minute under his aura which was pathetic.

And this was why these people did not deserve to even look at him. He was too superior to them and they had nothing to contribute to him anyway. The only one who was capable of standing at his side was Liza and he would make sure she sees it as well.

"Hey man, quite a blood lust you got there. I can tell that you want to kill someone but you do not want blood on your hands. In that case, why not use us?"

It was another dirty mongrel who proposed this deal. He spoke up from the other end of the ally Marvis had been in. Marvis was about to ignore the dirty man when he decided to pause and turn back.

This man might be dirty but he was also someone expandable. The court would not believe him even if this dirty man managed to fail and somehow got caught.

'It might not be such a bad idea to use this man. After all, I should not use a superior tool to get rid of someone like Yohan. That man deserved the worst possible outcome.'

"Alright, I guess I can hire you, people. I hope you will not disappoint me since this will be the only chase you will get."

The man smiled after hearing Marvis's words and suddenly, they had a tactical understanding about what would happen next.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 149 Ch 147: A Deal [Pt1]