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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 148 Ch 146: The Way Out [Pt2]

Yohan walked slowly through the streets of the city. This was a place that had a lot of potentials but just as many deadly routes to take. One could get lost here if one did not know where one should go.

Yohan only walked as far as the message has asked him to. It was right in front of a tiny shack that was falling apart. Had anyone else sent Yohan this message, he would have killed them.

But since it was Sid, Yohan let it slide. Especially since he knew that Sid could not even think of betraying him.

"Who ya here for, lad? I don't think lads like ya came down here."

The innkeeper was a buff man with yellow rotting teeth and a bulging belly. He was the kind of man you would imagine thugs to be in ancient ties.

If not for the barest hints of mana emitting from the man, Yohan would have thought him to be a thug for real. But this man was likely a front for the resistance's hidden activities. No one wanted to talk with such a foul man for too long.

"I am here to meet Sid and Kyle. Can you lead me to them?"

The friendly atmosphere around the large-belly man changed in an instant. He had been happy-go-lucky before but now his eyes looked blank.

His stare was challenging Yohan to repeat what he just said or he would be killed off. But Yohan had never been afraid of being threatened and now was no exception. He was ready to face this man head-on.

Of course, he did not need to do anything as such in the end. Sid was the one who parted the curtains for him and dragged Yohan inside.

"Hey man, I will be borrowing him for a sec here. I hope you don't mind."

Before the large-belly man could speak anything, Yohan had been taken to the deepest parts of the store and everyone looked at him like he was a devil. Most children were starved and mal-nutrition.

It was like Yohan had walked into a different world all of a sudden and this was too much for him to bear.

"You are wondering why all these children are here, right? We somehow managed to slip in here because they are all illegal immigrants. The resources outside these government sectors are scarce to get so most children don't survive out there."

Honestly, Yohan was surprised at the bold decision that was made by Sid to call him here. If these children were discovered, then it would be beyond bad for everyone involved.

These kids might also only grow up and become adults if the authorities happen to catch wind of their existence.

"Is it alright for me to be here? I am an academy student after all. What if I think of betraying you today?"

Yohan wanted to see what Sid would say in response to this. With Kyle out of the picture, for now, Sid seemed like the one everyone was turning toward to provide comfort and to keep things stable.

Somehow, Yohan had a feeling that it was because of his interference that caused things to go this way. Had he stayed behind, none of this world had happened.

"It's perfectly fine for you to be here today, master Yohan. In fact, you needed to be here today for our group to have any kind of future. And it's all because I know you are the only one capable of curing Kyle."

Sid sounded like he was mincing his words as he said them. Even his expression had a tight hold and his brows were furrowed when he looked at Yohan.

His displeasure was evident on his face and yet, Sid was asking Yohan for a favor. Things must be really serious for it all to come down to this.

"I see. Then, I will see what I can get done for you. Hopefully, Kyle would be alright and live a long life."

Since Kyle was not someone under Yohan's command, he did not care what happened to her. But Sid was the one who asked for this favor so Yohan had to relent.

Sid looked constipated after he heard Yohan's easy-going words but his eyes were filled with determination. He waved everyone off and Yohan was surprised to see everyone follow his command.

Now that he looked at Sid, he also did not look as girly as he had before. There was a noticeable change in his body stature and even his female curves seemed to have disappeared.

"She's inside but I hope you will not kill her outright. Kyle is someone very important to me after all."

"Fine, fine. I get it. I will not harm your precious girl if she behaves herself, alright?"

Sid did not look convinced but he did finally back down after Yohan's promise. He had nothing other than this promise to go off on anyway. He also stood outside the door to keep watch.

Yohan entered the room, expecting different scenarios he could have faced. But nothing prepared him for a hard body to slam into his own and render him immobile for the time being.

His back hurt as it made contact with the ground and his surprise was the reason Yohan's face was scratched open before he realized he needed to defend himself.

Wild black hair and empty black eyes looked back at Yohan from Kyle's dark complexion. Her claws were about to make a dent in Yohan's stomach when he realized that defense was a thing.

His aura thickened which managed to repel Kyle's claws (where did she get that from?) when she pulled back. She regarded Yohan with curiosity before renewing her attack again.

Her attacks had no rhyme or intention other than to kill and destroy. She was also more powerful than a normal person. But her lack of awareness was what made Yohan curious. How did she arrive at this state?

Kyle twisted her body around to attack Yohan and it was then that he noticed the small, pulsing blob on her neck. It was hidden by Kyle's hair and that was why no one had noticed the parasite.

'I guess Kyle will get to live after all.'

Yohan made a calculated attack and managed to hit the back of Kyle's neck. His precision and speed took Kyle aback and that made Yohan's attack successful.

As soon as the parasite was killed, Kyle collapsed as well. But her energy returned to normal and she was alive. Maybe she had been liberated from the parasite's control as soon as Yohan had killed it off.

"Oi Sid, come in here."

Yohan called and Sid hurriedly entered the room. The guy looked super pale and ready to burst into tears any second now. Yohan just pushed Kyle toward him to keep him from bothering Yohan.

"Thank you for saving Kyle. I know you did not have to do so but still, thank you. If there is anything I can do for you, then please do tell me. I swear I will do it for you."

Sid sounded beyond thankful and Yohan was about to save him when he stopped short.

He looked at the small blob he had killed off in front of him and suddenly, he had a great idea. He knew how he was going to get rid of Marvis and Liza without attracting any suspicions.

And the recent attack he had endured would just help him out.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 148 Ch 146: The Way Out [Pt2]