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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 147 Ch 145: The Way Out [Pt1]



Message received from Sid. Would you like the system to read the message?


Yohan did not expect Sid to reply to him so soon. It had not even been a few hours from the last time Yohan had gotten news from Sid. But this message seemed to be of importance if Sid had taken the time to contact him urgently.

"Sure. Let's hear what kind of message Sid left for me."

[Yohan, I know I am not supposed to contact you like this, but can you meet me outside today? Kyle's life is in danger and I need your help. I will give you anything you want from me]

Yohan was not interested in Sid's begging. And frankly speaking, there was nothing Yohan needed from Sid that he could not get from him by force. Especially now that he had a slave contract with Sid.

'Ugh, but he's one of my people so I should throw him a bone. He is my golden bird when it comes to information.'

It was a hassle but Yohan had his principals. He quickly turned around and made his way to the in-charge office. He would need to brush up on his social skills if he wanted to go out.


The principal looked to be sweating bullets once he had Yohan standing in front of him. He had not expected to see the child so soon after the attack. Didn't people generally like to stick to small and secure places after such a scare?

"L-Let me get this right. You want to get out of the academy for a day or two to relax? B-But are you sure it is safe for you to do so? After all, we still have not caught the attackers behind this incident."

The principal tried to make sense of what Yohan was asking of him. How could the child ask this of him? What would happen to his reputation if this got out of hand?

What's more, what would happen to him if a student managed to get attacked again? How will he be able to avoid the responsibility and he will have to end up paying so much compensation?

"Can I not go out of here, Principal? This school ground makes me want to do some unexpected things. I wonder if the principal will be able to take responsibility if something did end up happening."

"EEEEKKK, f-fine, I understand. Y-You should go… I mean, you are free to do what makes you better."

The principal looked like he was dying when Yohan glared him down. Even if Yohan did not sound angry or disappointed in the principal, his eyes told a different story. The principal knew he had no other choice but to agree with him.

Yohan knew he had won as soon as the principal had shown himself to be weak-willed and not capable of maintaining his stance. As long as he was pressured, he would end up cracking.

"Thank you so much, principal. I will make sure to tell everyone what a good man you are."

The principal puffed his chest out when he heard Yohan's words. The praise he heard made him forget the pressure he felt from Yohan's earlier words. He was suddenly ready to cooperate with Yohan again.

"Of course, I am an understanding man. And I can tell that you are suffering in the academy and feeling pressured. You can spend as much time outside as you want to. Do you want me to give you a written permission letter?"

Yohan had not thought about it before but it was a really good idea to have the written permission on hand.

It would help him avoid punishment if the principal turned away from his words later. And Yohan was sure that the principal would turn away from his words in the future if he was ever in danger.

So that was why Yohan plastered the best smile on his face when he looked at the principal.

"Yes, please. It would help me feel a lot better if you provide me with a written pass."

The principal did not think much when he signed the note and sent Yohan a digital copy. Yohan made sure to make a backup just in case and also allow the corridor camera to catch sight of his note.

He was sure that the principal did not have enough awareness to catch on to his plan and that was what Yohan was going to use in the future.

The principal watched Yohan leave with a satisfied smile on his face. He was unaware that he had been fooled by Yohan and his crazy wits. But the one who noticed the end of this exchange was Marvis.

He had wanted to know what Yohan had been planning. Imagine his surprise to see Yohan going out of the academy. Marvis did not even have to do anything to make it happen.

"Principal, can I get a note to get out of the academy as well? You see, Yohan is not the only one who was shocked at the recent events. My heart hurt as well and I want to feel better. So can I get one as well?"

The principal was startled to see Marvis enter out of nowhere. He had not expected anyone to see his exchange with Yohan.

But the principal was in another dilemma now. He could not refuse Marvis's suggestion and refused to give him a card as a result. And it was all because Marvis had connections with higher-ups.

If the principal refused Marvis and he complained about it, then it would be so bad. He would be all but stripped of all his power.

"Come on, prince. You gave one to Yohan so surely you can give one to me as well. I promise to use it well and come back in time."

Marvis was really convincing and the principal felt pressured. In the end, it was not difficult to make him crack. Marvis had a way to make things work in his favor.

"F-Fine, I will write you a note as well. But anything that happens to you is not my responsibility."

The principal gave in to Marvis in the end. But even then, he was going to make sure he will not have to bear any responsibility.

Marvis knew what the principal was thinking so he did not delay in agreeing with him. All he wanted was to get a way out. And the principal gave it to him. Now, it should not be so difficult to get rid of Yohan.

Marvis quickly pocketed the pass he got and rushed toward the gate. He did not want to lose sight of Yohan in any way. But Yohan proved to be one slippery bastard and had managed to disappear before Marvis made it to the gate.

"Hey kid, you cannot go out of the academy-"

"Here is your fucking pass. Now let me go before I report you to the authorities for wasting my time."

​ The academy guard frowned as he watched the rude kid run past him. He recognized the kid as Marvis, one of the true elites of the academy and also someone who hated outsiders.

And the guard also knew that Marvis's threat was real when he made it. He would report the guard to his higher-ups. And that is why the guard allowed Marvis to run past him without telling him about the danger in the outside city.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 147 Ch 145: The Way Out [Pt1]