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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 144 Ch 142: The Punishment [Pt2]

Diantha's ass tightened around Yohan's cock as she came. Her ass was soft and wet, just like a pussy. But it was a little bit tighter because it had never been sued before.

Yohan's cock was huge as it drilled itself through Diantha's body. It was going deeper and deeper inside Diantha but his body did not try to fight it anymore.

The orgasm had caused Diantha to loosen up and her mind was broken. She seemed even incapable of having rational thoughts.

"M-My ass. Yohan broke…my ass…by using…big…cock. Please…use me….well…mas…ter."

Diantha tried to move her body and position herself well. But she ended up not being able to move even a single inch when she tried. Yohan was holding her in place and her body was in too much pleasure.

Her stomach was tingling with the amount of pleasure she seemed to be feeling right about then. Her neglected pussy was overflowing but Diantha could not even reach out toward it.

Yohan turned Diantha on her stomach to give him easy access to her body but Diantha tried to get away from him. It resulted in her ass taking more of Yohan's cock when he thrust inside her.

"Ehhhh- You'll break me even more."

Diantha complained as she snapped her hips back. Her legs gave out at the last second and Diantha fell flat on her face. Her breasts rubbed against the rough mattress and the friction caused her to grind against the bed.

Her pussy was also feeling irritated and she tried to gain some friction by rubbing against it. But it did not prove to be as successful as she hoped to be.

"Ara, are you trying to get out of your punishment? I did not know my sister was this shrewd. Maybe she has more of her rationality left than I first thought."

Yohan stopped Diantha from continuing as he lifted her hips. Diantha's body had been moving on instinct alone so this sudden change caused her to look back.

Only for Yohan to take advantage of her distraction to aim more into her body. Her ass was being plundered by Yohan right now.

Yohan's every thrust was causing the bed to squeak and move. Diantha's body was even flowing every time she was being thrust into it.

With such a tight and soft heat surrounding Yohan and pulling him deeper every time, it was a wonder he managed to last as long as he did. Diantha's ass managed to milk Yohan and make him come.

His half-human cock swelled inside Diantha's ass and locked the two together. Not that Diantha seemed to even notice as she continued to try and take Yohan deeper.

He was filling Diantha now but the girl seemed insatiable. She pushed her hips back, demanding more pleasure and friction. Her heat-aided brain could not understand why she had not come yet.

Diantha's pussy also fluttered around empty air, willing to take anything in to fill the void that was left behind.

This did not go past Yohan's eyes as he watched Diantha struggle all alone with her pleasure. She needed to come but Yohan was not giving her any chances.

"Diantha, do you need more? Are my fingers not enough to satisfy you anymore?"

Yohan asked this as his finger disappeared into Diantha's pussy. She finally cried out in relief as her insides were breached. Now with both her holes filled, Diantha finally felt like she could breathe a sigh of relief.

Her hips jerked back to get more but Yohan help her in place. This was akin to torture for Diantha but she chose to bear it.

"Now, are you sorry for your actions? Will you disobey me again, Diantha? You need to beg for your forgiveness."

Diantha did not know what she did wrong but she was aware that she must have done something wrong to be punished like this. Her brain just did not have enough brainpower to comprehend what happened.

All she knew was that she needed more fiction and more of Yohan's touch. That was the only way to make her heat and her itch go away.

"Y-Yohan, I was wrong. I will follow what you say from now on, so, please. Let me come, please. I promise I will always help you and listen to you. So please, let me come."

Diantha was all out pleading now. She tried hard to get Yohan's fingers inside her by using her hips but Yohan pulled back every time she came even close to it. He was teasing her in the worst way possible.

And the more Diantha was teased, the more she felt her need to orgasm worsen. Yohan could tell how close she was to the edge.

"P-Please Yohan, let me come. I promise to always listen to you and not cause you trouble. I swear it on my name and my powers. S-So please, let me come."

Diantha was begging now and Yohan knew she had finally fallen. This was the lowest she could have gone, even making a vow in her name.

And since Diantha had taken this step, Yohan felt like it was time to finally award her what she wanted from him. After all, Yohan was getting frustrated as well now.

"Very well. Since you managed to please me, I will allow you to come."

Yohan finally entered his finger inside Diantha's demanding pussy and she cried out in bliss. Yohan felt warmth surrounding his finger and he knew that Diantha had come around his finger.

Diantha's blissful face caused her beautiful blue eyes to pop out even more and her tongue tried to lick Yohan's other finger. The wet touch against his body caused Yohan to get hard again.

He just did not have enough of a fill yet to be satisfied. His cock needed more attention and the touch of a warm and wet place.

"It feels…divine. Master, give me more."

Yohan's fingers were joined by Diantha's inside his body. She spread her pussy open to allow Yohan to have a look inside. It was just as pink and soft as ever.

Yohan's cock stirred in his need to fuck Diantha more to feel satisfied. And even Diantha could feel his hardness. She was poking it with her feet after all and demanding Yohan to pay attention to her.

"You little bitch. You had not had enough yet, right? But you are still trying to bate your master into fucking you? I won't allow you to be this cheeky forever."

Yohan took hold of Diantha's arm and the unexpected touch caused her to cry out. Her eyes popped open wider than ever as she looked at Yohan and he gave Diantha a filthy grin.

His fingers tested out Diantha's wetness and stretch but she seemed ready to take him in.

"Enjoy this moment. Because I will break you now."

Yohan promised as he flattened his hips against Diantha. His cock slipped inside her all the way without stopping and Diantha cried out in pleasure.

It had been too hard and fast for Diantha's brain to realize what had happened. Her eyes were filled with tears and her face was flushed. But Yohan was ready to not give her any time to rest.

"I…no…too..much. My stomach…it's getting crushed…"

Diantha cried out as she snapped her hips back to meet Yohan's cock. She was chasing after pleasure as well and she seemed to have no regard while using Yohan. She had been corrupted thoroughly by him in the end.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 144 Ch 142: The Punishment [Pt2]