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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 143 Ch 141: The Punishment [Pt1]

Diantha nuzzled into Yohan's hand as soon as he let go of her hair. Her eyes stared back at Yohan like he was something precious she could not part with.

She was asking for forgiveness with her open expression and honest eyes. The way she expressed her affection was similar to a cat who wanted to be petted after doing something great.

But it was not going to work this time.

"Dead sister, do you think being cute will work? If you want me to forgive you then you will have to earn that forgiveness. Now, get me ready so that you can start working."

Yohan's hand that was petting Diantha tightened in her hair again and he pulled her head into his lap. His hardness was right in front of Diantha's lips.

She did not hesitate to take it in his mouth and Yohan gave her no time to adjust. He was fucking her throat hard and fast since the beginning.


Diantha tried to speak but her throat was otherwise occupied by Yohan's cock. His hard thrusts gave Diantha just enough room to breathe so that she could not suffocate.

Her body must have unconsciously gotten used to Yohan's harsh treatment because her ass picked itself up in the air as her mouth forced more and more on Yohan's cock.

"There is *huff* no need for you *moan* to act up. I'll fuck you hard whenever you want me to."

Yohan promised as his cock disappeared in between Diantha's plump lips. Her body was as hot as ever and his mark was pulsing on Diantha's stomach with a visible glow. It was an enchanting scene and made Yohan's instincts run wild.

His magic was making Diantha go wild and she was beginning to emit a heated scent that caused Yohan's inner demon to get triggered.

Unknown to him, his cock was changing and getting heavier and bigger inside Diantha's mouth. His half-beast form was coming out.

But Yohan did not care about Diantha's comfort. He could tell that her body was enjoying this hard rhythm he had set up for her. Her mouth was also happily sucking Yohan in now.

Diantha had improved even more since the last time he had taken her. Her mouth knew the perfect pace and pressure to use on Yohan's cock now. Her tongue licked the vein beneath Yohan's cock and he ended up coming in her mouth.

He came too much and the force of his orgasm was what pushed Yohan out of Diantha's mouth. It was enough for Diantha to not even be able to gulp all the semen down.

It was leaking out of her mouth and onto her breasts. The white of that release enhanced her bronze skin even more and it made her blue eyes pop out even more.

Yohan could not help himself from entering his finger inside Diantha's mouth and scooping out some of the semen. It was thick and Diantha instantly clamped her mouth shut around his finger.

When she finally let Yohan's fingers go, they were sticky and there was no semen inside Diantha's mouth anymore.

"My brother tastes so good. Can you give me more?"

Diantha tried to act cute and she even innocently tilted her head. But her eyes were filled with lust and want. Her thighs were beyond wet and the clear liquid was making her squirm in her place.

Yohan extended his hand toward Diantha, inviting her to take what she wanted from Yohan. He would throw her this bone for now.

Trump flashed across Diantha's eyes when she noticed this gesture. She was sure that she had been forgiven already. So she had no problem stalking her way toward Yohan's lap and sitting directly on his cock.

Her clothed pussy pressed against the tent in Yohan's lap and the friction felt amazing. Yohan's hard cock was pressing against Diantha's clit every second she shifted around. She felt like she could come from grinding against Yohan alone.

Or, that had been the case before Yohan stopped her before she could come. Diantha was annoyed at the interuption at such a crucial time and she tried to convey her annoyance to Yohan.

Needless to say, it did not turn out as fruitful as she had hoped it to be and Yohan pinched her side before his hands snaked inside her panties.

Large and cold hands gripped Diantha's ass and they squeezed her back muscles. This fondling was different from being touched on the breasts and Diantha tried to get away from this new feeling.

But the more Yohan touched her, the more Diantha's body heated up. She even lost her energy and slumped into him when Yohan pressed his finger against Diantha's ass.

"I wonder if your ass would feel as good as your pussy does. Shall we try it out?"

Diantha wanted to protest but her lips could not make any noise. Yohan was biting at her collarbone quite harshly which also made Diantha lose her focus. She knew she needed to respond but she could not muster up the necessary awareness to do so.

Yohan knew all this and that was why he used this time to get rid of Diantha's underwear and lay her ass bare in front of him. It was bronze and flawless, just like the rest of Diantha's body but he wanted to see it turn red.

"Diantha, I've heard that dark-skinned people don't show redness easily. Shall we test it out?"

"W-Wait, Yohan! I don't think it is a good-"

Of course, Yohan did not let her finish her words because he was Yohan. His hand met Diantha's ass with a loud smack and she instantly smashed her chest against Yohan's.

Diantha's face showed a shocked expression and she even rubbed her thighs together to try and elevate the arousal she felt. It was all because of the feeling of Yohan's hands against her body.

They were running and slapping her, but not touching her the way she wanted to be touched.

"Y-Yohan, don't p-play around. T-Take me …..already."

Diantha tried to act cute but it was of no use. Yohan seemed to be unaffected by her cuteness and charms.

He especially seemed to be enjoying being mean to Diantha and stopping just short of her reaching her release.

Diantha's body liked all the attention she was receiving. She was beyond wet now and even her ass was leaking in anticipation. He was producing the same clear liquid as her pussy but only Yohan could see.

He reached out to take a sample in his hand and his tongue swiped a few drops. It was sweet but the flavor was unlike anything Yohan had ever had before.

"Diantha, look at this. Even your ass wants to get fucked hard. Now, should I give you what you want?"

Yohan asked as he leaned over Diantha's body. She had gone boneless quite some time ago. Her eyes clouded over and her words were mere moans of Yohan's name and begging to be fucked.

"P-Please, fuck me. I need to be bread good. B-Brother? Master? A-Anyone-"

Poor Diantha had sunk deep into her heat now and the only way to relieve her would be to fuck her hard. Yohan was excited to take her. His mouth pressed against Diantha's and she instantly granted him access.

Yohan's tongue entered her mouth just as his cock entered her ass. And Diantha ended up coming as soon as she had been penetrated.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 143 Ch 141: The Punishment [Pt1]