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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 142 Ch 140: An Apology [Pt2]

"You! Do you think it is so easy to forgive you both? What if my brother had-"

Diantha was beyond enraged at this point. She was ready to murder a few people and then some. No one would have been spared from her wrath if not for Yohan stopping her from moving ahead.

His raised hand was like a leash for Diantha. Since she knew it was there, she could not go against Yohan's wishes and attack the other two officers even after every bone in her body was telling her to do it.

"I am not happy with what you did and how you attacked me but I will let this pass this time. In return, please don't appear in front of me again."

"Hey, why do you-"

Yohan made the deal and he watched Bernetta get ready to oppose him. The redhead seemed to not want to let go of this topic. But her partner, Shizue, elbowed her to make her go quiet.

Then she turned toward the pair in front of her and bowed in apology.

"Once again, I am so sorry for my companion's thoughtless words and actions. I will surely talk with her later."

In the end, Shizue had no other choice but to drag Bernetta away even as the redhead complained all the while. It was not a graceful look for anyone but Yohan felt his breath ease out as he watched the officer go.

He had not realized how tense his body had been until he had let go of all his tension. And then he felt calm once more. But that was not the case for Diantha.

"Sorry doesn't cut it."

Diantha snapped back and even the newly arrived principal looked surprised to see Diantha lose it and snap at someone. Diantha was an understanding person and easygoing as well. She hardly ever got angry at someone.

So to see her lose her cool all of a sudden was a surprise. But what was worse? Her expression full of rage made even the principal hesitate to step in front of her.

Yohan could see the disaster that was about to happen. So he knew he had to do something to stop Diantha from exploding.

"Sis, it's alright. I know you are afraid for me, so why don't we go back to our room and enjoy some alone time? I am sure it will help you feel better as well."

'And it will also allow me to bring you back under control.'

Diantha calmed down a little at Yohan's expression and she also realized that she was not alone for now. Yohan's touch reminded Diantha that there was someone else in the room with her as well.

Once Diantha calmed down a little, she also took notice of the situation and realized that she would need to do some damage control. Thankfully, her reaction seemed to have come across as genuine for a sister.

*cough* "Student Strout, you should take Professor Diantha back to her room. I am sure she is tired after having gone through the previous ordeal."

The principal finally found his chance to interfere.

Even he was a little scared of Professor Diantha and her anger at this point. But he was also not willing to sour his relationship with the security division over her.

Besides that, officer Bernetta was a famous name one often came across in social circles. Alienating her would be a stupid choice to make for the academy when they were under investigation.


The principal watched as professor Diantha calmed down when her brother stopped her. It was now or never and the principal shot student Strout his best signal.

Johan cringed after watching the principal winking at him. He had no idea what the principal wanted from him but he did know one thing - he had to get Diantha out of there.

"Sister, I am tired now. Can we head back to our room now?"

Diantha looked ready to argue more but then she closed her mouth when Yohan shot her a warning look. There was no need to fight hard anymore.

What Yohan needed to do was to get some distance between himself and his potential killers. He was sure that Marvis would be frothing at his mouth at being unable to end Yohan.

'I need to figure out a way to kill Marvis. He has gone too far while trying to kill me.'

Now, don't think that Yohan said that because he was worried about other students or something similar. He could not care less if everyone else ended up dying in this academy as long as Yohan achieved his goal.

But his undercover identity was important to Yohan so he was going to protect it. And to do that, the obstacle with the name Marvis needed to go.

One decent thing that happened was that Diantha looked to have calmed down considerably. She still looked pissed off but it no longer looked like Diantha was about to turn around and kill someone.

"Why did we run away? Also, why did you not defend yourself? Were you going to allow Diantha to kill yourself?"

Yohan made a mistake when he assumed that Diantha had calmed down by now. Her ire was still erupting and she looked beyond angry to Yohan. She slammed him against the door as soon as Yohan crossed the threshold.

Her tight grip was going to leave marks on Yohan's arms. He could already feel the filed nails digging into his arm and blood flowing out.

"The only reason I allowed Diantha to come as close as she did was that I saw you nearby and knew you would save me. It was because I trusted you that I let my guard down."

Yohan tried to rationalize his actions but Diantha did not seem in the mood to hear him out. Her grip was getting uncomfortable and finally, Yohan could not take it anymore. Since Diantha was not willing to cooperate on her own, it was time for Yhan to make her cooperate.

There had not been any need for Yohan to use his mark before but he decided to activate it now. Mainly because he knew it would make Diantha lose her focus.

As he had expected, Diantha's knees went weak, and her grip weakened. Her body felt a little hotter than usual and her wet breath could be felt against Yohan's lips.

She was trying to hold on and stay strong but her body was asking her to submit. Diantha's will was weak and she ultimately slipped down to the ground on her knees. The musk coming out of Yohan's body was causing her to lose her focus.

Suddenly, Yohan's hands were in Diantha's hair and he pulled her head up. Her eyes snapped up to look into Yohan's own and the angle must be uncomfortable to keep looking up at.

But despite that, Yohan did not allow Diantha to look away from him.

"I have had enough of your disobedience, dear sister. Now, you either follow what I say, or will you still be stubborn."

For a good minute, Yohan was sure that Diantha was ready to fight him. Her eyes were lit ablaze and her temper was flaring as well. Yohan's muscles tensed up as soon as he noticed this and he was ready to stop Diantha.

In the end, there was no need for Yohan to do anything because the one who submitted first was Diantha.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 142 Ch 140: An Apology [Pt2]