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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 141 Ch 139: An Apology [Pt1]

The huge claws of the raptor insect tried to take Yohan's life away but he was not going to make it easy for the insect.

His body was athletic and he could quickly avoid the incoming claws. But he did not get the time to think about his situation when another raptor insect crossed the corner and tried to corner Yohan.

He had no other choice but to take his small sword out and cut off the claw of the raptor insect that was attacking him.

The insect cried out as his hard shell met the small sword. But since Yohan had not used magic, all he was able to do was fend off the attack and make minor cuts. The insects were not going to back off with ease.

"I see how it is. So you sent these monsters to take care of me? It's a clever trick to avoid suspicion."

It was extremely easy to narrow down Yohan's attacker. It had to be Marvis since he was the only one with something to gain with Yohan's death. But still, it was beyond risky to introduce such insects on the academy grounds.

'Love does make one blind and also brain dead.'

If it were anyone else but Yohan, they would have ended up dying.

"Hey, what's making that noise? We should hurry up and check it out. Oi, hurry up-"

Yohan was not sure if he should consider himself lucky or not. People were heading his way with hurried steps but he was also aware that he would not likely get help on time.

And since most of the humans around Yohan were still students, he could not expect them to rescue him. And if Yohan tried to save himself, his secret would be revealed to the world.

It seemed like Marvis did have a little brainpower left if he was able to plan such an elaborate thing. It was just a pity that Marvis used his brain for all the wrong reasons and did not see the advantages of being allied with Yohan.

"You all, run away. There are raptor insects on loose in the academy."

With no other choice left, Yohan had to yell out a loud warning. He could see the cameras blinking out of the corner of his eyes and he knew he was under inspection now.

The alarms that had been quiet until now were set on blaze all of a sudden just as the first person turned the corner. It was an upper-class student whom Yohan had seen around.

The upper classmate froze before he turned back to run. But he had been spotted by the first insect and the insect decided the upper classmate would make a better meal than Yohan. It was no longer a solo-target hunt.

But it was weird, the timing of the alarm. It had set off as soon as the upper classmate had entered the danger zone but not when Yohan had entered it. How had Marvis managed to get it done?

Yohan did not have enough time to think this over when the remaining insect jumped toward Yohan and tried to pierce his torso. Yohan's fast reflexes saved his life once again as he rolled away from that attack.

"So you want to play with me, huh? Fine, then come at me with all you've got. I will show you how powerless you are, you insect."

Yohan's irritation caused his mouth to become loose. The insect seemed not to care since it could not understand his words. It just rushed toward his doom again.

And Yohan finally decided to use his powers. He could no longer afford to sit back and wait for someone to come and save him. He needed to save himself, even if it blew up his cover.

Yohan had his hand ready on the system, his magic building up to attack the insect as soon as it was in range when he stopped short. The insect had scattered into a bloody mess and in front of him stood a very familiar person.

"Ugh, I hate these insects. Their blood is a pain to get out of my hair. Now let me see which unfortunate soul triggered these insects,"

And just when Yohan thought things could not get any worse for him, it happened anyway. Maybe this was what karma was and Yohan was being made to bear him because how else could you explain the fiery redhead who stood in front of Yohan?

If there was one person who wanted to avoid coming in contact with in this world, it was this officer lady. Officer Bernetta was someone Yohan had a sword to avoid because of their last encounter.

'Will hiding my face do the trick?'

Yohan's brain was busy thinking of ways to avoid the officer but his body was fast to react. His sword clashed with the officer's fists and Yohan's lack of awareness caused him to slide back.

"Ah, it is you. Yohan Strout was your name, right? So, what are you doing in the academy?"

Bernetta's golden eyes stared at Yohan back and he was taken aback when she suddenly twisted her body and made Yohan lose balance.

Under normal circumstances, Yohan knew how to overcome the such force and end this fight. But his current self was that of a student and he doubted any student could last against an officer such as Bernetta.

Yohan's lucky stars came in clutch when he noticed Diantha rushing toward him as fast as she could.

If he could not take Bernetta out, then he will have to leave it up to Diantha to save him. His eyes met Diantha's blue ones and Diantha got the message.

That was why, when Bernetta decided to attack next, Yohan did not bother saving himself. He pretended to lose his small sword and watched as Bernetta's eyes widened and she tried to save his life.

But there was nothing for Yohan to be worried about since he had already positioned his body to be saved,

And Diantha rose to the challenge beautifully. She easily managed to parry Bernetta's attack and catch her off-guard.

Blue and gold collided before Diantha shoved Bernetta off Yohan.

"Yohan, are you alright? You are not hurt, right? Officer, what are you doing?"

Bernetta looked taken aback by Diantha's quick entry. She had not expected to see Diantha or anyone else interfere all of a sudden. This clash caused her to finally calm down and stop attacking.

It was also the time for Shizue to head out. Shizue's black hair was covered in gore and insect guts as well which yelled where she had been minutes before.

"Bernetta, what the hell? I leave you alone for a few minutes and you are out causing trouble? I am so sorry for what my partner did. We have no excuse for her actions."

Shizue bowed down in front of Yohan and Diantha, trying her best to appeal to the pair to forgive her. It was only the small widening of her eyes that betrayed that she had recognized Yohan.

But despite that, she did not act up and cause any trouble. She had recognized her defeat and she was willing to gracefully take it.

"You! Do you think it is so easy to forgive you both? What if my brother had-"

Diantha's anger felt genuine but Yohan still had enough consciousness to stop her from exploding. After all, he had attracted enough attention to himself by now. He had no intention of attracting anymore.


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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 141 Ch 139: An Apology [Pt1]