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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 139 Ch 137: The Dog Found A New Target [Pt1]

"Officer Bernetta and Officer Shizue, it is nice to see you both again. I am so thankful that you both made time to come to the crime scene."

Shizue looked toward the principal of the academy. The elder man looked to have aged quite a significant amount in the short while she had not seen him. She had heard about the murder case already but it seemed to be having a bigger impact than she had anticipated it to have.

On the other hand, Bernetta was not as interested in the murder case as in getting to explore the academy and finding Yohan here. But she still decided to pay attention to the principal since he could become a hindrance to her.

"Principal, there is no need to be thankful. We are both doing what our duty is. Now then, can you show us what you know about this case?"

The principal looked happy at the easy cooperation and led the two into his office. There was a familiar face in the office already and Shizue recognized the Buzard's daughter, Liza.

"These people are?"

Shizue asked as she pointed toward Liza and the man sitting beside her. Bernetta also noticed the new additions, but she was as apathetic as ever.

"A-Ah, these two are just students who interacted with Flora in the past few days. N-Now, they are not the suspects but here for witness protection? The third person in the group was handed over to his guardian so he is safe already."

Shizue looked at the pair in front of her. They did not look worried about being killed but they also did not give off a murderous vibe.

And if these two were sitting here, then that meant they had passed the mental exam and were safe and stable. These two were people Shizue could trust for now.

"Officers, this is Shizue and Marvis. The third person in this group, Yohan Strout, was handed over to his sister, Professor Diantha a while back. B-But I can call him over if you want me to."

Shizue quickly turned toward Bernetta but it was already too late. Her partner had heard the name she had been waiting to hear for some time now.

For the first time, Bernetta looked interested and excited in this case. Her eyes were shining and her body gave off a predatory feeling. If she was not stopped now, then she would go out of her way to find Yohan right now.

"Did you just say, Yohan Strout? So that kid was here after all. Now I'm glad I took this case."

Everyone except Shizue seemed to be taken aback by Bernetta's excited look. They had never seen the genius but unmotivated officer of the defense sector this excited.

Everyone knew who Bernetta was. She had been a genius student who was capable of achieving amazing feats if she put her mind to it. But she was often lazy and did not care for the world.

To see her this excited was a blessing and a curse at the same time.

"Y-You know student Strout? Did he cause any-"

The principal asked, now worried all of a sudden. Shizue could hear his brain thinking the worst and she sighed. She knew that Bernetta's interest would cause such a reaction.

"No. Yohan Strout is not a criminal but we did run into him once. It was thanks to him that we managed to capture a resistant member. Bernetta just has an unhealthy obsession with the kid ever since."

Shizue's words were a mixture of truths and lies but she felt like she covered enough bases with her words for now.

The principal looked relieved to hear her but the students looked interested all of a sudden. It was like she had managed to douse one fire, only to light up in two others.

"Shizue, I will be moving around now. I need to see the scene of the crime before making a judgment about what happened."

In normal circumstances, it would have taken a lot to gain such permissions. Especially since the crime scene had been looked at already and a conclusion had been reached. There was no need for Bernetta to go there again.

But who did not know about Bernetta's genius mind? No one wanted to be the reason this case was halted. And that was why the principal agreed without haste.

They all headed toward the crime scene that had been cleared already. A few local officers and Professor Diantha were at the crime scene, trying to control everything.

Just as everyone had heard about Bernetta, they had also heard about Professor Diantha. The central chord's prophet and the one who could sometimes see the future. She was a loyal person and had a lovely smile.

Professor Diantha was someone who everyone liked and her gentle nature also caused her to be perfect to handle this case.

But for some reason all Bernetta did was glare at Professor Diantha as she greeted the group. Surprisingly enough, Professor Diantha held her stare quite well, not backing down or looking nervous at all.

"Professor, these are the officers who will be taking over the case now. You can go back to your room if you want to now."

The principal dismissed the gentle professor who had volunteered to take care of the crime. It was not the first time she had been made into a scapegoat and it would not be the last as well.

Lady Diantha was just too gentle and kind to refuse anyone if she was asked a favor. And it made the principal feel sorry for her.

"Oh, is that so? Then I am relieved to hear this. I wanted to spend some time with Yohan anyway since he is too shocked by what happened but I also wanted to help out with the investigation. It is nice to hear that someone is taking over for me."

Professor Diantha's body posture and her speech, it was all gentle and genuine. Shizue had a positive first impression of this lady and she was certain that she had nothing to do with Yohan Strout.

Maybe she was being used by her 'bother' as well. That would make her a victim as well and saving victims was something Shizue did well.

"Hey officer Bernetta, are you alright? You were staring at professor Diantha with quite a look in your eyes. Did you fall in love with her or something?"

Marvis asked Bernetta with a joking tone in his voice. It did not seem like he was serious but his words caused Bernetta's eyes to flash quite brightly.

Suddenly, Shizue had a bad feeling about what Bernetta was about to say. She knew that Bernetta was eccentric but falling in love all of a sudden was not out of her realm of possibilities.

Still, Bernetta would not fall in love when she was already interested in someone, right?

"Fall in love or something, huh? I guess that 'something' sure is an option for me. Professor Diantha makes me curious about herself and I cannot help but want to talk with that lady. I have a feeling that she would have a lot of interesting stuff to say to me."

Shizue was shocked to hear Bernetta speak like this. But Bernetta did not even spare her a glance as she continued to look at Professor Diantha. It seemed like Bernetta had found a new toy to chase after.


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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 139 Ch 137: The Dog Found A New Target [Pt1]