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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 137 Ch 135: The Academy’s Problem [Pt1]

Yohan tried to make his mood lighter as he made his way back to his room. But his smile hide the murderous thoughts he was having in his mind.

He was currently thinking of ways to dispose of both Marvis as well as Liza in a single sweep. They both were too dangerous to keep around any longer. Besides, they both were at risk of exposing his secrets.

Yohan was engrossed in his thoughts, so he did not hear Diantha's footsteps and he was even startled by her arms closing around his neck.

Yohan almost broke Dinatha's arm as soon as she touched his neck and she was laid flat on her back as a result. Her blue eyes were wide and round as she started back at Yohan. It was what finally made him let go of Diantha.

Her arm had a bruise where he had held her tightly and Yohan immediately extended his fingers to check the bruise out.

"Hey, it's alright. I can see that it is my fault for startling you like that."

Diantha tried to wave off his concern with a small smile but her pain was barely hidden. It was a good show of Dinatha's loyalty that she had not left Yohan even after this.

"Yeah, it's your fault for starling me like that. But you should get your arm treated before the injury gets worse. And also, sorry for startling you like this."

Yohan extended his hand toward Diantha and she took it with a strong grip. It did not seem like her injury was hindering her in any way. She even looked happy while having Yohan's attention even when injured.

Diantha was a unique and weird existence that Yohan did not know what to make of. Yohan knew she had a reason she approached Yohan but she had not tried to use him ever since then.

"You looked a little annoyed when you first entered the room. Are you sure you are alright? Anything I can help you with?"

Diantha looked worried when she looked back at Yohan. She looked serious enough for once and Yohan was taken aback. He was not sure if he should confide in her or not.

But then again, it was something that would affect her as well so Diantha needed to know about these things. If not, then she would not be able to protect herself when the time comes.

"The thing is, there are some rats that are trying to get a drop on me. There is no need for you to be concerned about it for now but you should be careful about your actions in the future."

Diantha went quiet after Yohan's warning. Her eyes flashed and she was about to ask her Yohan who these 'rats' were.

"Diantha, there is no need for you to know for now. You should just enjoy your time here and allow me to take care of my problems. You are not being suspected yet so you should enjoy your freedom."

The main reason Yohan was asking Diantha to keep out was that she could complicate things and hinder Yohan's progress. But he did not want to tell Dinatha this truth.

She might try and help Yohan anyway.

"I understand. I will keep you out of your business for now. But I hope you will not be too angry if I defend myself in the future."

Yohan could tell that Dinatha was planning something. But whatever it was, Yohan felt like it was better to keep away from whatever Dinatha was planning to do.

Diantha watched Yohan lie down with hooded eyes. She was more than aware that Yohan was hiding things from her but it was not something he would tell Diantha about. He still did not consider her an asset after all.

'I will take care of the things that are making Yohan worry. It is a good thing that I can narrow down the number of people who could have known Yohan's real identity and his connections with the temple.'

Diantha was not a stalker but she was someone who had observed Yohan for a long time. She knew how Yohan thought and how he behaved in school.

So of course, she knew that it could only be one of the three people whom Yohan associated with within this school. And the most obvious choice was also the one who was closest to Yohan.

"'I knew that girl, 'Flora' would be trouble even since I saw her. She was too interested in 'my Yohan' to not be troublesome. I guess now I have to take her out."

Diantha did not consider the possibility that Flora might not be the culprit she was looking for. Her jealousy and her desire to monopolize Yohan were enough to drive her into committing unspeakable things.

Besides, Diantha also had enough experience with fooling the authority and she was also willing to take the risk.

"Just wait Yohan. I will help you sort this mess out soon."

Yohan heard Dinatha's confession and he was aware of what she was planning. He could have stopped Dinatha if she wanted to but he decided to let her do what she wanted in the end.

It was no skin off his back even if Diantha ended up being caught. He doubted that it would affect him much, even if she was his sister. In fact, it might help him gain a few sympathy points and also clear his name from the suspect list if that happened.

And the best part would be - Yohan would finally be rid of the people poking around him like flies.

That night, no one in the academy was sure what happened. But they all knew that a student had been brutally murdered the night before.

The recordings showed nothing and there had been no signs of a struggle taking pace. There was no circumstantial evidence or any other clue that could help the police as well.

It felt almost as if the girl, Flora, had passed away in her sleep without any hardship. Her skin was pale and flawless as well.

But anything below her torso had been slashed and crushed beyond anything anyone had seen before. It almost looked like a wild monster managed to break into the academy and kill a student.

The news of such a thing happening spread all over the academy by the time the sun rose. But no one knew what had happened or who was behind this attack.

The only one who even had a hunch about what happened was Yohan and he was also the last person seen with Flora. So naturally, he was called by the principal to know what was going on.

Flora's death was something that was talked about and was quickly becoming a sensational topic. It needed to be stopped before it caused a bigger controversy to take place.

And the first step toward this goal would be to shut the mouths of the students and to sus out the suspect. And that was also why Yohan was the first one called.

Yohan had expected something like this to happen to him so he was calm when he entered the room. These people would not be able to hold him accountable and all Yohan had to do was to try and appear innocent.

It should be easy since he had no charges made against his name.

'Gosh! Diantha made a mess of things. Now, how should I do the damage control now?'

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 137 Ch 135: The Academy’s Problem [Pt1]