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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 133 Ch 131: Show Me What You Got [Pt1]

Flora was a little taken aback when Yohan caught her hand all of a sudden but her excitement over trying something new overcame her shyness pretty soon.

There was a sweet smell coming from Yohan that made Flora forget all her worries and made her want to be in Yohan's embrace for a long time. She connected her lips with his instead of answering and Yohan instantly gave her entry.

He was being really sweet to her and that was what made Flora brave and take this step forward.

Her tongue probed sweetly at Yohan's lips and he granted her access. But as soon as her tongue touched Yohan's, he felt Yohan push back into her mouth. Flora's back was plastered flat against the bed and her eyes were wide.

Yohan was devouring her mouth but Flora was feeling too much pleasure. Her face turned red as soon as she noticed the thin string of saliva connecting her lips with Yohan's.

"Is this too much for you? Or, do you want to continue?" Yohan sounded concerned about Flora but she was determined to take this as far as she could.

She pulled Yohan back into the kiss and pressed forward with vigor. Yohan got the message and went back to kissing. His hands also moved beneath Flora's dress and she tried not to flinch.

It was the first time someone was touching her like this so Flora could not help herself from flinching. Yohan's hands were cold and foreign on her body and Flora was not used to this much attention.

"Flora, relax. Don't think about much and just concentrate on me for the time being."

Yohan's eyes were hypnotizing as they drew Flora in. they made her forget about the feeling of hands on her body and she leaned even further into Yohan's embrace.

This time, she did not flinch when Yohan cupped her breasts and squeezed them together. In fact, it felt good and Flora even moaned out in pleasure.

Her pussy was getting wet from the sensation and Flora tried to rub her thighs together to relieve the displeasure when she was stopped by Yohan's thighs pressing between them. He was not allowing Flora to move even an inch.

"It's uncomfortable. Can't I just relieve myself a little?"

Flora begged as her stomach jumped around with agitation. The fact that she was this wet did not sit well with her. She needed to find a way to control herself. She wanted to make Yohan lose control, not lose it herself.

"It's too late to say all this, Flora. Look, you have already soiled your panties a while ago. You are so wet that your things are wet."

Yohan pointed out as he pinched Flora's thighs lightly. His hand also cupped Flora's leaking pussy and then he brought his hand up for Flora to see.

Her face broke out into a blush as soon as she noticed Yohan's drenched hand and she suddenly could not look Yohan in the eye. She was too embarrassed to continue, even if she was the one who had proposed this arrangement first.

Yohan could real all this being displayed on Flora's face. But she was wrong about something. Yohan would not let her go even if she begged now. She was the one who had turned him on and she would have to pay up the price as well.

"Flora, I told you to not think about anything for now. You are a doll, my doll. So only focus on me and the pleasure I am giving you."

Yohan pressed his finger inside Flora as he finished speaking his words. Flora's body tensed at the suddenly forced entry Yohan was subjecting her to but she bore it with clenched teeth. She finally relaxed once Yohan stopped moving his finger inside.

Flora's face was flushed red and she was still clothed. But despite that, she looked like she had been fucked unconscious.

"This is too big. I don't think I can take more."

Flora was ready to give up from a finger alone. She had never taken anything up her pussy before so even a finger was too much for her. She had felt Yohan's cock before and she doubted that it would fit.

"Too big? My dear Flora, we have not even started yet. I promise that you will be begging for my cock once we are done and nothing else would satisfy you anymore."

Yohan's words sounded like a promise and Flora gulped her saliva down. She was about to protest when Yohan moved his finger inside her pussy. The sudden motion made Flora halt in her thoughts and she clamped down hard on Yohan's finger.

So naturally, when he pressed another one against Flora's opening, she had to say something to stop him. She was not ready for any more than this.

"H-How about I open myself up on my o-own?"

Flora's eyes were almost swirling as she felt embarrassment creep over her face. She had not even undressed yet and she felt the bull blunt of her actions.

It almost felt like Yohan would not agree with her when he stopped to consider her words. And finally, Flora felt like she could breathe and take her time.

Of course, Yohan was more than aware of what Flora was thinking about and he also knew that he was about to dash her expectations. But he did want Flora to feel comfortable and get a show at the same time.

"Alright, Flora. You can prepare yourself for me but only if I get to see you do so. In other words, put up a show for me."

Flora looked uncomfortable and was about to argue back when Yohan increased the intensity of his magic around the pair. Suddenly, Flora's words quietened and she suddenly looked ready to agree with him.

His magic had taken hold of Flora and convinced her that it was alright to comply with Yohan's words.

Flora's shirt came off along with her skirt. She was only in her underwear now and even her soiled panties were showing the outline of her pussy.

"You want me to put up a s-show for you? Then fine. I will put up a show for you then. Make sure you don't take your eyes off of me."

Flora sounded confident as she lightly touched her pussy over her soiled underwear. The damp cloth was pressed very lightly into her pussy and Flora moaned out loud. Her other hand cupped her breast and she squeezed them lightly just as Yohan had.

And all this time, Flora made sure to not break eye contact with Yohan. She looked him right in the eyes as she moaned his name out loud.

"I-It feels so good. But your hands were better. Hey Yohan, does it feel good for you as well? Seeing me like this?"

Flora's words were husky and they were barely audible. She was forcing herself to not give in to her embarrassment and to put on a good show. Yohan's eyes were fixed on her wet pussy and that made Flora feel good and confident.

She pulled her panties down a little and Flora's wetness was clear for him to see. And all that happened before Flora dipped her finger into her pussy without holding back. Her finger disappeared into her tight pussy and Yohan gulped his saliva.

Flora's gaze was seducing him and Yohan allowed himself to fall.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 133 Ch 131: Show Me What You Got [Pt1]