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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 130 Ch 128: Let’s Repay A Favor [Pt3]

Emotions often made humans feel foolish and irrational. This was something Yohan knew fully well and he had experienced it so many times now.

Whether it came to thier own lives or to the lives of those they cared about, humans were often quick to cross the limits of what was morally right and spoke words that they should never.

But despite seeing it many times, it never failed to make Yohan chuckle every time he saw such a thing. Even now, seeing Sid break down and beg for Kyle's life was something similar in his opinion.

"Y-Yohan, what is so funny? I am quite serious when I say that I am willing to do anything as long as Kyle gets to live."

Sid sounded angry but also helpless as he answered Yohan back. His eyes were glaring daggers at Yohan and it was another evidence of irrational human behavior.

Technically, Yohan had done nothing wrong. Kyle had been the one to initiate the first attack and she had also been the one who had let her guard down in the middle of battle. People had died for the worst mistakes in the dungeons back home.

But this situation was also alright. It was something Yohan could take advantage of and use to enter into a favorable deal.

"You should be more careful with your words Sid. You just promised me your life in exchange for letting Kyle go. But, is your life so precious that it can be exchanged for your boss's? What if I tell you to die right now? Would you do it?"

Yohan almost said those words as a joke but who knew that Sid would consider them? Yohan was also surprised to see him holding his knife tightly before he brought it up to his neck.

This was the point where people usually told others that it was all a joke and they were kidding with them. But Yohan was curious to see how far Sid was willing to do. So he did not stop him even when Sid's neck started bleeding.

"Hey, I just need to kill myself right? Then you would let the boss go, right?"

Sid finally asked as he was about to enter his fatal point. If the knife dug a little bit deeper then Sid was sure to lose his life. But Sid did not stop despite knowing this risk. He surely was a daring one and now he had Yohan's interest.

"Huh? Did I say that I would let your boss live if you killed yourself? I only said that I would consider it. So, do you still want to go ahead and kill yourself?"

Yohan was curious to know the answer to his question. Sid was far too entertaining not to play around with.

Sid bit his lips as he considered this question. Was he willing to give his life up for something that was not even a guarantee? What if the boss died while he was not looking?

'But I cannot risk Yohan killing the boss if I back out now. Then, what should I do now?'

Sid's mind was in turmoil. He had been so happy when he had first met Yohan since it had felt like he finally had a friend who understood him. But the more he got to know Yohan, the more he was proven wrong.

In the end, the choice had come down to choosing between Yohan and the boss. It was a tough battle for Sid to participate in since he could not choose a side. Still, his heart had decided for him.

"Even if it did not turn out to be the case, I need to try and save Kyle. not because she's the boss but because she's important to me. I never admitted it before but I fell in love. So please, don't do anything to her."

Yohan was not even stunned at the confession. He had seen it coming from a mile away. But he did not care much for the confession personally.

He just wanted to know what he could gain from the pair. And finally, he had found his mole that would help him gather information.

"Well, if you are intending to save Kyle Lowans, then you might need to give up your humanity. Come here and sign a deal with me. Then, you will have enough power to do what you want to."

Sid was not happy and he was not comfortable with Yohan either. This was a man who could betray him at any given second now. It would be beyond disastrous to be partnered with him.

And yet, despite all that, Sid felt a seed of hope bloom in his chest. He could not help but feel like everything would be alright if he was careful and let things play out how he wanted them to.

"I have no guarantee even if I sign up with you. You are nothing short of a devil, Yohan but I will sign a deal with you. As long as I can protect Kyle, my safety does not matter to me."

Yohan might be a devil but he was also the first person who had offered Sid any kind of power or assistance.

This was a world where even the government had given up on its major population. Sid had nothing to lose even by taking Yohan's offer.

"Sure, if you agree with me then I have no problem. Ah, but I must warn you about something - you will need to betray your lovely boss, Kyle in the process. You will be my mole in their organization and help me gain more people. Are you still willing to take my hand?"

Sid looked at Yohan and he could not help but think that Yohan looked like a devil at that moment. The white hair and red eyes stood out against the darkness of the alley they were currently standing in.

Sid almost took his hand back when Yohan stepped forward and shook his hand with force. And instantly, some kind of energy passed through Sid's body and he felt frozen.

It was like his senses were surrendering to Yohan and the mere thought of going against him felt too much.

"Since you decided to take my hand, you are my subordinate now. Keep me posted about Kyle and her organization's activities and find out the location of the most important thing in this world."

Sid was surprised at hearing Yohan's orders and he tried to keep his mouth shut. But he was not able to in the end.

"The most important things in this world? Won't it be the central cord that maintains all the balance in this world? But it's impossible to enter there because-"

Sid stopped talking as soon as he noticed Yohan's expression. It was a grin halfway between happy and crazy. He did not want to stay in Yohan's vicinity any longer so he took a step back.

Of course, he did not get to go far when Yohan called him back.

"Sid, find me a way to get into the central cord and I will set you free. And remember, don't talk about me to anyone else or we will have a big problem on our hands."

Sid wanted to reply but his mouth was shut frozen. His body was following Yohan's orders without his permission but what it would mean for his future, Sid had no idea.

But one thing he knew for sure was - he was so fucked.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 130 Ch 128: Let’s Repay A Favor [Pt3]