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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 129 Ch 127: Let’s Repay A Favor [Pt2]

Yohan was well aware that he had been spotted. After all, he had shown himself on purpose to test Kyle's reflexes and situational awareness.

Kyle was someone who had interested him from the get-go. She had a strong sense of awareness as well as a fucked-up ethic code which made her the perfect tool to carry out his orders.

The worst part about her was her stubborn personality which made her rigid to change. But that was a charm in itself. But only for those who liked that kind of personality. Yohan was not a fan of it personally but he respected Kyle to a degree.

After all, it was not every day that he was robbed out in the open and then saved by the same person.

"B-Boss, what are we doing here? You do know that you are still being targeted by the security, right?"

Sid sounded worried as he followed after Lyle. The poor guy-turned-girl seemed to be having a hard time keeping up with Kyle. But he still chose to follow her for some reason.

"Stop being such a scary cat kid and grow up. There are some offenses you can forgive others you cannot forgive. And unfortunately, the kid we are here for crossed the line a long time ago."

"Hoh, I was not aware that I managed to piss off Kyle Lowans this badly. Should I be impressed by my achievements?"

Yohan jumped down from the place he had been hiding this far. There was no longer a need for him to keep on hiding like this. Especially since it looked like has been seen anyway.

Kyle might not have come out and said this, but her eyes had been looking at Yohan's hiding space for quite some time now. And Yohan was not foolish enough to keep on hiding when he had been discovered a long time ago.

"Y-You are Yohan Strout. Wow, what a coincidence that we met again. I wanted to talk to you more about-"

Sid seemed excited to see Yohan but Kyle was even more excited. She was so excited that she was unable to hile herself back from attacking him openly. To a normal eye, her attack might have happened in a matter of seconds.

But Yohan had seen it coming and he had been prepared to deal with her.

Kyle was a small-sword user. She was extremely fast on her feet and her conductor happened to be her small sword in her arms. It had lightning cracking out of it which made closing the distance nearly impossible for anyone.

"What's wrong, kid? Are you too intimidated by his older sister that you are unable to move now? Weren't you just talking big a few seconds ago? What happened to that courage of yours? Come on and approach me."

Kyle sounded a little winded by the end of her small fighting round. Her face was covered in a light layer of sweat and her eyes were shaking as well.

She had given her best to kill Yohan but the child had been a little too swift and agile for her to take out. His physique was really good and so was his technique.

But it still irritated her how Yohan had done nothing but defend himself so far. She wanted to test out how good his skills were but Yohan seemed uninterested. Even if she did manage to take him down now, it would feel like a hollow victory.

"B-Boss, is something wrong? Why are you fighting Yohan?"

Sid sounded confused at her sudden urge to fight and it was then that Kyle remembered that she had never explained how she had ended up in police custody.

"Huh? How dare you question my decisions, you lousy man. I can do what I want to and when I want to. I don't need to explain my agenda to someone like you."

Sid took a step back in fright as soon as Kyle started going off and she did feel a little bit bad for Sid. it was not Sid's fault that she was in a bad mood but he was the only one there she could vent her frustration on.

She felt a little calmer after she was finished speaking but Yohan did not let her enjoy that for long. His laughter pierced Kyle's ears and she instantly turned toward him.

"What is wrong with you now?"

"N-Nothing. It's just funny how you are still holding a grudge against me for ending up in police custody. It is not my fault that they decided to chase you and not me."

Kyle's face went red as soon as she heard Yohans's teasing words. She tried to make Yohan submit by her looks alone but Yohan was unaffected by even her glare.

So instead, Kyle had to settle by scaring Sid instead. And thankfully, her looks were more successful this time. Sid looked ready to cry out loud and his face looked adorable in Kyle's mind.

"Bos-Kyle, look out."

Kyle got a second between that warning and being knocked out. In the end, she did not even see that attack coming before it managed to knock her out.

Sid, who watched this happen, was frozen in shock. Too much had happened in a short amount of time which made him confused about what he should do now. He was also terrified of what would happen next.

He quietly looked up toward Yohan and that friendly face suddenly looked terrifying. Yohan had a beautiful face and a beautiful smile, but Sid could not help but think that it was far too dark right now.

"S-Stay back. Y-You have done enough. Please spare the b-boss this time."

Although Sid was terrified, he knew he had to do something. His body was far from enough when it came to shielding the boss but he wanted to do something nice for her. She was someone he admired a lot after all.

Not only had she taken Sid under her wing when he had first arrived in this world, but she had also given him a home. Somewhere along the way, Sid had managed to fall in love with her passion.

That was why he had joined her side of this side and fought against the oppression.

"So you want to go against me as well, kid? Do you think you will be able to win over me?"

This was not even a question worth asking. Both sides knew that there was no way for Sid to ever rise victorious over Yohan in a fair fight. Heck, an unfair fight might also end in Yohan's favor most of the time.

But Sid knew he could not back down. This was his only chance to impress his crush and gain some recognition. He was even ready to die for his end goal.

"I know I cannot win but I can try to stall for time. I don't want Kyle to die no matter what and I am willing to do anything to make it happen."

Sid spoke everything he wanted to since he knew he was going to die soon. But he wanted to make sure he had no regrets about his life choices in the end.

He might never be able to return to his original world but he would not die a failure like most of the people he knew. He waited for Yohan to attack and kill him but he was faced with full-blown laughter instead.


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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 129 Ch 127: Let’s Repay A Favor [Pt2]