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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 128 Ch 126: Let’s Repay A Favor [Pt1]

"Alright, you are out here but follow the rules that were set for you. And don't you dare come back if you cause trouble, alright?"

The students shuffled from one foot to another at the teacher's warning. The professor looked completely serious when he said the last words. No one knew if he was joking or not.

The only one who was not concerned with the teacher's words was Yohan. And it was because he was busy looking around the town. There were a lot of interesting things to look around for.

Especially the familiar black-haired female in the corner of his vision. It was the person who had tried to trick Yohan on his first trip to the sector.

'If I remember correctly, her name was Kyle Lowans, right?'



Pulling up character data.

Name: Kyle Lowans.

Age: 21

Occupation: Unemployed (one of the leaders of the resistance.)


Yohan chose not to look at the rest of the data in front of him. He did not care much about Kyle and her relationships. Nor did he care about her likes or dislikes.

He only wanted to know what she was doing in this part of the town. Her presence gave Yohan a bad feeling and he wanted to explore it more. He was sure that following after Kyle would come in handy.

"Hey Yohan, where are you going? The market is the other way."

Unfortunately, Flora had attached herself to Yohan's side. It had been cute at first but her presence was getting a little annoying for Yohan now. Mainly because he could not run around on his own.

But somehow, she was not even Yohan's biggest concern for now. There was one more person who was loitering around him and keeping an eye on him for now.

'Marvis has been looking at me for quite some time now. Why doesn't he just come out and say what he wants to? Is there a need for him to beat around the bush like this?'

Yohan turned toward Marvis and waved at him. He had planned to annoy Marvis and it seemed like he succeeded this time. Marvis growled as soon as he saw Yohan's face looking back at him.

'It's truly the best when you manage to trigger a hot-head like Marvis. His face truly looks the best right now.'

"Hey man, don't encourage him too much. I don't want to see you end up dead in a ditch somewhere."

Of course, Flora had to come in and add her advice into the mix. But Yohan could not fault her either since it seemed like he was her only friend.

For some reason, the accident in the VR had spread across the classroom, and everyone had started to avoid Flora as well. They could see that Flora has some kind of beef with Marvis and Liza, and no one wanted to be a target if they hung around her.

Yohan refused to feel guilty about her circumstances but he did pity her.

"Do you need to buy something? I will go with you if you want me to."

"N-No, it's alright. I think I would prefer to go around alone. My cousin is in town so I am going to meet her now."

Flora looked uncomfortable so Yohan did not stop her from leaving. After all, he had his work to do and Flora was a hindrance to him.

The class had mostly dispersed by this point and Yohan had been left alone. He was lucky that no one wanted to associate with him openly since it gave him a lot of opportunities to go around and do his own thing.

'Well, now that I am alone, I should check out what this 'Kyle' person knows. I am sure they will be a lot of help to me.'

Yohan chucked in his mind as he considered what to do next. He could follow Kyle around to find out more about her secrets, or he could even threaten her. But the presence of his classmates made his situation just a little bit tedious.

The best course of action would be to go off alone and follow after Kyle. So that was what Yohan chose to do.


"Hey dude, did you get what I asked you to? And I hope you did not forget to keep your mouth shut in the meantime."

Kyle Lowans watched her underlings bully the man in front of him. He was an underling of the main branch and had decided to sell drugs for personal profit.

Normally, such people were not ones Kyle had to deal with personally but she had no other choice but to come out on her own now. Ever since she had been caught, things had gotten a little tougher for her.

Shizue had almost not allowed her to come out but the pressure from the higher-ups. She needed to regain her good grace in front of them so she had not complained. And now she was left working these grunt's works.

"I don't know missy. Did I get your order? Or did I misplace it? I suddenly cannot seem to remember what happened to it."

Kyle groaned as she was faced with lust-filled eyes. The grunt was looking at her like she was a candy he hoped to eat. It was quite offensive and it was putting Kyle in a mad mood.

Her eyes flashed in irritation but the man in front of her ignored all the warning signs she was giving him. He was either brave or a fool who thought he knew better. And both options were somehow worse than the other.

"Look dude, I don't think you realize what you are doing. Don't you like your life? Why are you throwing it away?"

One of Kyle's grunts asked the man. He looked worried for obvious reasons because he could see Kyle's mood worsening.

But the foolish human standing in front of him didn't look worried at all. Instead, he smirked while looking Kyle up and down. Even her strong frame was overlooked in favor of her 'assets'.

"I am willing to throw my life and a lot more if I am offered the right price. So, what do you say beautiful? Would you like to have a go with me?"

The grunt asked and that was the last draw for Kyle. Her meter to handle bullshit finally broke and she ended up punching the man square in the face. His shell-shocked expression was something Kyle relished before she looked at the others.

Suddenly, no one here could ever hope to match her powers. They had no choice but to look away so that they don't end up becoming her next target.

"You people, clean this shit up. And Sid, you come with me. We have a bug to catch."

Sid, the person Kyle had addressed, looked surprised at being called out all of a sudden. But Kyle did not consider Sid's feelings when she started walking faster and faster.

"H-Hey, wait for me, boss. I am coming after you as well."

Sid ran after Kyle with hesitant steps but soon picked up the pace. But Kyle did not wait around for long. And how could she after she had caught sight of the person who had caused her to go to prison?

This time, that runt would not be able to escape. And no police would be able to help him either. Kyle would make sure to show him the 'best' time he could have.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 128 Ch 126: Let’s Repay A Favor [Pt1]