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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 126 Ch 124: The Punishment For Breaking Rules [Pt3]

Yohan knew that Diantha was getting increasingly frustrated by the second. He could feel her need to be fucked hard getting to her. But it was a punishment so Yohan could not give it to her straight.

That was why, when Diantha tried to push him back on his back, he let her. It was gorgeous to see her spread open above his body and pressing her breasts out for him to grasp.

"It is not fair. You know where I wanted you to fuck me but you were being mean. I have no other choice but to take matters into my own hands now."

It was cute how Diantha thought she was taking control of the situation by finally being on top. Her womb tattoo was shining brightly in her stomach and Yohan was fascinated to see it glow.

His come was still slipping out of Diantha's asshole but she did not look bothered by it. Instead, she picked her hips up and snapped her pussy on the tentacle in her body.

Yohan's flinch of pleasure did not go unnoticed by Diantha and she smirked at seeing him being affected. She snapped her pussy even harder around the tentacle in her pussy and Yohan moaned out in pleasure.

He still had enough sense of mind to flip Dintha around if he wanted to. But he was curious to see what she would do if he gave her a chance. And as he expected, Diantha did not disappoint him at all.

"I had had enough of this fake cock inside me. It is time for you to give me what I want from you."

Diantha's voice was determined and she pulled Yohan into a kiss. Her pussy had been stretched already so it was easy for her to drop down on Yohan's cock. He flinched as he noticed Diantha's body tighten around him.

Her pussy was warm, wet, and soft as it bounded up and down Yohan's penis. Its walls were milking him but a single thrust back into Diantha caused her to lose focus.

She came crashing down and her hips rested right against Yohan's. He trusted up into her body and Diantha flinched at the contact.

"I-It's not fair. W-Why do you look so unaffected?"

Diantha sobbed as she felt waves of pleasure crash all over her senses. Yohan was not holding back against her at all. She could feel him in her stomach.

She tried to move around and take control back but Yohan was already ready to counter her. He held Diantha's hips still and she was not able to move a single inch. She had been rendered immobile by him.

"Y-Yohan, what are you doing? Are you not going to move?"

Diantha sobbed those words as she tried to move her hips. As she expected, Yohan's hold prevented her from moving around too much.

Instead, he was thrusting into her from below and he was hitting her womb at every thrust. It was frustrating but pleasurable as well. Especially since he was avoiding letting Diantha come too soon.

"Well, it is your fault in the end. You were the one who decided to play with fire, right?"

Yohan reminded Dinantha that this was a punishment and she finally seemed to get it. She was not going to get an easy release without having to work for it. Her hips finally matched Yohan's rhythm.

Since she had given in, Yohan did not feel the need to torment her any further. He decided to aim all his thrust at her G-spot and it did not take long for Diantha to come. Yohan did not stop even after that.

He was chasing after his own pleasure and Diantha was his willing participant. Coming the third time broke her and all she did not lay there and take it. Her mind was taken over by pleasure and Diantha cried out the whole night.


Yohan entered the classroom with a happy air around him. Last night had been good for him and he had gotten his fill.

That was why he did not even care if he had to sit with Liza today as well. Liza's mood looked bad and her eyes had dark circles around them.

But she was not the only one who looked like she had not slept. Flora's energy reserve was shit as well. Her face was covered in unnecessary powder and Yohan had a feeling it was to hide the dark spots below her eyes.

"Yohan, psss, come here. I need to talk to you."

Flora noticed Yohan first and she rushed toward him in desperation. She did not even give Yohan any time to say his greetings before he was dragged outside.

He was surprised by the sudden behavior but he did not stop Flora until they were far away from the classroom. But once it felt like they were far away from the classroom, Yohan finally turned toward Flora to hear her out.

"You look like shit Flora. Did something happen yesterday?"

Yohan had no compassion for Flora and he was not interested in her as well. But sometimes, gossipers like her could have a lot of secret information. So it was better to be on speaking terms with Flora for now.

If possible, Yohan's question made Flora go even paler. She quickly looked around but seemed to not find what she had been looking for. And it finally caused her to sigh in relief.

"Y-Yeah, sorry. I did not have the best night yesterday. I was so afraid that I would be killed in my sleep if I fell asleep. Not to mention, Liza kept calling me throughout the night. It was nerve-wracking."

Once Flora was finished speaking Yohan decided to check his phone as well. Unexpectedly, he had some missed calls from an unknown number.

He was about to call the number back to confirm who was on the other side when Flora stopped him. She suddenly looked nervous and her face went pale as well. Yohan suddenly had a bad feeling about his caller.

"D-Don't call back. I know this number. It's Liza's and she must have called you to talk about yesterday. You should just pretend you did not notice if you meet her later."

Flora's words were enough for Yohan to drop the call. He could always take care of things later on his end.

He was about to drop his phone when his hand was taken in by a bulker hand. Marvis snatched his phone out of his hands and held it out. He frowned as soon as he noticed the number of the caller.

"What the fuck is Liza doing calling a stupid shit like you? Does she not have anything better to do than to mingle with you lots?"

Marvis sounded pissed off but Yohan finally noticed what he had not been able to before. There was a healthy dose of jealousy mixed in with Marvis's reactions. He likely liked Liza and that was why he had bullied Yohan.

'What a cliche thing for this world to have. I cannot believe I allowed myself to be subjected to this mess.'

Yohan sighed before he turned toward Marvis. The taller teen looked taken aback by Yohan's sudden move and he tensed up.

"If you like Liza then go for her. I have no interest in her so stop coming at me with this attitude. Next time, I won't be half as forgiving as I was this time. Did you understand me or not?

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 126 Ch 124: The Punishment For Breaking Rules [Pt3]