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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 125 Ch 123: The Punishment For Breaking Rules [Pt2]

"What's wrong? Is this too much for you to take? But you were the one who started all this Diantha and you were also the one who asked me to take responsibility. Surely you will not back out now."

Yohan had barely touched Diantha but she was overflowing with her juices. Her pussy fluttered every time Yohan's tongue came out to lick her. It was driving Diantha made with pleasure.

Yohan's tongue stimulated Diantha's clit every time she brushed past it with her tongue. The sensation was sending a shock through her body.

"So, how is it? Do you feel like something yet?"

Diantha sobbed as she felt the vibration of Yohan's words sending vibrations down her pussy. She was gushing even more as she was touched more by Yohan's elastic tongue.

" Please, it's not enough. Don't edge me like this."

Diantha cried out as she, once again, felt Yohan's tongue go in her pussy hole. She was beyond wet at this point and wanted to see Yohan's face. But her body is held in its current position by Yohan.

Diantha looked up as soon as he felt something slimy crawl up her body. It was a tentacle that was roaming all over her. It had a jelly-like texture which sparked heat in Diantha's body as it touched her.

"Y-Yohan, what is this?"

Diantha asked, half turned on and half terrified as she watched the tentacles reach for her breasts. They massaged her breasts and her nipples were sucked into that hot liquid.

She was becoming a mess but Diantha could not bring herself to care. She was feeling good and all she wanted was for Yohan to pound into her body hard and fast. She did not like being edged and losing control.

Yohan could feel Diantha's frustration but he also knew that it was only the start. He would mold Diantha into his fuck toy and salve by the end of their session.

"These little ones? Well, you can think of them as my helpers. I don't think a greedy thing like you would break by my hands alone. I need to be a little creative in that sense. Don't you like these pretty things as well? Hurry up and give it a lick."

Yohan held a tentacle in front of Diantha's mouth and she was hesitant to take it in.

"It's alright for you to take them in. Don't be intimidated by the size of these tentacles. I promise they will be gentle with you."

Yohan's words of reassurance provided Diantha with the courage she needed. She hesitantly took the tentacle in her mouth and was immediate;y flooded with its unique flavor.

That flavor combined with Yohan's scent made Diantha's mind go blank. And before she knew it, she was sucking the tentacle in her mouth like a lollipop.

It was a thin and long tentacle as well, reaching until the back of Diantha's throat. She felt herself gag a little but it was easy to push past that reflex.

"You are doing so good. Fuck, your mouth is divine. Take me deeper, you whore. Show me what you are made of."

Yohan was panting behind Diantha'd body. His hit cock was pressed against her pussy lips and he rubbed in-between her thighs. The friction stimulated Diantha's clit every time he rubbed past it.

And as a result, Diantha swallowed the tentacle-cock even deeper into her throat. It was a never-ending cycle for her but Diantha did not mind being subjected to it.

"You are…so greedy. But I know you…won't be satisfied…without being…fucked."

Yohan was right in that regard. Diantha did feel good but her body wanted more pleasure. She was frustrated at being edged like this and she was even ready to take command of this session.

However, Yohan had said that this was a punishment so Diantha needed to show restraint. She did not want to be hated by Yohan after all. He was her destiny and the only one who mattered to her.

Yohan could feel Diantha's mouth all over his tentacle. Since he shared sensations with these tentacles, it felt like Diantha's mouth was all over his cock. It was enough to make him lose his mind.

Diantha's thighs were warm and wet. It felt incredible every time he trusted in-between them, but he was also reaching his limit.

"I think you had enough fun. Let's not forget that this is a punishment. Now then, we should prepare you to take something bigger here."

Dantha waited in anticipation for Yohan to reach for her pussy. She was itching to be fucked hard and raw. She did not even need to be prepared properly.

But Yohan completely bypassed her pussy and reached for her ass instead. His finger slipped past her rim and the heat came back to Diantha's body.

"Y-Yohan, I think you are fingering the wrong hole-eggg."

Diantha cried out halfway as she felt a tentacle slip over her pussy and rub her clit. The fingers in her ass felt weird and the stretch was a little painful. But the touch on her clit changed things for Diantha.

Besides, Yohan did not seem to be interested in fucking her pussy. The only thing he was playing with was her ass.

"I think I told you this before Diantha. But this is a punishment and not a reward. You have no power to tell me what I can and cannot do to you."

Diantha cried out as Yohan thrust out into her ass. It was a little painful since she was not stretched properly but the pleasure was well worth her annoyance.

Her pussy was not left alone as well. Yohan claimed her ass but his tentacles were still rubbing against his clit. A curious one even slipped past her pussy hole and entered her. The one in her mouth did not stop fucking her either. It was a hard and fast claim which left Diantha feeling short of breath.

She tried to take more of Yohan's cock into her body but she was being breached in all her holes. She was even losing her sense of thought and all she could think about was being fucked.

"Y-Yohan, please. I-It's too much. I-you are breaking me like this."

Diantha's cry filled the room as she tried to fuck herself more and more on Yohan's cock. Her hips moved back to take his cock in deeper. At the same time, the tentacle fucking her pussy was getting bigger and bigger.

They were both rubbing against the deepest parts of hers.

"I wonder…what the students…would say if they…saw you being…fucked by your…younger brother. Your reputation…would crumple…"

Diantha had thought she did not care about her social status in the academy but her brain still imagined being fucked like this in front of everyone.

And it awakened something inside her brain that even she was not aware of. Just the thought of being claimed in front of everyone was enough to make Diantha come and she tightened around Yohan's cock in her body.

Yohan hissed as he felt Diantha's heat tighten around his cock. It was getting difficult to move in inside her now and even his cock was not going to last for long. With a few more thrusts, Yohan ended up coming around the tightness he was thrusting in.

And Diantha finally found an opportunity to push him back and showed him with pleasure. She picked her legs up and her ass leaked of Yohan's come.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 125 Ch 123: The Punishment For Breaking Rules [Pt2]