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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 122 Ch 120: The VR Forest Is Cursed [Pt2]

'Just a little more. I have almost reached the end of this cliff. As long as I don't look down, everything will be alright. I can do this and I can pass this test.'

This was the mantra Flora was practicing in her mind as she made her way across the cliff. The treacherous depths of the hole beneath her feet scared her more than she was willing to tell.

Somehow, this easy-looking test was turning out to be more and more dangerous by the second. The only consolation Flora had was that there had been no monster attack happening on her yet.


And of course, she spoke too soon. As soon as that thought had passed through her mind, Flora heard the cry of the cliff titan, a monster who was known for its strong flying capabilities.

It was a level 2 monster, something far beyond her first-timer experience. It made no sense for this monster to have ended up in the first-timer's assignment. And now this small mishap would be the reason for her death.

"Shoo, don't come near me. Please, leave me alone and I will never bother you again."

Flora promised the monster but the flying beast did not hear her out. And even if the monster could hear her out, chances were that it would not let her live in peace. Especially since it was a flesh-eating monster.

There was just no way for Flora to be safe. All she could do was to keep hanging on for life and pray to get saved.

'I-Is this my end? But I have not yet discovered the secrets behind this Academy. Surely I cannot die too soon.'

As a first-year student, Flora did not know how to use her conductor. It made her a sitting duck for the time being. And her hands were also getting sweaty as a result of her fear.

But with the objective of her quest - the golden egg. She could either save her life or take hold of the golden egg.

It should have been an obvious choice to her - to save her life should have come first. But somehow, Flora did not make that choice immediately. Her body froze as her mind begged her to catch the egg.

If she had the egg, then she could prove her worth and also insure her victory. It was an almost fool-proof plan. But her life was not guaranteed. It was all a big risk.

"Flora, jump up and grab the egg. We will keep you safe so don't worry."

Flora knew that voice quite well. She quickly glanced down, only to see Yohan Strout and a very familiar face following after him. Flora wanted to ask him what he thought he was doing but she stopped herself.

Now was not the time for questioning since the cliff titan was almost reached her. She was going to trust Yohan and jump up to grab the egg.

For some reason, the thought of not trusting Yohan did not even cross her mind. He had asked Flora to jump and she had jumped. It was only after she jumped that she remembered a crucial point - Yohan was a first-year as well.

And unlike Flora, it did not seem like he had any practice in using his conductor. The level of their assignment had dropped only because Yohan was in thier group.

'What am I doing? Have I gone mad for some reason? Well, I guess this is the end of my life. But at least it will end in my victory. I was the one who managed to find our egg and even capture it.'

Flora closed her eyes as soon as her arms closed around the egg. She had a feeling that she was going to die in that VR.

While your injuries did not reflect in real life if you get injured here, death was a separate matter. The shock of death was often too much for one's body and they ended up dead for real if they died in there.

Flora was afraid that it would happen to her as well.


The sound of the monster disappearing in the air reached Fora's ears and she finally tried to open her eyes. The claw of the cliff titan was inches away from Flora's face and it was disappearing even as she watched it.

And then the sensation of falling hit her. Flora swallowed her cry of fear as she watched the cliff approach.

But before she could go beyond the point of no return, her body hit Yohan's arms, and the sensation of falling stopped. She had no idea what Yohan did to float like that in the air, but he managed to get them both to safety.

"Ah, so she lived? You managed to get lucky Flora but don't expect your luck to last forever."

Flora blinked her eyes as she looked up at professor Diantha. It was still difficult for her to be able to accept what happened. All she knew was that professor Diantha had saved her life along with Yohan Strout.

"Professor, what are you doing here? I am sure no professor is supposed to enter the VR with students since it rises the level of the VR's stimulation. Is it alright for you to be here?"

Professor Diantha's face went blank at Flora's questioning and she suddenly realized that she might have made a mistake by asking the professor this question.

After all, the first rule of being a good student was to not ask the professors useless questions. And Professor Diantha had always given Flora the creeps. She was just a little bit too nice and professional.

But for the first time, she looked a little mad and annoyed at someone. And that someone just happened to be Flora of all people.

​ "What do you mean I am doing here? Since it was the first day of the class for my cute younger brother, I decided to accompany him the class. I love my brother so much after all."

"Y-Yeah. So do love your brother a lot. A little too much now that I think about it."

Flora was a little uncomfortable having all that attention being placed on her. All she wanted to do was to get out of the VR assignment and rest in her bed.

She could still feel the warmth of Yohan's arms around her body and it sent shivers down her spine once she recalled that feeling.

'Let's not think too much about it. The assignment is finally done and over with.'

"Ah, that reminds me, we should share the assignment marks. I was not planning to share these but you did help me out in the end."

Suddenly, Flora felt shy expressing her words. She had no idea what to say to Yohan now that he had saved her life. Not to mention, Professor Diantha was here so she could not cheat Yohan of his marks.

But much to Flora's amazement, Yohan did not look half as satisfied as she had hoped him to look. Instead of looking grateful, Yohan had a closed-off expression on his face.

"There is no need for you to share your marks with me. As long as you are willing to keep your silence, I don't care what you decide to do in the end."

Now, this was more of a threat and less of an offer if Flora had heard one. Yohan might sound super chill but professor Diantha was glaring daggers into her skull.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 122 Ch 120: The VR Forest Is Cursed [Pt2]