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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world
Chapter 121 Ch 119: The VR Forest Is Cursed [Pt1]

The first part of the exploration was finally over. Yohan had not read the information browser far enough to know what it meant. What was he supposed to do now? Should he look around for the objective?

But then again, since he was not trying to top this class, there was no need for him to put in the extra effort like this.

"Is everything alright Yohan? I cannot help but feel like you are spacing out a lot. Don't tell me! Did my blowjob from earlier manage to make you lose your mind? You don't have to hold back, you know."

Diantha's teasing voice spoke directly in Yohan's ear. She had taken the opportunity to lean over Yohan's shoulder as soon as he stopped walking. She was too close to him and her breasts even pressed against Yohan's shoulder.

She was teasing him with her closeness. Yohan could not help but want to pull Diantha into his arms and fuck her silly. She was begging to be fucked into oblivion with her naked interest.

The only thing holding Yohan back was the lack of time. He could tell that he would have to go a long way to tire Diantha and himself out If they started now.

"Diantha, you have taught this class before, right? Then, do you know what we are supposed to do now? I ended up separating from our group before we could make any plans."

Yohan pretended like he was troubled but he was having fun looking around for now. He was using his free time to play around in the VR and to assign the extent of his magic.

Since he did not need to use a conductor to channel his magic, he could not practice it often without being caught. But this place was different from the rest.

This place allowed him to practice what he could and to get used to channel his magic through his system and the 'fake conductor.' And the best part was - he would not be caught even if he slipped up.

"This class? I think I did take it before and I have even taught it. But I never took any interest in it so I have no idea what people do in it. Maybe we should just roam around for now and let your other classmates take care of it?"

Diantha's suggestion was exactly what Yohan had been planning to do since the start. So he saw no point in changing his plan now.

"So, do you know a way I can combat a lot of strong monsters in here? I might as well use my time getting stronger now that I am here."

Yohan had a feeling that the assignment was going to last quite a while. As far as he remembered, his time in the VR was going to last quite a while now. It would be a hassle to not do anything.

And he also had a feeling that the normal monsters in this VR were avoiding him for some reason.

"Yohan, are you bored? This sister knows some fun activities we can do together. I am sure I will be able to entertain you and your body properly if you allow me to."

Diantha's hand was about to slip into Yohan's pants again when he started to move. It caused Diantha to lose her balance and she had to walk to keep up with Yohan as well. She looked a little annoyed but a lot more curious than before. Her steps somehow managed to keep up with him.

"Just so you know, I am not rejecting you and your advances, Diantha. I just think now is not a good time for us to be intimate. I promise to make it up to you later though."

Diantha looked a little more relaxed after she got that promise. And somehow, the atmosphere between the two also lightened up.

So as Yohan had expected, it was time for things to get annoying. He was sure that there had been no hole in the forest before but he somehow managed to fall one anyway. His feet missed the solid ground and he had only a second to feel surprised before he was falling.

"Fuck, Yohan are you alright? Wait a sec and I will be there as well."

Diantha seemed to have jumped down the hole as well. It took somewhere between a minute before Yohan's feet touched the ground. He had managed to righten himself before he touched the ground.

He easily managed to catch Diantha when she came down. Neither of them looked surprised at Yohan's actions and his strength.

The cave they had landed in was well-lit and humid. It seemed like a place where monsters roamed without any inhibition and strong ones at that.

"Ah, this area is troublesome. I don't think we should be here since it is beyond a first-timer's capabilities to handle. Not that I think it will cause you any problems, but still…"

"You are right. We should be safe rather than sorry. I also do not want to expose my capabilities in front of anyone."

Yohan did make that decision but it did not seem to make much of a difference for him. The main problem remained still the same and that was to get out of there. The only thing left for the pair to do was to explore the place and hope to find a way out.

And if they ended up killing some strong monsters in the end, well, it was no one's fault but thier desperation that led to this outcome.


Meanwhile, on the surface, both Liza and Marvis were busy trying to one-up each other. They both had their pride on the line due to this assignment.

They both decided to search in a different part of the forest. But the clue they had gotten after the first part's ending led them on similar paths. It was obvious that they would end up crossing paths anyway.

"You! Are you following me or something? Huh, as expected of a faker like you. Of course, you won't be able to do anything on your own."

Marvis boasted as he took a prideful stance in front of Liza. His desire to impress and overcome Liza's might sparked the need to show off.

But contrary to his expectations, Liza looked uninterested in him and anything he did. She passed by him in a flash and managed to take care of the monster that had crept up on him.

"If you have time to talk to me this freely, then help me clear out these beasts instead. Maybe that will help you mature and look past this small competition."

Marvis replied as she stabbed the dead monster a few more times. Her annoyance shined brightly but she pretended to like it did not matter to her.

Marvis looked back at her, his expression rather annoyed as well before it changed and he grinned. Liza got a bad feeling from that expression but she pretended like she did not care.

"Ha! You are trying to be cold but I can see that you are taking this competition seriously as well. You should just stop trying to-"

Marvis was ready to tease Liza more when the ground shook. They both felt a strong magical signature head over to their direction and they tensed up. They were in danger and fighting against each other was o longer an option.

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The law of Fiction: Harem in the fiction world Chapter 121 Ch 119: The VR Forest Is Cursed [Pt1]