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Stretching with bare hands, a man shoved the giant axe back into the ground.

Even though the ground seemed to crack a bit at first glance, a large crevice of around 100 metres wide extended from the place axe was dug into the ground.

A scene where you can guess the tremendous strength of the man with bulging muscles appeared before everyone's sight.


A light snort was heard from the other side and a shadow jumped over by several metres with a huge hammer and slammed it against a cliff.


The cliff along with the gentle slopes exploded causing the rock to blast off all around.

The shock wave swept everything and splinters of the aftermath shot all around.

With a roar, two giants faced each other causing cracks to sweep the area.

However, instead of fighting each of them tried to show the destruction they can cause.

Far from the two, a group of men were watching the scene while shaking their heads.

"This shit heads."

"What kind of bull hit fight is this?"Ben said in a mocking voice.

"They are showcasing their strength to one another in fear of getting injured before the war," Morderk spoke.

Hearing this Ben's expression distorted and his eyes fluttered for a bit.

Morderk who saw Ben's expression patted his shoulders"It's okay Ben."

"The only reason both of them have made great progress is that they followed His Highness."

"You are not like me who has exhausted all his potential. You are still young and could make progress."

Ben smiled bitterly and stared forward with a burning gaze.

Morderk had already gone past the stage where he could improve faster.

Alex's push helped him to reach Epic and in recent years, Lampard, Morderk and Count Steelwall had broken to Transcend stage and unless a miracle happened they would be struck here or could only reach Legendary rank in this life.

However, that's the limit.

This proves that no matter how much potential you have if you go past the age, you cannot make rapid progress as you did in youth.

Max and Antwan, both of them, had reached Legendary rank however Ben was struck at the Transcendent rank.

He just needed to push himself a bit and following the Lord might provide him with this chance.

Ben also tried to comfort Morderk as he knew he might also be feeling down.

"It's okay Uncle Morderk, you are still not too old. Although you are at the age of being a grandpa, you are capable enough to have children now. You are just 20 years older than me."

A thick vein bulged on Morderk's head and he glared at Ben raising his voice"What did you say?"

Morderk immediately drew his sword and screamed"Come, I will show you how young I am?"

Ben who sensed killing intent also drew his sword to defend himself while screwing, "It was a joke…... A joke."



"Bloody bastard."

"I will kill you."

"How dare you disrespect me?"Morderk screams echoed in the valley.

"What do you mean by disrespect? I just spoke simple facts."

Strong gales swept everything and the sound of rumble echoed everywhere.

Max and Antwan, who were showcasing their strength, stopped suddenly.

They looked at the cloud of dust and saw two figures fighting.

One seemed to go over the other's throat while the other one was defending while trying to find a way to run away.

"Why is Uncle Morderk going over Ben's throat?"Antwan asked.

"Maybe, Uncle Morderk was hit at the sore spot."

"I see," Antwan replied indifferently and both of them carried on their usual tasks.

While sound


Inside a dense forest, a man sat under the waterfall.

Water splashed over him at a rapid rate, and his body glowed with bright blue colour.

Mana intertwined inside and gathered in a core near his naval.

Hot fierce energy started to ignite his whole body which was cooled down by the waterfall.

The man who was meditating opened his eyes with a surprised"Dad, what happened?"

A man with a wrinkled face walked over the edge of the waterfall, and spoke" Aeon hordes of beasts are moving here."

"It seems the monster rampage has started."

Count Steel wall, after hearing the report ran here as fast as possible. His son used to meditate here and may suffer a backlash if he was interrupted.

A gentle smile formed on his lips.

"It's okay, Father. Your son is not as weak as you think."




Loud noises reverberated all around the place which shook the entire forest.

"These damned beasts are here."Count Steel wall cursed and pulled out his sword.

"Aeon, we should move quickly."

"There is no need."

Aeon's response surprised Count Steel wall however what he did next blew his mind.

As the sound of steps came closer, Aeon raised his hand.

His body grew hotter as fierce mana started to envelop his hands.

Aeon closes his eyes and tries to remember Alex's words.

Master of Sword.

Being one with the sword.

Once you understand the true essence of the sword, anything you hold will become the sword.

Even if he had not reached such a state, his progress was quite exceptional.

The aura over his hand took the shape of the blade and as it was condensed, he flicked the aura made of the sword.


The sword stretched over the surface and extended into a giant arc.

A red line was drawn over the surface which started to extend horizontally and moved towards the direction Aeon pointed.

Silence descended for a moment as the loud noise that was emitted from the forest ceased to exist.

However, the silence lasted only for a moment as after this, the trees started to fall one after another and loud shrieks were heard.

Count Steel wall, who looked at the scene, was bewildered as he saw monsters and beasts cut into halves that were approaching them.

Trees slowly started to descend down piling on top of them.

"So, this is the might of the Legendary realm."He spoke with a stifled expression.

At the moment, he felt that even 20 of him could not take Aeon.

"You have grown well. Following His, Lord was the best decision you might have ever taken."

Aeon laughed a bit and nodded"Yes, I am too lucky to be blessed with such a great Master."


Eastern Territory, near the borders of Harold.

A figure went past the borders while observing everything.

The security was tight and the soldiers were quite capable.

Unlike the Western Territory, the soldiers here have a fierce aura befitting warriors.

There were several minor skirmishes with Harold, however, Kinley had never taken a step back from here.

More than half a million forces were stationed here.

Unlike the desert conditions of the Western Front, the area here had a mild climate and a major area consisting of grassland and temperate forest.

The figure passed under the eyes of all patrolling soldiers and reached a secluded place where there was a hideout previously.

As Alex pulled down his hood, he heard a small sound.

"You are finally here. I have to wait for you too long."

"Do you know how much I have suffered to reach this place?"

"Who told you to owe me a favour, Professor?"Alex snorted.

A dark-robed figure with a familiar face appeared which caused a slight fluctuation in the air.

He was none other than Quinn who always looked for fights like a maniac.

"A few months ago, you were at Legendary rank but now I cannot fathom where you stood. My dream of having a life-and-death fight had shattered."

Alex's lips twitched and he spoke"We can still fight, if you can become as strong as me."

"Strong as you, I am not a monster like you."

"By the way, what realm are you in now?"

"I don't know," Alex said after some time.


"Okay, enough talk for now. Let's finish things here.'

''And why the hell are we here moving like a fugitive?''Quinn asks with a frown.

"It's because we are here to meet a great person who has achieved something beyond your imagination," Alex muttered.

But before Quinn could ask anything, he took out a communicating stone and spoke.

"We have arrived, kill that bastard."

"There is no need for him to live anymore."

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