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A part of the world was suddenly engulfed in darkness.

The clash between the two devoured light around Kinley.

For a moment, it was nothing other than darkness.

After a certain time, as everything reverted back to the original, a clear and transparent black sky with no clouds appeared in his eyes.

Being defeated, Hex stared at the sky silently with a face of disbelief as the last attack he unfolded just disappeared as if it never existed.

'Did you cut through the space and time?'

A calm voice came out from his lips while his body trembled violently.

Before Alex could answer, Hex's body started to revert back and the power started to dissipate.

The wings on his back, the scales over his body and the claws on his finger disappeared and on reverting back to human form, he was horrified as he was not able to feel or manipulate mana.

With a shocked expression, he lost control of his body and started to descend towards the ground like a meteorite.

As Hex piercing shriek echoed as his body reached near the ground but just as he was about to crash on the ground and die by being crushed.

Alex looked down from above and waved his hand, saving Hex from a crash landing. He then looked up and saw a dark bead containing a condensed mass of darkness floating in the air.

It was the power of Hex that had been bestowed by the God Of Darkness.

Alex stretched his hands and the bead of darkness floated towards Alex.

To cut off the connection between both, his existence needs to be greater than the person who bestowed the power.

The last attack was so fatale that it might even give the Demi-Gods a hell of a run. However, the only reason he was able to suppress it and cut off the power supply was that his Law Of Darkness was greater than this world itself.

As Alex was about to touch it, a voice echoed in his ears.

[To cut something that can't be. You amaze me.]

Alex was startled a bit for a moment however all of this was within his expectations.

"By the way, where are you hiding now?"

"Just how long are you going to hide in your shell?"

"Is your face ugly or you are just a coward who plays behind the scenes?"

[The time is not ripe for me to appear.]

[The world cannot tolerate the clash of casualties.]

[And I am preparing a gift for you. I hope you will like the gift I will greet you with soon.]

"Don't worry, I will be there personally to receive the gift and send you to the afterlife."


[That's the funniest thing I have heard.]

The God Of Darkness who was speaking like a calm and reasonable person suddenly changed his tone.

[Boy, watch your tongue.]

[You seem to lack situational awareness. You don't know how great an existence I am. Those Girls did not seem to educate you properly.]

[The only reason I am wasting my time talking to you is because of the respect I have.]

[This respect is not because you have the potential to threaten me or you would defeat me. It's because of your existence.]

[You might have already seen or started to get the gist of it.]

[A gist of your true self. I hope you can bear the consequences of your actions and regret the things you did after you get the memory.]


"What did you say about memory?"

Alex screamed however no response came from the other side.

'Memories does he know about my past self?'Alex muttered inwardly.

It was a lie if he said that he was not curious about this, however no matter how much he tried, he was not able to remember anything.

Alex shook away the thoughts and spoke in a grave voice"Tell me where is my Rota, you asshole."

"Do you have a part in taking her away?"

Alex roared angrily however, he did not get any response even after some time.

Seeing the remaining will of God Of Darkness had disappeared, Alex sighed and squeezed out the bead.

Darkness started to get sucked into his body.

At first, Alex felt some resistance to absorbing the power but like a black hole, he devoured the power.

The 9th star above him started to flicker and radiate a dark light however before it could emerge Alex could feel the wall obstructing his path.

"It's not enough," Alex spoke with a frown.

"I need to find someone to vent my anger," Alex murmured and he started to look for someone.

His image disappears and he appears beside Hex.


Hex coughed blood and let a painful wail unable to accept the defeat.

Hex, who was screaming in anger, suddenly stopped when he saw Alex appear beside me.

"What are you going to do now?"

"Kill me...Hahah!"

"I am not afraid of death."

"Do you think I will beg you?"

"Beg to a weak pathetic bastard."

"Now stop staring at me and Kill me."

Alex closed his eyes and muttered.

"Hex, you would have died peacefully but you have to just provoke me."

"Do you think I don't know?"

"Your obsession for Christina. Though, I am very surprised you were able to last this long to get her."

"She...She would be mine, if not for you bastard..."

"It was me who found her first."

"But you took away her for me."Hex roared angrily and spat the blood in his mouth.

"I am very proud of that."

Hex coughed up more blood due to anger at hearing Alex's words.

Hex was about to spit on Aled but before he could do that, Alex opened his eyes.

The pair of eyes were as frightening as if it was the end of the world causing Hex's body to be frozen like a statue.

Alex grinned and the world around Hex suddenly descended into darkness.

Hex felt himself sinking into the deep abyss of eeriness and his heartbeat hastened.

Deep in the dark abyss, two pairs of bloody eyes appeared which gave him chills.

"I want you to listen very carefully, Hex."

"Before this night is over, I will kill you."

"But before I kill you, I will make you suffer pain so unimaginable, you will wiggle and beg."

"And then you will pray for the gift of death."

Hex wanted to scream, he wanted to run.

Hex, who wanted to conquer and make others grovel, was ready to give up on everything and live his life quietly without provoking others but it was too late to regret.

The voice that ceased started to resound again.

"And eventually, I will give you that gift."

"But when you wake in hell, you won't find peace."

"You know Hex..."

"Cause, I will be there.."

"I will be there in hell waiting for you to wake up, Hex."


"Please stop..."

"Don't worry," Alex replied to Hex's pleas.

"I will stop this once you die."

Hex screams of pain and suffering echoed throughout the place as Alex's mana rampaged in his body destroying it from the inside.

"You would not be in peace after you die here, Hex."

"Believe me, you will suffer more tragically after you die."

Alex's words resounded in Hex's ears while pain clouded his vision.

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