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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 531 529:Trampling Over His Pride

A horrifying sound emerged from Hex's body.

Four pairs of dark wings sprouted from his back.

Long gnarly claws stretched out from his head.

Nine eyes lit over his dark face and a pair of horns grew over his head.

Hex currently looked like a fallen angel and a messenger of darkness.

A shrill inhumane scream echoed which was speaking to Alex not to ignore his existence.

It was signalling Alex to die with regret for making him do this.

With this, his power started to evolve.

It was quite different and powerful as if the manifestation of an ancient being.

Hex, whose body was unstable with the sudden influx of power, started to stabilize himself much to Alex's surprise.

It was similar to angels however instead of holiness there just was filth and disgust.

"The pill wasn't ordinary."Alex's eyes widened with caution as Hex's energy evolved and his existence imprinted on the world.

The Power of Darkness.

The power originated directly from the God of Darkness and only those who follow him and adore him would be blessed with this.

A power that was used by his followers to deal with angels, the follower of Light.

It was a power that was quite difficult to deal with and having a light element does not mean you can overwhelm it.


"Now can you feel it?"

"The disparity in our power level."

"Is this the despair you spoke of?"


A sinister laughter escapes from Hex's lips.

However, as if completely oblivious to this, Alex was interested in another thing.

"How did you get that power?"

"I mean the pill you consumed can no way grant you this power."

Alex raised his guard scanning everything around him.

The power Hex had now can only be granted by the God Of Darkness.

This means that he is witnessing this or Hex contacted him through the altar.

Hex suddenly frowned for a moment and tried to recall how he got the power.

For a moment, his memory became blank.

As if he did not know what he is doing now and as he tried to recall countless negative emotions flashed in his mind.

Kill.....kill.... kill.....

"...I will kill you."

His mind was clouded with rage and desire to kill.


He flapped his wings and soar high up into the sky.

The entire world seemed to vibrate due to the pressure emanating from his body.

The agitation in his eyes intensified and he did not care about gazes on him.

Alex felt stares watching the battle however the problem was that he was not able to discern their position. They seem to have the ability to hide and may only appear when they desire.

Alex also turned a blind eye to those farts who instead of coming out were hiding in their shells.

However, all of them seemed to be prepared to make a move if it was necessary.

It was at that moment, Hex power completely covered the space and expanded crazily.

With the sound of something snapping, the laws of the world surrounding Alex began to reverse.

Gravity which pulled everyone to the ground started to push Alex up towards the sky.

The expanded space tightened and trapped Alex.

Time started to flow backwards.

[Reverse Law of Deviation]

He shouted and locked into Alex.

The laws of the world which maintained stability and ensured smooth functioning were overturned by Hex and on the contrary, they were doing everything they could to erase Alex's existence.

"Bug, you can't even respond to this power. You overestimate your strength too much."

Hex smirked at Alex and heard a low voice

"You are right."

"I overestimated too much."

"You are nothing but a pitiful dying bug."

Hex's eyes fluttered as the voice that should have ceased to exist after being trapped by Hex's attack started to echo in his ears.

The head of Hex moved towards the voice without knowing it.

In his sight, Alex's eyes which were curved as a crescent moon appeared in his view.

"It's disappointing."

"Even with so much power, you only amount this much."

"Still, I shouldn't blame you."

"If the God behind you is just a lousy asshole, what could you expect from his followers?"

Hex's body froze as he saw infinite black stars swirling in the night sky out of nowhere.

Rays like dark spider webs spread through the separated space and the entire power of Hex that surrounded Alex started to crumble.

Even before Hex could not hide his astonishment.


A dark line appeared over his body as Alex swung his sword cutting through his upper body at once.

Hex saw the approach of death out of nowhere.

After a brief silence, he screamed.

"Turn it off.."


Hex was able to come out alive after spending a part of the divinity he had received.

Screaming in anger and fear, the new version of Hex soars straight to the sky as if he was going towards the sun.

Hex raised his hand and pushed all his power. ๐’Š๐ง๐‘›r๐‘’๐—ฎ๐. ๐œ๐‘œ๐‘š

Unable to bear the pressure, the sky started to mould and tore apart.

The sky started to descend, unable to hold in anymore.

If not for the nighttime, everyone could see a huge dent in the sky.

A screeching sound resounded which seemed to tear off everyone's ear drums.

Alex could see the sky melting and cracking steadily, and heard loud whispers in his ears.

[Alex, you need to do something. You cannot cut the sky or break it apart otherwise a void would appear which will pull everything into an endless abyss. We need to extend a great amount of power to fix this and neither you nor the others in the world are strong enough to protect the world from the auction force.]

Beads of sweat appeared over his forehead and he started to sweat profusely.

'Who the hell hit his enemy with the sky?'

'What kind of shit is this?'

Alex curses inwardly while trying to run his mind at full speed to do something.

When the sky finally appeared before Alex.


Alex's sword, which was raised slowly, began to draw.

Laws are the most important element of the world and form the core of the fate of the world.

Hex was messing with laws and disrupting them making the sky fall so can't he just cut a part of the law he is interfering with?

If only he could cut a part in the never-ending flow of time.

Could not he deny the cruel fate that might happen in the future?

Cutโ€ฆhe needs to cut.

Alex suddenly got an epiphany out of nowhere and smiled happily.

"Thanks, Hex, for allowing me to know a beautiful thing."

As Alex's eyes opened, countless lines in the flow of the world appeared in his sight.

He caught the glimpse of the strings of law that were intertwined in Hex's fingers.

Total Extinction.

The moment the tip of the sword moved towards the sky.

A catastrophe that was created by the being gaining divinity suddenly stopped.

The time that the disaster existed was annihilated and with this, the divinity inside Hex was erased from this world as if it never existed with him from the beginning making him lose his mind.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 531 529:Trampling Over His Pride