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"I did not know you were going to do something this big..."

Inside the study room of her place, Second Princess Ivine muttered.

"I thought you were just going to make a sneak attack."

There was a deep surprise in her eyes.

A competitive battle between the royal families for the succession of the Throne was quite common.

This had been happening constantly since the First Emperor but most of this happens in the dark.

Even if it would cause direct harm to other members of the Royal family, it was almost like poisoning or assassination or sending a detached corp to kill secretly.

Therefore it was very rare for someone to wage an all-out war against each other unless there was rebellion.

'The matter of the Crown Prince had just started and you wanted to sweep clean.'

There was no need to accept his request, especially of someone who had been a thorn in her eyes, but she accepted it for two reasons.

One was to take out Hex who was a strong contender for the Throne.

The Second was to keep an eye on Alex.

She lent her soldiers but they were the weakest of the bunch led by a few strong ones. Their job was to observe the details of the battle and let Alex and Hex go over their throats.

If the winner comes out in a bad condition, she would be struck immediately and kill two birds with one stone.

However, she felt that there was something else Alex was aiming for.

The deep boldness of Alex was enough to bring her goosebumps.

''It might be unconventional but I have already taken sufficient measures to deal with the aftermath."

"If I think about this carefully, there is no better opportunity than this."

After finishing her thoughts, she looked out the window.

"Has it already started?"


At the far end of the hallway in the basement of the Second Prince mansion, there was a room blocked by a huge iron gate.

A place that even the aid of the Hex who manages human experiments in the basement has never been there.

Only Hex could enter here and even curiosity about beings beyond the gate was unacceptable.

He opens the door and enters without hesitation.

Along with him, a huge amount of magic power began to pour on him as if crushing down his whole body.


"Are you here?"

Hex frowned as he leaned towards the darkness in the room where he could not see a single thing.

"Of course, where can I go with this battered body?"

In the darkness, Hex walked towards a cheerful voice.

He looked human except for his serpent-like eyes and tough reddish-black skin.

Hex accepted Harmon's offer and helped in their indiscriminate experiments; however , he did not dare to take the last step until now.

The only reason he accepted the offer was to get as many helping hands as possible and deal with the dirty work without dirtying his hands.

More than that he also had a sadistic side and enjoyed conducting the experiments.

But he had not taken the last step to becoming a monster.

However, his battle with Alex finally pushed him towards the edge.

"You made me do this, Alex."

"You forced me."

"You could have lived happily in your small Kingdom but now you wanted to play big."

Harmon snapped his finger and asked.

"How are his preparations going for his adventure to the North?"

"I don't know much but I had sent people to keep an eye on."

"Harmon contact your organisation and asked him to deal with him. If he became the Emperor, you might suffer more than you think."

"Hahaha!"Harmon laughed a bit.

"What can he do?"

"Our organisation is quite vast and has been deeply rooted in this world."

Hex gave a sceptical look and asked"Didn't you flee here after your bases were destroyed?"

Harmon's expression was distorted and he spoke angrily.

"That was the work of Osborne and his magic tower. Unluckily, we were discovered by one of his staff and he reversed the traces of our bases and destroyed them."

Hex frowned as this was not good news for him because he had his members in the Magic Tower.

"It's going to be solved sooner."

"Once we finish this I will have the power to perfectly crush Alex. I can kill him."

Harmon, who was making an exaggerated gesture while looking at Hex's sparkling eyes, spoke with an incompressible smile.

"You should be careful though, His Majesty Alex does not seem to be what he looks and the rumours about him are quite unusual."

"It does not matter. Even if he becomes ten times stronger."

"A worm will always be a worm and we have already made sufficient preparations."

All that is left now is to watch Alex wriggling like a worm under his feet.

'You will not die a simple death.'

'I will drive you to the point where you can no longer escape and then you will fall into complete despair.'

Hex's eyes shone joyfully seeing which Harmon lips curved upwards.

The more a person loses himself to emotion, the easier it becomes for him to lose his reason and become easier to manipulate.

"Let's begin."

Hex nodded and sat down letting magical energy pour onto him.


Why is the moon red?

People of this world don't know the phenomena of eclipses and astronomy.

So when the moon turns red, people would scare their children.

[Child just sleep quietly as today is the day when Death would start his hunt for the evil souls.]

Alex chuckled as he remembered the story he heard quite a while ago.

"What an absurd story?"

Alex's eyes stared at the red moon which was shining beautifully in the darkness of light.


"Sir Alex!"

At that time Sean and Mag quietly approached Alex who was looking at the moon outside the small garden from his palace.

"We are ready," Mag spoke.

No other words are needed for this.

Everything else had already been perfectly prepared and all that was left was the key to start it all.

Now Mag was saying that the key was ready.

After that Alex slowly turned back and looked at Mag.

There was no doubt in Mag's eyes unlike before.

All that existed in those eyes were reverence and loyalty towards Alex.

A look that can be seen on the face of a fanatic.

Receiving respect from the Half Saint realm powerhouse embarrassed him a bit.

Riya called him Uncle and Mag who had half-step in Saint Realm did not cross the border just to accompany Riya.

"Uncle Mag, please look after Sean."

"Don't worry about me. I don't need any protection."Sean refuted but he was forced to accept.

"And make sure that no one escapes."

"Our troops have already surrounded the place."

Alex nodded.

He decided to kill Hex slowly and steadily but his thoughts changed as soon as Hamron appeared and Alex through his tracking skills could feel a sinister aura around there.

It seems that Hex was trying to gain power by forbidden means and who knows how much stronger would become.

It's better not to take chances and nip the bud before it grows fully.

"So, let's finish this and get rid of the stain on Stan's family."

After finishing those words, ominous darkness falls over a long shadow behind Alex who leaves the garden slowly and walks through the Imperial castle.

It was as if Darkness was drawn by him.

Those who have appeared from somewhere begin to quietly follow Alex as he walks.

Tens to hundreds.

Hundreds of individuals gathered in an instant and formed corps one after another.

Alex felt that the corps had been completely formed, and looked up at the moon in the sky once again.

A full moon with a bright red colour.

Tonight, the red light of the moon seems to shine brighter and stronger.

Meanwhile, black starlight slowly began to swirl in Alex's eyes.

It was finally time to start his first Royal hunt.


Meanwhile somewhere in the Imperial Castle.

A man with arms folded behind his back stood near the window with a deep frown.

"Do we need to do something?" Another man beside him asked.

"No need."

"It seems he had decided to court death."

"Since he wants to die, let him die."

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