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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 525 523:Kinley State Council 3

Most of the people who attended the meeting had their eyes fixed on one place.

Everyone gazes lingered on Alex who was sitting in his seat and looking at the meeting with eyes that do not know what he is thinking about.

They tried to study his expression however it was as blank as a white sheet.

From the moment he entered the conference room till now.

People's eyes never looked away from Alex as if they were possessed by his charismatic behaviour.

His stance, his posture, his aura, he looks everything seemed to match the charisma of a ruler ruling a vast Empire should have.

Most of the time you can guess the next heir from the behaviour of the Princes and currently, Alex's behaviour was screaming that there was no one more qualified than him to sit on the throne.

'Is that Prince Alex whom they have seen before?'

It was a common thought in the minds of those who had seen Alex at least once in the past.

For the past few months, things had turned completely around and had moved towards an unforeseeable future.

With such an oppressive feeling, there was the aura of the ruler who was looking down at everything from boredom emanating from it.

In addition to that, a body that is incomparably stronger than before and the strange ominousness that spreads through such a body.

The frightening feeling was giving them chills and terrorised them to the point that even if they wanted to refute and find a reason to deny the Prime Minister's words.

They could not.

An invisible sickle death had been placed around the neck warning them that if said anything useless their heads would fly away.

And it was such an intense feeling that none of them wanted to take the chances.

How the hell did he change so much in a short time?

Alex was looking at the faces of the people receiving their gazes and sneered inwardly.

He had activated his Eyes Of Death which was the result of a combination of the Devil's Eye and the Eyes of Truth.

Just a single glance at him was enough to scare them out of their wits.

'It seems to scare them too much.'

Alex deactivated his eyes to give them some relief.

The nobles got out of the trance and wondered if they had been under an illusion.

"We oppose."

Finally, some people stood up under Hex and Ivine with piercing gazes.

"How can Prince Alex be deemed as worthy?"

"What are his achievements?"

"What qualities does he have to sit on the Throne?"

The Prime Minister raised his glass and opened his lips to speak but he was interrupted by Alex.

"Since he has asked me, I think it should be me who should answer his question."

The Prime Minister coughed and asked him to proceed.

"I will address each one of your grievances."

"So listen here, shithead!"Alex shouted standing up from his seat while looking at the three people.

"How dare you call me a shithead?"

"If you are not a shithead then why did you react? There are many people around you but you are the only one who reacted."

Alex's words made many laugh and they gave a pitiful look that person.

"Tell me your name?"

"I am Count Zachariah."

Alex walked down from the stage.

The nobles stood aside making wat from him.

He stood before the Count and looked straight into his eyes.

"Listen here, Sir Count."

"A month ago, when Kinley borders had been infested by some pest, you the Count of the Empire seems to be sleeping on your bed and enjoying the wild nights while it was me who came to the rescue of troops of Kinley who were in the verge of being wiped out under a Saint Realm powerhouse."

"Since you are too ignorant to even have common sense."

"I who can defeat the Saint Realm powerhouse do have to ask for your permission."

"And achievements. I may not have much but what I have achieved till now, everyone here knows better."

Alex's aura burst forth from his body creating a surge of a gust pushing down everyone.


Alex's fierceness shocked them and they looked at him with doubt and bewilderment cause many of them were at Mythic rank but they weren't able to move an inch due to the pressure emanating from his body.

With just a wave of his hand, this man suppressed the entire council.

Not only this shocked them, but this also alarmed them greatly.

Alex released the pressure and looked back at the Prime Minister who gave a gentle cough filled with embarrassment.

"Now, since all of you have witnessed Prince Alex's strength, let's move on to the next proposal put forward by Emperor Kevin."

"After a Prince passes the succession ceremony, they need to roam alone for a few months and achieve something however times are not in our favour."

"The allied forces of Demons and Dark Elves are pressing on the Northern border. The corruption of World Tree had put the Elves in a defensive position making it unable for the Empire to get any help for them."

"So, I propose Prince Alex solve the issues in the North by handling the Demons and reestablishing the diplomatic ties with Elves."

"If Prince Alex manages to solve all of this within the stipulated time of 2 months, then he would be designated as Crown Prince of the Kinley and then The Emperor."

"So now, does anyone have other opinions?"

The proposal bore heavy pressure on everyone.

For many, it was like their dreams came crashing down on them.

All of them had gone through so much and sacrificed many things while walking on the tightrope to support a member of the Imperial Family.

However, all their efforts have proved nothing and they have been given a slap on their face when they heard Emperor Kevin wish to designate Alex as Crown Prince.

'Didn't he hate the Fifth Prince?'

'Did not the Fifth Prince disgusts him so why would he do this?'

No one knew just what kind of trick The Emperor was pulling.

If they refuse, who knows, the Emperor may ask them to do the tasks that had been given to Alex and failing to accomplish the task may mean death.

As they thought about it many wondered if the Emperor is pushing Alex into the deadly pit as the situation in the North is quite troublesome.

And who knows whether he can get back safely.

"We accept!"

"We accept!'

"We accept!'

Finally swallowing their grievances, they agreed to the proposal while praying to God for Alex's failure.

"I want to oppose it. It's too risky."

"Do you all understand the severity of the situation? You are handing all the commands to a 22-year-old man and asking him to solve the issues which even the Elves were troubled with."

"If something bad happens, who is going to take responsibility?"

Leia voted against it and voiced his opinion.

They are trying to push him to the edge by giving him an almost impossible task but they are forgetting that if Alex failed to manage the issues, Kinley would lose a major chunk to Demons and the losses would be far more severe than before when Demons were only able to occupy the Western borders.

"Sean, your opinion?"

Due to Leia's opposition, people's eyes turned towards First Prince Sean and the nobles who supported him.

Sean gave Alex an inexplicable gaze and noticing Alex's expression, he sighed.

"I agree."

Contrary to other expectations that Sean might refuse this, he immediately voted in favour of people who wanted to see Alex's demise.

'You surely know how to create an opportunity and prove your worth.'

Sean shook his head with a bitter laugh.

'Did you even know in advance?'

The fact that Alex would be designated as a Crown Prince would surely face harsh criticism and the resistance was too much to deal with however they were forced to agree as they were almost sure that Alex would fail in the screening.

However, Sean had no choice but to be happy about his little brother cause if he wins, he would get the Empire as a trophy.

Hex grinned looking at Alex from the corner of his eyes.

He could feel Alex was planning something but it did not matter.

'This time I will make sure to destroy you thoroughly.'

From the depths of his eyes looking at Alex, he could imagine the scenario of Alex begging and pleading for his life.

The game might have begun by Alex but he would be the one who will have the last laugh.

But Hex at the moment didn't know

Alex was smiling deep inside his heart.

The fact that the 8th star which signified darkness was shining in those crimson eyes seeing through the murderous intent and the forbidden magic hidden behind it.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 525 523:Kinley State Council 3