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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 524 522:Kinley State Council 2

Through the opened door, Sean walked in with his usual smile followed by some of his men.

There was a slight irritation in the eyes of Sean as he walked towards the seat while glancing around the conference room.

'No one came till now?'

'Why am I the one who always enters first?'

'Mostly, it had been me and Leia who attended the meeting anyway?'

The seats of other brothers and sisters had been empty.

'Today will be the day when the whole Kinley is going to be shocked.'

A grin appeared on his face as he wondered about the reaction of the people when they learned about Alex being raised as Crown Prince.

When Sean thought about this seriously, another loud voice was heard.

"First Princess, Leia Von Stan enters."

Leia entered with a characteristic calm face and gave each one of her supporters a gentle nod.

It wasn't long after Leia entered the conference room, others started to show.

"I hope I am not late," Hex spoke softly.

"We are on time as usual, however, he still has not come," Ivine mumbled in an arrogant tone.

Second Prince Hex, Fourth Prince Shion and Second Princess Ivine entered one by one.

Hex who was last to enter apologised for being late but he could not hide the tiredness on his face.

It was the first time Ivine entered and she looked around with a sense of superiority.

And as she sat down in her place, she looked around the conference rooms filled with joy.

'Did you not come?'

She looked at the empty seat at one of the corners.

She knew the owner of that seat would remain vacant till the end of the meeting.

Alex Von Stan.

'How dare you attend the meeting without knowing the subject?'

She laughed secretly about his pathetic brother who could not even enter the place. 𝒾n𝒏𝚛𝗲αd. 𝒄om

'You want to become Crown Prince but cannot even enter the Council.'

'What a shame?'Her lips curled upwards and he glanced at Shion who had been scared out of his wits after getting beaten by Alex.

Shion cowardly behaviour displeased her greatly, however, she was sure he would overcome it when Alex disappeared.

Hex and Ivine always kept an eye on Alex's movement and tried to lure the party when they realised Alex had visited them.

In doing so they were able to attract many members of the assembly to themselves.

In that case, Alex couldn't attend the meeting because he could not receive the support of only nine members.

They have also pulled Duke Cion on their side.

Cion had 9 neutral members and promised to give 5 to Ivine while Cion would attend the meeting as a neutral.

'I wonder what kind of expression he will make.'

Hex smiled even more deeply, imagining that indifferent face of Alex.

'Did you think you are capable enough to pull me into despair?'

'What a joke?'

'You are the one who is going to despair.'

'I will take everything precious to you.'

'I will always be ahead of you.'

Sean looked at Hex's wide smile and looked at Alex's empty seat worriedly.

"Now let's start the meeting."

It was the moment when a declaration announced the start of the meeting.


The door of the conference room opened again.


People gazed towards the door.

"The Fifth Prince, Alex Von Stan is entering."

The loud voice of the attendant echoed through the conference room.

At that moment, people's eyes changed from doubt to astonishment.

In the ears of such people, the sound of quiet steps ominously stimulates the depth of their hearts.

Alex with a languid gaze slowly entered the conference room.

Everyone in the room both the Royal family and the aristocrats, were looking at Alex entering with widened eyes without even getting up.

They were too shocked to react.

How the hell could he enter the conference hall?

And the reaction of shock was most intense on the face of the Second Prince, Hex.


He broke the silence with a loud shout and looked at the attendant who was in charge of the number of people attending the meeting.

"How did you get here? How the hell can you enter here?"

Seeing his loud shout, Alex sneered"Do you have a hole in your head?"

"I enter here like each one of you."

"I am not asking that."

If it was before, Hex would never have shown such an agitated state; however, after being thrashed by Alex, does he have any face left to maintain?

The servant shivered and replied, bowing his head because his blood seemed to run away from his neck if he said something wrong.

"Sir, His Majesty Alex with the support of more than ten nobles is qualified to attend the National assembly."

"What? It can't be. I mean check it out again."Ivine spoke with a solemn expression.

"I am sure. It's 13 in total."

Hex, who had a dazed expression on his face for a moment, turned his head and looked at the members who belonged to the neutral side before.

The lawmakers shook their heads quickly from side to side as if they were not themselves.

'Then who..'

Hex's eyes were filled with confusion.

Could it be that there were more neutral members that we did not know?

Hex wondered and searched for Cion but he was not present there.

Besides, he couldn't understand how he was able to draw 13 members to his side.

At that time.

"There is something that I want to ask you."

Alex, who came right in front of Hex, opened his mouth with a cold voice.

"Why did you think I would only attract the neutrals?"


Hex's eyes widened as he saw Alex's cold eyes mocking him.

"You should have taken good care of people under your wing first."

He realised something from those words and looked at the conference hall and turned his gaze towards the members who had supported him till now.

Out of them, three were not able to make eye contact with him.

Hex was stunned as he got one of the biggest shocks in his lifetime.

Marquise Benard who was among them even looked at the town to escape from his piercing gaze.

"You all...."

"How can you betray me?"

'You dirty dogs..'

Hex tried to calm down and swallowed his anger.

"Even if you got them, that does not mean you are eligible, "Hex spoke, trying to find an excuse.

"You should ask them about that."

Hex turned his attention towards the direction Alex looked and frowned seeing Ivine stifling expression.

"I did not help him…"

Words struck in her throat and she got up from her seat and murmured with a dazed expression"Don't tell me?"

A cry of rage erupted from Ivine's mouth.

Alex smiled and did not speak anymore and enjoyed their expression.

Alex acted to lure neutral members during the day but it was only during the night that he recruited members by treating them with a special gift.

Who could restrain themselves from getting the gift?

Sean also helped him by sending two extra members of his to help.

And with this, Alex managed to pull off the feat which was considered impossible.

His only regret was that there was no betting otherwise Alex could have swept away their treasures.

Alex had come early but showed up late so that he could enjoy their expression after knowing this.


Alex turned away his attention from them as if there was nothing to see anymore.

"We have seen enough drama here."

"Now, shall we start the meeting? Shall we?"

He smiled at the people who were gawking at him as if they were going to devour him at the next moment.

Alex did not shrink back and met their fierce gaze head-on while walking towards his seat.

'If you are surprised just by this then I wonder what is going to happen next.'

Alex laughed and sat down on his seat comfortably.

Henry Izenverg, The Prime Minister of Kinley stepped forward onto the podium and muttered.

"We will discuss the agendas later as The Emperor had put forward proposals first."

"We have been instructed to discuss this first."

"And the first one is so important that it is going to decide the future of the Empire."

"As instructed by the Emperor."

"Wishing for the well-being of the Empire, The Emperor had decided to designate a successor for the Throne."

Henry started to read the Imperial Decree.

"After repeated observation and knowing everyone's worth, I, Kevin Von Stan, The Emperor of Kinley, thinking about the best interest of my nation and my people, decided to hereby grant my Fifth Son, the position of the Crown Prince."

The declaration was so shocking that it caused everyone to stand from their seats and look at the Prime Minister as if he had pulled out the greatest prank.

A deathly silence prevailed for a moment after which loud chatters of disbelief erupted from everyone and all of them turned towards Alex who seemed to be smiling at them.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 524 522:Kinley State Council 2