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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 522 520:Words Of His Heart


Second Prince Hex walked down the hallway in the basement of his Palace with an indifferent expression.


"Spare us."

On both sides of the glass walls of the hallway, Hex was walking in, people who had been grotesquely deformed by black magic and other forbidden experiments were screaming horribly.

Hex's eyes did not move even at the slightest tremor.

To maintain a cooperative relationship with that being and to increase Hex's magic skills, such an experiment was an essential element.

"Your Majesty Hex."

Hex's steps halted as he felt an interference and glanced back to see a humped body figure crawling towards him.

Hex's heart skipped a beat seeing such a deformed figure.

"What happened to you?"

"I was almost killed."

"By whom?" 𝚒𝐧𝙣𝘳𝒆𝐚𝘥. com

"Don't know?"

Hex hissed and gasped heavily.

"Why did you come here?'What if people are searching for you?"

"All other bases of ours had been attacked. Our locations have been exposed so for the time being, I have to stay here to recuperate."

He nodded and after keeping mum for a moment, he asked"How are you alive?"

"For us to die, you need to destroy a special thing in our body and sorry, I can't say what that is."

"I understand."

"The day after tomorrow is the council."

"I know, why?"

"I think Prince Alex might be able to attend the meeting."The crawling figure spoke.

"How? Are there any legislators supporting him?"

Hex eyes dyed with doubt.

At least ten members needed support for a Prince to attend.

"Maybe he is successful in recruiting the members of the neutral side, I saw some movements on his side."

"While I searched for the bases, I saw some of his knights visiting the nobles."


A sigh of exasperation came out of Hex's mouth at the man's words.

"How dare such a bastard dare to attend the meeting..."

There are a total of 8 members who claimed to be neutral.

Recruiting ten members in such a short period was close to impossible but Hex thought that it might be possible for Alex.

He did not want to admit it but so far Alex had accomplished everything which could be seen as impossible.

"Why...Why are you always coming my way?"

"Even when you were nothing, you took the one I wanted and now you want to take away The Throne for which I had worked day and night."

"Then it would be right to use our hand."

"Make sure to have all the information on the neutral until I get out of the basement."

"I wanted to see his surprised face at the meeting when he will find out what we have done, "Hex ordered a servant who was guarding the door.

Hex looked around and then pushed the iron door that existed at the end of the hallway he had arrived at.

The iron gate opened with an awkward sound and a terrific enormous magic burst out.

Without hesitation, he pushed himself through the iron gate through which magical energy flowed.


On the terrace of the top of Fifth Prince Mansion.

Alex looked at the moon illuminating the world with soft light and thought about his plans again.


At that moment, Catherine politely approached his back holding a box.

"All acquisitions are over."


Alex responded briefly to Catherine's words.

"And we manage to find this in one of the bases we destroyed."

"Hmm!" Alex took the box and opened it to find two pills of darkness in it.

For Alex to become stronger, he needed things with dark elements which this world lacks except for Omen.

He could draw out mana from the dead bodies however it is quite cumbersome and the amount needed was quite huge.

So, he needed to hoard resources from the secret organisation.

Catherine observed Alex's face which seemed to be devoid of many emotions.

It was certainly surprising that he was able to draw support from many legislators to attend the council in three days.

It was a great achievement but there was very little excitement in his eyes.

It was too easy for Alex to figure out what the other person values the most and use them.

If you value honour, you will hold on to your reputation and if survival is your top priority, you hold onto your lifelines.

He crushed one character thoroughly and if the person is afraid, he instils more fear in that.

Catherine remembered what Alex said.

It wasn't the blackmailing rather than the person who is blackmailing matters.

"What about others?"

"There is no movement from them yet. It seems that he is probably out of his mind because of preparation for the meeting."

"Is that so?"

"Yess?"Catherine's eyes were stained with doubt at Alex's words.

There seemed to be no interest in his eyes as if everything seems too cumbersome for him now.

Catherine bit her lips wondering how much pain he was feeling.

Riya's kidnapping had left a wound in his heart and his pride seemed to hurt and the wound seemed to be no sign of healing.

Catherine walked closer and sat on his lap startling Alex.

She wrapped her hands over their neck and stared at Alex deeply.

"Huuhh!"Alex looked up to see Catherine's limpid big eyes staring at him.

pαпdα-ň?νê|·сóМ "I am worried about you."

"You seem to be becoming more inhumane with each passing day."

"I...I"Alex wanted to refute but he was unable to.

"By the way what did you do to that bastard?"Alex muttered trying to steer away from the conversion.

"Ohh! I have left him alive."

"Why? Didn't I say to kill him?"

"I have ways to use him," Catherine mumbled and then thinking for a moment, she spoke in a faint soft voice.


"When I learnt about that bastard, do you know how angry I was?"

"I thought that even if my husband is a pervert who tries to take advantage of me using his naughty hands, he has never pushed too far."

"Ohhh!Did I become a gentleman?"

"No, but I wanted to ask you something?"

"You haven't done anything with us except Riya."

"The way you always behave, I am sure you could have pushed us many times but you never did and don't tell me it's because you are waiting for our permission cause you know we already prepared."

"It's..."Alex's lips quivered a bit.

Alex's breathing hastened to see Catherine look.

The familiar figure of Ava appeared in his eyes.

However, it was even hard for him to accept that even if Ava and Catherine look the same, they are not.

Cause Catherine may have Ava's face but in truth, her soul had been reincarnated as Riya and the power of darkness she carried was inherited from the God Of darkness from his world.

And Riya's behaviour was similar to Ava's and Alex doubted this due to her way of talking.

Catherine's existence just added more confusion otherwise he might have figured it out on his own so he decided to keep it on hold until he was sure.

But after unlocking his memories and conversing with the God of Death, he finally got the confirmation that Riya is Ava which made him wonder if Riya knew about her past life and also knew about him as George.

The curiosity was killing him however the person who would answer him was not there.

Alex gave a self-deprecating laugh, surprising Alex and said"Fate is surely cruel."

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 522 520:Words Of His Heart