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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 521 519:I Will Give You A Chance

The building where a battle took place yesterday night.

It had become a mess and was on the verge of collapsing.

The civilians had been evacuated and fortunately, there were casualties however many of them were injured and some even suffered frostbite.

When the patrolling Knights arrived, they did not find anyone alive and most of the treasures were missing which made them wonder whether it was raided by the enemies of the head of the place.

Knights were searching around and investigating the place around here wondering what had happened here.

They asked people nearby however none of them was able to find anything amiss until a snowstorm blew over the district.

While the investigation was going on, passing under the Knight, two shadowy figures made their way to the top floor of the building.

Hiding under everyone's vision, a figure stepped on the top floor of the frozen secret branch.

His eyes were looking at the devastation and onslaught of the battle happening here.

The roof was blown away and many small fractures and crevices were present on the icy floor.

His eyes were devoid of any emotion.

However, Sasha who had followed him for over ten years knew how angry he was.

"What happened here?"

A faint question came out of his mouth.

"I sneaked in among the knights and followed their trail to know about the incident."

"I looked at the traces left behind by the attacks and tried to examine the mana left after the attack."

"It was done by an intruder."

"How many."



In response to the answer, he looked back at Shasha as if asking what she meant.

Sasha lowered her head and opened her mouth to avoid meeting her eyes.

"Lord, I fear this is not the end of all."

His expression changed for a moment.

"Don't tell me?"

"Yes sir!"

"All the branches had been attacked and the Imperial family had found a trace. The person who did this exposed all the evidence."

"What happened to the members of the other branches?"He asked.

"All the contact had been lost."

"And the missions that had been taken."

Sasha felt a suffocating pressure and her lips quivered in fear.

She was not able to look at him directly and just shook his head in denial.

He knew it undoubtedly.

He understood what had happened.

The location of the place must have been out through the disposition team who failed to finish the tasks.

"Not only did these scums fail but they also exposed our presence."


It was one word that filled his head right now.

He hates to admit but this was the biggest crisis they have faced till now. It was as if they had been teased to death.

Getting exposed was another thing but what made it worse was that he did not know the identity of the person involved.

On top of that, they have lost the Sacred treasure.

Touch Of Winter.

An artifact that they have stolen from the Dragon Clan recently which has the spirit of Ice Dragon.

"Dare you...You dare play with fire. I will tear and kill you bastard."

Along with a low-pitched roar that flowed from the distorted mouth.

The whole place starts to shake from the huge every that erupted from him.

The building couldn't withstand the synergy and gradually collapsed.

"Lord, stop this or we will alert the enemies."Sasha pleaded with an ashen expression.

He immediately suppressed his anger.

For now, rather than venting their anger, they had to find out who twisted their plans first.

"Figure out his identity."

"No matter what."

"If I see you again next time..."

In his eyes, the anger that had been suppressed started to boil again.


A dark room with only a faint light emanating from a small lamp hanging in the middle.

A man was tied there on the hard iron chair in the middle of such a dark room, his face was covered with a black cloth.


The sound of harsh breathing flowed through the fabric. Each time he took a breath, his body trembled to show how anxious he was.

Where was he?

What is he doing here?

How much time had passed?

He did not know anything.

When the harsh breathing was about to reach its peak, the black cloth was peeled off someone revealing the man's face.

A man with thick eyebrows has a strong overall impression.

Axel Zart.

One of the hundred members of the council and the head of the Zart family which ruled the Northern part of the Empire.

Axel took a quick breath and looked around with a sudden open view.

He looked at his cuffed hands and the marks of whips on his body.

He, a Mythic rank warrior, had been reduced to such a state, it was beyond his wildest dream.

His eyes became teary as he thought about it.

When he was returning home from work, his vision went dark and when he opened his eyes again, he was here.


With an unpleasant sound, someone dragged an iron chair from the darkness and put it, an informer of him.

His eyes caught the sight of a gentleman with long red hair tied together gesturing to someone.

It was Mag.

A half Saint realm who had now taken charge of the League Of Shadows after Riya.

Mag's face with darkness on half of his face caused a strange fear in his heart.

Mag looked down at him and sneered wondering how the person sitting in the position of the Duke could give in to the lust.

This person had brought his demise.

'What a pathetic bastard!'

"What are you doing? Do you know who I am?"

Axel looked at the man and asked in a voice filled with anger and anxiety.

"Isn't that Axel Zart?Ohh Sorry."

"We will release you right away and give you an apology and compensation."

A sweet gentle voice resounded and a lady with orange hair sat before him.

Her curvy and voluptuous figure made him wonder who he was.

She answered him with a soft smile and her eyes stared at him deeply.

His consciousness which had been blurry suddenly jolted as he remembered her.

"You are Catherine." 𝒾nπ˜―π’“π™šΠ°π‘‘. π“¬π‘œπ™’

"How dare you? Do you think it will be okay even if you are the wife of the Fifth Prince?"

"The knights of my family must be moving to find me now. It will only take them an hour to figure out this. Even then, I wonder if you are still able to smile the same as you do now."

Catherine chuckled and tugged her hair to the side.

"It probably won't happen. If the knights find this place, you will send them back yourself."


Axel couldn't understand what Catherine was talking about.

"I think it would be better to read it once before having a conversation."

Mag held out a piece of paper he took out from his arms in a leisurely motion.

Axel's eyes as he slowly read the contents of such paper went beyond doubt and began to colour with astonishment.

All the corruption and formal records that he had been doing since he was a teenager from several decades ago were all written on paper.

If even one of them was revealed to the world his image of integrity and righteousness, which he had built so far, would be ruined and he would be dragged into the imperial dungeon.

However, he could still find a way to suppress it but what was written on the last paper made his whole body tremble.

"Aren't you curious about what will happen to you, Axel if this is revealed to the world?"

Catherine asked in a pleasant tone however her eyes were glaring dagger at her.

However, the smile on Catherine's expression disappeared and she spoke.

"Disgusting filthy mongrel, how dare you lust after me."

"Do you think you are even worthy of standing before me?"

Catherine's anger surged when she found that this was the bastard that had made a deal with Amidon to imprison her and send her to him so that this asshole would make her a slave.

"You are lucky that it was me who had come here, otherwise if my husband would have come here he would have crushed your thing and then would have cut it into a thousand pieces before your very own eyes."

The most important thing in the world for Axel was his honour and reputation even though things were quite different.

Just thinking about the gruesome scene described by Catherine made his legs turn soft.

His body was trembling so fiercely that he thought that his little brother might not be able to stand up after such a traumatic incident.

Since Catherine showed something that could completely destroy him, the reaction that followed after was also quite natural.

"What do you want from me?"

Axel asked in a weak voice and bowed his head.

A thick arc line was drawn on Catherine's lips causing her to smile with a sinister expression.

"Very well."

"I will give you a chance."

"A chance to protect your life as well as that filthy disgusting thing of yours."

Beads of sweat formed on Mag's forehead as he watched the conversation between Catherine and Axel.

Let alone Axel, which man on earth would not be afraid when such a beautiful lady would threaten you like this?

Even Mag could feel his leg going soft.

'It seems My Lady had also been influenced by Master Alex and turned into fierce Demoness towards the enemy.'

He gave Axel a pitiful glance and prayed for Axel's future descendent.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 521 519:I Will Give You A Chance