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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 520 518:Frightening Existence 2

Under the dark veil of the night, a figure darted across the street hurriedly running for his life.

Finding himself in a life-threatening situation like never before he cursed all the generations of the madman who attacked them.

He moved towards the sparsely populated outskirts of the capital.

"That bastard."

"Just who the hell is he?"

"He destroyed my body into rags and pieces. If not for the modification of the body, I would have surely died under his hands."

"I've never seen such a fierce man before."

"Hopefully, I will not encounter him anymore. My stealth technique is absolute and I can escape under the patrolling Knight's eyes."

After noting that he was out of the danger zone, he took out a communication stone and connected it to one of the workshops near him.



Harmon heard a rough voice and was about to whisper when he heard a noise causing him to hide behind a bush.

He looked around to see several horse carriages moving hurriedly at a high speed.

"Why are they making so many movements late at night?"

"Are they perhaps searching for someone?"

"Wait, are they looking for me but how is this possible?"

His back was drenched in the cold as he thought about it.

"I am miles away from that place."

"No, it might be something else. Since I created a huge commotion by freezing the entire district, the guards might be concentrated in that area. It might be something else."



Harmon wiped out the sweat from his head and asked"Suga, how is the situation there?"

"Everything is as usual, Sir."

"Are there any orders?"

"Yes, I am going there."

"Prepare Healing potions, orchid herbs, holy dew, and Dark pills for me."

"Okay, Sir."

Suga, who received the order, frowned after cutting the call.

"Hmm! It's quite odd."

"All these things are used to heal and nourish the body."

"Was he seriously injured?"

"Whatever! I need to prepare things quickly otherwise, he will dig my grave."

Suga was just about to relay the order when the entire building shook causing him to stumble backwards.


"We are under attack."

"We have been surrounded."

Screams echoed throughout the place.

One step later, wizards appeared and locked onto the building and started to bombard the place indiscriminately.


Under the fierce attacks, a few Legendary ranks were able to sneak out; however, as soon as they walked out of the building a cruel fate awaited them.

The whole area was enshrouded by violet flames that closed their escape route.

Anything that touches the fire was burned into ashes.

Among the panicking and horrified screams, a loud sound rang like thunder.

"Since you dare to have thoughts of taking over Magic Tower, you should prepare for the consequences.



With a blinding flash, five escorts appeared around Cion with stern expressions.

It was a one-time summoning space magic artifact that had such a high astronomical value that it can become a family heirloom still there was no hesitation even though he used such a precious material.

It was originally saved for a life-threatening time like this and the most important thing to him was none other than his life.

All Five of them were at Mythic rank and one of them was at Peak Mythic rank.

"Hey, kill that person."

"No broke his bones and bring him to me so that I can interrogate him."

The summoned escort warriors wore masks and on receiving the command, they quickly rushed towards the black figure that was approaching them.

Cion's eyes finally glowed with relief and he was finally able to take a breath.

That is probably because the strength of the escort warriors that he selected carefully outweighed most of the elite knights of Imperial Castle.

However, at the next moment, a dull sound echoed in the dark forest.


Cion's eyes widened with horror when he looked forward at once.

The head of the escort Knight who was running at the front disappeared instantly with one quick movement of the black figure.

And before the detached body of the escort could fall to the ground.


The head of the escort who was running after him with the sound of shattering disappeared similarly to the one before.

The scene filled their minds with dreariness and horror because they could not see the sequence of the movements at all.

The escorts were immersed in fear only and only after two lifeless bodies fell on the ground with a thud, did they react quickly to swing their swords at the black figure that was approaching them.

Swords attacks poured out in all three directions which are aimed precisely at the vital points of the black shadow figure.

Finally, the moment when such sword strikes were about to pierce the vital points of the black form.

The black figure slowly took a step forward.

That moment.


Horrifying darkness exploded from the black figure.

The Darkness began to swallow up all the swords and the escorts that were being shot and tear them apart.

The escort whose breath was cut off without a chance to strike back fell on the floor.


In such an instant the black figure who had taken care of all the escorts started to approach Cion with a calm look as if he had just killed some insignificant insects while taking a stroll.

"You who are you? Man, what the hell are you doing this for?"

He did not know whether it was because his escorts were killed like this or due to the fear of life.

Cion with a face tinted in fear steps backwards and shouts at the approaching black figure.

"Why do you think you are doing this?"

At the time...

The moonlight that had been hidden in the clouds shone along the subdued voice revealing the face of the black silhouette that was approaching him slowly.

His steps were gentle but seemed to signal the forthcoming storm which made Cion feel pressure like never before.

When he saw the face, his body was mortified like a statue making him ignore breathing for a moment.

His eyes were dazed as he had seen the face.

He knew that face very well as the person before him had been a hot topic throughout the whole world recently.

As if being struck by lightning, his brain seemed to have stopped working.

"Ale...Your Majesty."

A trembling voice escaped from his lips.

It was a completely different atmosphere and aura from what he had seen many months ago.

Cion had seen this person quite often.

Before this, the man always had a warm and amicable aura around him which occasionally turned cold upon being provoked but now everything seems different.

As if it had become as dark as night in itself, the appearance of Alex approaching him wearing a black robe had a very eerie and alien feeling that was giving him goosebumps.

"Your Highness, just when did I provoke you."

"As far as I remember I have never done anything that harmed you or caused trouble."

"You know what..."

Alex opened his mouth as if he could not understand Cion's reaction.

"The ancient countries that had existed before the Empire or even Kinley from years ago had a system of council and assembly."

"In those days when a legislator or a member committed corruption, his eyes and tongue were plucked out in the first place. To pay for the sin of pretending not to see the injustice and sin of creating corruption with all kinds of cowardness."

"They were whipped and their skin was peeled and then salt was sprinkled on their wounds and this process is carried on for a long time, punishing the person slowly and steadily."

Alex, who moved his face towards Cion, looked down at him with languid eyes causing his body to shake violently.

"And on top of that…"

"All of this happened in front of the public and members of the family. It was meant for everyone to learn as a lesson from the terrible sight and not to commit any corruption or infidelity that harms the interest of the Empire."

Overwhelmed by Alex's dark hollow eyes, Cion trembled without saying a word.

"Accumulation of uncountable and illegal wealth. And even though slavery had been abolished, you own several slaves to satisfy your perverted tastes."

"Countless murders, dealing with a shady organisation named Omen, running a drug business and many more."

"Even if only a few of them are found, you would be sentenced to death."

To him, Alex slowly recited the information which the League of Shadows collected.

Cion felt as if Alex was reciting an Imperial decree issuing a death sentence to him and his family.

Cion who is also a Duke at the very moment felt as powerless as an ant that can be trampled over easily by the man before him.

"Damn, how do you get all of this..."

"Just how..."

Cion opened his mouth blankly as if he cannot believe the information that came out of Alex's mouth.

Because everything was correct and there was nothing amiss.

If this had been brought to the limelight, all his hard work and reputation would be drowned.

Seeing Cion's profusing figure, Alex smiled at him.

"I will give you a chance."

Darkness started to rise and expand around Alex filling the entire area with eeriness.

Alex's figure suddenly turned so frightful that Cion who was at Legendary rank wet his pants unable to control the fear.

"A chance to save your life."

The site was similar to the Devil offering a deal that could never be refused by a human being to be slaughtered.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 520 518:Frightening Existence 2