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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 519 517:Frightening Experience

A hint of indifference flashed in Alex's eyes.

Able to stay alive when your head has been blown off. It was as if the person had become immortal.

"This Omen might have made monsters who cannot be killed by normal means," Alex muttered and waited for the dog to run towards the master.

Then he would destroy both the dog and the master in one sweep.

Alex scanned around and asked, "Christina can you help me to take a look at certain things?"

Alex asked to find things that may contain dark properties after describing them for a bit.

Christina nodded and put back her sword on the scabbard.

While Christina started the search through the building, Alex squatted down and slid his finger on the Scythe.

Alex's finger froze and his body shivered for a moment as if he had touched metal that had been frozen for thousands of years.

The materials used to make this were quite exquisite and many small runes were engraved on it.

Sliding his finger, Alex wrapped his finger around it and pulled it up.


A cold icy aura erupted from the scythe.

The surroundings around Alex started to freeze.

His hair, which was fluttering due to the cold wind, started to turn crisp ice shreds.

Alex's body was invaded by a chilling aura that was trying to freeze him.


Alex smiled and tightened his grip on the handle.

"You dare."

Alex's eyes flashed with murderous intent and he suppressed the icy aura.

A small roar resounded and Alex saw a vague manifestation of an ice spirit hovering around the scythe appearing to try its best to devour Alex.

"A remnant of Ice Dragon Will."

"Is this the weapon of the Dragon Clan?"

Alex's eyes widened with surprise.

"Did I secretly get my hands on an heirloom of Dragon Clan?"

This weapon seems to be a sacred treasure.

"Now I understand why I was injured by the person who seemed to be in the Saint realm."

"What a badass weapon?"


Alex felt a certain vibration near his waist and laughing faintly he patted his Sword of Annihilation.


"Don't worry, it is just a piece of scrap in front of you."

In Alex's mind, the face of Core members of Omen who would be angry after knowing this came to mind.

Christina returned with a saddened look and said"I did not find anything which you mentioned."

Alex frowned and shook his head with a deep sigh.

The main reason for attacking here was to find a darkness pill or anything similar to that.

"I came here for those but since there is not anything like that, let's just rob everything."

"Huh! But the knights are coming, we need to get out of here."


"No, but!"Christina glared at him.

"Just how much treasure is going to be robbed, this place is mostly filled with illegal things and gold coins. We already have enough gold coins."

"Okay, I hope Osborne finds something."

"Now, let us move on to the next target."


Under the bright light of the full moon, a horse strode pulling the carriage surrounded by men through a dark path.

Inside the luxurious carriage, a chubby middle-aged man with a handsome moustache was humming happily.

His name was Cion Heves.

He was a provincial nobleman and one of the 100 members of the Kinley State Council and was the leader of the fourth most powerful family after the Imperial family.

The Empire was divided into dozens of Kingdoms and many Kingdoms are grouped into regions that fall under a central nobleman.

Their house had a mass influence and had 19 Kingdoms under it and their prestige was inevitably very strong.

There was only one reason, Cion was humming like that.

"It was time for the national meeting."

The largest meeting in the Empire will be held at the People's Palace.

It was an important event in which all kinds of powerful people, including lawmakers, gathered to determine the future of the Empire.

Depending on whether a person was able to attend the meeting, it was possible to judge their status and whether they had reached the centre of power or not.

The families that are unable to attend this were often regarded as having fallen out of grace.

"What kind of offers will come this time?"

Cion's eyes murmured like that.

Most meetings of the Council revolve around the immediate Imperial family who attended.

And the voices of Royal families were divided according to how many lawmakers supported them.

Therefore when the time comes, a lot of calls from the Royal families were poured out with good conditions to Cion, a neutral faction with no support to any Royal family member.

Cion has been using it for years and has been making huge profits time after time.

'After all, I just have to support this time and return to neutrality again.'

He was like the fox who did not aim for political neutrality but looked for his well-being.

He always put his well-being and survival first.

If he came under the control of one of the imperial families there is a chance of the Imperial family being purged as soon as they don't become Emperors and they might also be killed.

"This time the Princess or Second Prince Hex seemed to be in good betting condition.'

With that in mind, he started to ponder whom he needed to support first.

However, the name Alex did not exist in the things of his concern.

"Cause you won't even be able to attend anyway."

"If only you started a few years early, I could have made a great profit."

No matter how good he was, he cannot gather support in such a short time and he needed to gather at least ten.

However as far as he knew Prince Alex did not have the support of even one family member.

"Well, that must be the limit of a person without any backing."

While muttering, Cion buried himself deep in the chair and turned to the night view of the capital outside the window.

Even though it was midnight, the moon had already risen and the capital of the Empire, Zenith, was shining brightly with lights created by numerous buildings.

Like the future of the Empire that is gonna last forever so his family influenced him.

The appearance of the city suddenly became distant.


At that time, Cion's eyes looked at the imperial castle and were dyed with doubt.

His house was near the Imperial Castle where he was going but soon he noticed that it was getting further away.

"What! Where the hell are you going?"

Only did Cion realise that something was off and shouted at the driver driving the horse-drawn carriage.

However, the driver silently continued driving as if he did not hear the call.

He hit the door and shouted, "Stop it."


The moment when an embedding cry came out from Cion's mouth once more.


The horsepower car suddenly stopped on the spot.

Unlike the bright centre of the capital, it was a dark vacant lot where no light shines through.

With this, the unknown driver immediately got out of the driver's seat and quickly disappeared.

He instinctively sensed ominousness from the driver's behaviour and hurriedly opened the car and threw himself outward.


Something fell from above and shattered the magic carriage that Cion had been riding to the point that even its original shape was unrecognisable.

"Ugh...What is this!"

Cion moved away from the smashed wagon with a tired face because he almost died if reacted a little late.

He looked around frantically and found himself alone in the dense dark trees.

He had a squadron of guards however there was no one around him.

"Just what happens to my guards?"

Cion's forehead was covered in cold sweats and his senses screamed for him to run away as soon as possible.

At that time.


At the end of the vacant place, quiet footsteps began to be heard from the place where deep darkness existed.

The sound of footsteps stimulates people's senses just by hearing them.

With that, Cion stepped back while turning his gaze toward the place from where footsteps could be heard and a human figure looming in the darkness reflected in Cion's eyes.


Cion screamed in terror and intuitively took out a small jewel from his pockets and broke it without any hesitation gambling everything on it for his survival.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 519 517:Frightening Experience