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A deathly chill transpired through the place.

The frozen airburst accompanied by icy mist erupted everywhere covering the entire area in the thick cold fog.


A layer of mist blew as Harmon gasped the cold air.

His eyes scanned everything around him.

The entire district suffered the onslaught of the winter due to his attacks which might surely alert many forces.

Although he managed to take down the intruder, the cost was a bit too high.

Thick icy glaciers in the form of large spikes had extended high up towards the sky all around him.

All of his men were frozen and crumbled into particles by the attack.

The intruder must have suffered the same fate and his body might have either broken down into countless ice particles or he might die while being frozen like a statue.

Standing at the centre of the frozen area, Harmon sighed deeply.

"Since, it had come to this. I should bury them alive in the snow and wipe out the trash."Harmon muttered and pulled his scythe to give it another swing.

Hamron opened his mouth as if he was going to swallow the whole place.

A strong icy breath erupted again.

That moment.

He noticed something.

It looked slow in his eyes but he could feel the sharpness in it.

A bright golden light was drawn into the air which completely tore apart the huge aura that was fired from Hamron's scythe.

The bright light erupted and sparkled through the night upon being reflected by the glacier snow.


Harmon protected himself though he was pushed back by the clash.


With a shrill cranking sound, a layer of ice shattered as glass and a blackish figure with his right arm frozen stepped forward.

'That was close.'

Alex thought as he looked at the aura of the previous clash which was split into two and vanished into nothingness.

To be honest, when he opened the last door he did not expect something like this to happen.

The attack that was shot at him was enough to kill any powerhouse around the Supreme realm if they were to take on the attack without preparation.

If he did not use the power of darkness to create armour and draw his sword at the last minute, he would have surely died.

Alex looked at his right frozen arm and sensed the cold chilly aura that was trying to spread in his body like poison and froze him to death.

From the memories he extracted, there was nothing about the exact power of the head of this place or his characteristics.

The person was shrouded in darkness and quite mysterious.

However, after the person took his attack, he was able to infer the man's identity.

He was one of the six individuals The Dark Elf Moss talked about when he was in Arkham.

After finishing his thoughts, Alex looked at the greens-haired middle-aged man in silence.

"Just what are you?"

"You have characteristics of humans as well as demons ..."

"And at the same time, you also carry that fishy smell and filthy aura of those vile creatures of darkness."


In response to Alex's question, a sound like a broken record started to echo.

"How are you alive after taking on the attack?"

"And who are you?"

"You only need to know one thing."

"You are going to die today."


Hamron stood up and wiped the blood from his lips and said"What a joke?"

"You have lost your right hand and soon your body will start to freeze."

"Anyone who gets trapped by Ice Infinitium would die. The aura of ice is like a poison that would kill you slowly."

"People who rely on artifacts surely bark a lot."Alex gave a cold smile and looked at the blue scythe in Hamron's hands.

It was a good weapon.

Alex shook his head and grabbed the icy frozen right arm of his and under Hamron's horrified haze, he pulled his arm.


With a crackling sound, Alex ripped his hand from his body.

Even though he tore his hands off, there was no sign of pain in his expression.

Seeing the ruthlessness gave Hamron a chill down the spine.

Blood gushed out from the wound for a moment.

Soon a golden aura covered Alex and a wriggling mass of flesh started to crawl from his right arm.

"Damn it."

"Just kind of a monster is he?"Harmon screamed and pulled his scythe.

He was taken by surprise for a moment but now that he got out of the trance, there was no need to give the enemy a chance to fight back.

The icy condensed air shot towards Alex.

Alex slashed the sword with his left hand.

The icy breath was cut apart by Alex's attacks and Hamron's body flew back like a rag doll with a cut on his chest.

Alex's eyes furrowed as he saw the wound healing on Hamron's chest rapidly.

Light is the nemesis of a creature of darkness but seeing him being unaffected by light, Alex was now 100 per cent sure that this person was one of the six experimented beings of Men who had both affinities.

"I will kill you."Harmon roared with bloodshot eyes and cut his palms.

The blood from the cut was sucked in by the scythe which gave an eerie shriek.

A strong blizzard that blinds one sense started to blow with a snowstorm

"This is getting dangerous," Alex murmured.

His right hand healed fully and a dark aura erupted from his body.

Before Hamron could wield the attack, Alex's body disappeared.


As if an illusion, Alex's sword appeared in front of him and passed through his body like a knife in butter and the part of the wrist holding the scythe fell.



Hamron stared blankly at his missing wrist and screamed in the air.

"Not twice."

Alex spoke in a cold voice and blew out his head.

The last scene Hamron saw was black dyeing his vision.

"That's!"Alex looked around and saw the scythe lying on the floor.

Alex immediately walked towards it.

As he bent down to hold, Alex back tingled and he felt a whoosh and he reacted instantly.

Condensing a mass of darkened aura in his hand, he stretched his hand and shot it.

The spear flew like a cannon shattering the barrier of the found and them...


As if the sky had been shattered a loud noise rumbled and spread all over the place breaking the eardrums.

Christina, who made his way to the top, looked in the direction of Alex and asked"What happened?"

"He escaped."

"Huhh!"Christina's eyes widened and he looked at Alex with shock.

Alex clicked his tongue in annoyance

"I did not expect this cockroach to survive even if his head were cut."

"Then what was the last attack?"

"I was testing him and he survived, "Alex spoke with a smile.

Christina looked at Alex suspiciously because she was sure of one thing.

Unless you are stronger than Alex, there is no route of escape from you cause Alex had the power to mark his enemies and track his own.

And seeing the scene she was sure that he let the fish escape to bait the bigger fish and then kill it.

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