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The carriage rattled as horses strode through the streets leading to dark alleyways in Euros District.

Alex rested his head on the window and looked at a dark figure on the other side.

"Your Highness, we have disposed of 4 royal families and are waiting for your further order."

"I think that is enough for now."

"Don't assassinate the other."

"Just cover your tracks and show that all of this was due to rebellion."

"We will crush the remainder with a military front. Assassinating many would draw attention."

"Yes, Your Highness."

"Try to finish the second task as soon as possible."

The shadowy figure nodded and disappeared from the window.

Alex felt a slight touch on his hands and turning his head, he asked worriedly.

"Do you think I'm walking on the path of Tyranny?"

Christina shook his head and said, "It's them who started first though you were quite harsh. Still, it's better than letting the matter go bigger."

Alex opened his mouth but thinking about the things he sighed.

"I am a conserving guy."

"It may sound odd but I like to fight but at the same, I don't."

"If it's a battle between friends and healthy competition, my heart is filled with excitement, however when it comes to killing unnecessarily it's bothersome."

"That's why I did not want to step into this succession. Once you enter the jungle, you either have to live by killing others or letting them devour you."

"We are just doing what we need to do," Christina assured Alex.

"But on the second note?"

"Are you sure about this?"Christina asked in a worried tone.

"I mean do we have sufficient forces to clean this swiftly? "

"Are we two enough?"

"If something went wrong, we might be pressured from all sides."

Alex stared at her worried eyes and caressed her head.

"Don't worry."

"We just need a reason."

"A justification.As long as we have just we can do what we want."

"So do you have one?"


Alex spoke with a smile and looked outside towards the shunning moon.

He neither had proof nor solid evidence.

He is going to take action based on the information he got from memory extraction and unfortunately, he cannot disclose this to others.

He needs to hit them quickly.

Before they could know who is their enemy and before they could find a chance to escape.

He will make sure to clean the cats as well as the rats who serve themselves as food to those cats.

"It's time for another blood bath."


The night street of Euros, where midnight had already passed and even the moon had already been covered by the dark clouds.

An executive of Omen, Harmon came out towards the warehouse.

They had dispatched many men and he was waiting for the successful confirmation of two missions they had undertaken.

It was an operation under the command of Harmon, one of the high-ranking members of Omen.

One of the seven first orders who has survived countless gruesome experiments.

In addition, there was a special handling team dispatched to spread their group and deal with coworkers.

"Everything has been going well."

Each member of their group boasted good combative strength and adaptability required to finish the mission.

Each member was equal to a highly trained Knight and not inferior to the Royal knights while those who have been promoted to upper ranks were the people who had special characteristics and each one of them can bring calamity.

It was a time of joy in Hamron's eyes as he imagined the world that would come close to destruction and each one of them would get their reward.

While he immersed himself in sweet fantasies.

"Chief Harmon."

One of his subordinates entered the room with an urgent expression.

"Huhh!What's going on?"

"An intruder had appeared."

"How many?"

Hamron asked his subordinate with a serious expression on his face.

This place had never been discovered as it's hidden quite deeply.

If someone can find this place then they should surely have a tremendous information network and vast power to dispatch a great number of troops.

But his expression changed strangely at the very next words of his subordinate.

"It's one.."


"It's just one."The person replied in a shaking voice.

"Are you crazy?"

Harmon looked at his subordinate for a moment as if he had heard something ridiculous and then continued to speak coldly.

"Stop staring at me and go kill him."

He did not know how they found that place but there was nothing that these bugs could do alone.

....... π’Šπ˜―π‘›π«β„―π’‚d. πœπ˜°π“‚

"So this is where you are hiding?"

With that thought, Alex approached the building and knocked on the door which seemed to be about the same size as his.


From the part where Alex's toes touched, a force-like spider web spread across the entire door and then it fell into pieces and collapsed.

Soon after, Alex moved through the smashed door.


Dozens of arrows coated in poisons poured down on Alex from all sides.

Alex's appearance disappeared through the rain of arrows.

"Where did he go?"

At that moment one of the archers at the entrance murmured.

"Hey don't stop. Keep shooting the arrows.

"There is no need to shoot any more."

A voice came from behind the archers.


With him, many archers turned their heads towards the source of the voice and saw the figure of Alex rising from the shadows.

A line was drawn out of nowhere.

And the archer's head was immediately separated from his body by Alex.


Only when the head touched the ground did they realise Alex's existence.


Magic of various colours poured out from behind the archers who rushed forward.

The moment when those orbs passed through the air and reached towards Alex.


Darkness arose as if burning around completely covering Alex from head to toe.

The magic attack vanishes without a trace as it touches Alex.

With a feeling of astonishment, pitch darkness blasted everything and covered the entire floor giving the feeling of hell descending on them.

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