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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 509 507:Failed Assassination

The dark cloaked figure's mission was quite simple.

Sneak into a prison cell and kill Shen.

All of them have different kinds of abilities and with their Mythic rank powers, there were no possible dangers on the mission.

They did not kill the core powers of the Knights they encountered and just killed the weaker ones.

Meanwhile, even if a Mythic rank expert arrived they could take on him easily so the only thing that posed a threat to them were experts above Mythic realms.

However, he had never expected someone to show up here with power similar to theirs.

No, his power seems to be more vast and profound than theirs.

Shen opened his eyes only to see a dark obscured figure standing before him causing him to jump in fright and move back.

'Did the Second Prince send someone to protect me?'

'Is he one of the traitors of the organisation?'

As this thought came into Cere's mind he immediately withdrew his hand.


Alex's sword crashed onto him quickly.

Her right arm was cut and flew back.

Getting freed from the pain, Ceres moved back to gain some distance.

'Not bad.'

Alex thought and rushed towards Ceres, not giving him a chance to catch his breath.


As he put a painful scream, Ceres reached out and extended his left arm.

Following his gestures, the space on all sides started to tear apart as his left arm started to protrude and enlarge aiming towards Alex.

The pressure emanating from the dark hands with sharp claws was a much stronger tag than before.

Shen crouched back and screamed in horror jumping back towards the wall.

But no matter how powerful he was, everything is meaningless as long as he can cut.

Alex drew his blade.

The thumb of the palm along with the flesh below was cut and a gap was created in the black hand.


Alex exclaimed and accelerated through the gap that was created and disappeared in the spot.

Even though Ceres was startled, he put together the defensive techniques before his body.

A dark shield appeared before him and in the meantime, he thought of coming up with a solution to reverse the things.

But his thoughts were destroyed because Alex's sword destroyed the dark barrier in one breath.

A fatal scar appeared over the man's chest who screamed painfully.

Dark blood sputtered from his body and the man threw a spell to increase the space in between them.

Alex just flicked his sword, cutting down the magic spell before it could even form fully. π™žnπ§πš›eπšŠπ‘‘. 𝗰o𝐦

Ceres burst out in shock at the sight and spoke with disbelief.

"Who are you and why can't I feel your power level?"

Ceres, who had forgotten to measure his opponent, finally felt a bad premonition.

A wild smile seemed to form on the face of a dark-veiled figure.

Red eyes shone crazily and it broke into manic laughter.

"I cannot die."

He yelled and a series of ugly black hands sprouted frock his body and poured towards the dark-veiled figure.


A thought started to fill in his mind.

All the attacks he made were blocked by that weird shimmering darkness.

It was not just the darkness.

Cause every time the magic touches that unknown darkness it disappears without a trace.

'I need to turn around the situation somehow.'

It was then.

"Ah hugh!'

With a thought in mind, Ceres exploded with all his remaining power in an instant making the last effort.

A shock wave that exploded in all directions with a roar that seemed to tear the eardrums.

As a result, the ceiling cavities and side cavities were blown away.

Then Ceres gathered his strength around as if preparing for the final blow.


'The other two might be coming here. I'll finish them all here.'

Alex kept his distance by cutting the shockwaves coming over him and raising his sword straight.

The Sword of Annihilation descended and a straight line was formed.

The Eight Black stars exploded and swirling darkness concentrated over his sword and turned into a dark thunderbolt that was fired instantly.

A thunderbolt tore apart the wave and remaining defensive techniques and pierced the head of Ceres and blasted it off into pieces.


With that everything descended into silence and all the waves around him dissipated.

The sound of footsteps echoed and two figures rushed towards the place.

"Ceres what is going on?"

"What's taking you so long and why are you making so much noise?"

The two dark-cloaked figures exclaimed with surprise however their words stopped in the middle when the headless corpse was on the floor and a dark-veiled figure standing in the middle.

"Did you kill him?"

Their eyes were tinged with anger and hatred as they looked at the veiled figure.

Red blood started to take shape into various weapons and was thrown at Alex.

"I killed him so what?"

Alex looked at them coldly and swung his sword.

Everything that came into the arc disappeared.

"What now?"

One of the man's bloody eyes shone and blood spurted out from his body taking shape into various wriggling creatures.

"Why are your powers so ugly?"

"Is there no one decent among your punch?"Alex shouted and darkness spread like waves making the entire place dark.

The man shouted and tried to step back only to find himself in the clutch of the dark-veiled figure.

A hand appeared over his head and a playful smile formed on Alex's lips.

"To prevent unwanted risk I have not looked into opponent memories but there is no need for that now."

Alex laughed and squeezed the dark-cloaked figurehead.

Veins bulge on his forehead and a bloody aura started to absorb from his head and countless images flashed over Alex's retina.

"Stop it!"

The other dark-cloaked figure shouted.

Two scythes-shaped hands appeared behind his back and aimed at Alex.


The scythes slashed but they only met blank air.

His eyes lit up in embarrassment and he looked for the enemy.

"Let's see what you have got."

His body jerked up on hearing an eerie voice out of nowhere.


A huge long hand made of darkness materialised and covered his head.

A painful scream erupted from his lips and following which his vision dimmed and his body lost its support.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 509 507:Failed Assassination