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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 508 506:Sword Of Annihilation 2

The Eight Start Black Star in Alex started to flicker.

The sword started to vibrate and scatter black light in all directions just like a puppy who wags its tail joyfully when met with the owner.

Ella was stunned for a moment as her vision became dark due to rich exuding energy emerging from the sword.

The sword had just taken its master but it released a strength that gave her fright.

Soon after the black light was sucked into Alex's whole body.

Together with a sword, he felt like becoming one with darkness and able to manipulate darkness more avidly than before.

The Sword complimenting his power and increased his synergy with darkness.

'Such a great weapon but it's rotting out in here.'

'What a shame!'

"I will take it."

Alex opened his mouth and showed the sword to Ella who looked at him with a lost eye.


She nodded with a half-assured look.

For an angel who knew anything about the world, her shocked face was quite amusing for Alex to see.

The sword chose its master and she had no right to stop it; however, the sword had been here for ages with an unknown history so she did not know much about it.

Alex, who was calmly observing the sword, started to smile.

Seeing that weird grin, Ella was perplexed for a moment.

'Did the sword control him?'

"It seems I am going to get a chance to use this."Alex grinned and walked back.

"I will see you again."

Ella stared blankly at Alex's back as he went out in a pleasant mood.


"Stop it!"

"You can kill if you need to."

Har, the commander of blue knights that protects the outskirts of the prison shouted at the knights while watching the place where the battle took place.

Following his instructions, the knights in blue armor rushed towards the trespassers.

However, the knights were thrown out in all directions without being able to stop the intruder.



Knights flew in the sky like birds and all of them gradually pushed back.

Three dark-robed figures made their way towards them.

"Who the hell are they?"

There was a mix of surprise and bewilderment in their eyes.

All of them were Knights and had mastered a great number of skills but it did not make sense for them to get pushed back.

"Stop them!"

"Stop them by whatever means you use before the support arrives."

There was no longer a matter of defence against Prison rather it was their entire pride that was at stake.

"I told you to not make a fuss."

One of the dark-robed figures muttered as dozens of attacks shot at him.

Correspondingly, his finger drew a line from left to right.

Kwang Gg!

A blood-red line was drawn in the air and all attacks were scattered.

The knights bounced off like balls and they passed through the gates leading to the prison basement.

"You two guard this place here."

"I will go down and accomplish the mission."


Inside one prison cell.

Everything was dark.

A humiliation that was etched deep inside one heart was marked in his heart.

Being dragged on the road like an inanimate object and on top of that several charges had made his life hell.

It had not been a few days but he could feel his mind becoming a mess.

His days here were worse than death.

The number of times he had visited the prison and tortured people can not be counted nor did he remember.

For him, coming here has always been fun.

Playing with people's hope of letting them live and that feeling of despair at the end of life brought a great amount of joy.

However, never in his wildest dream, he would have thought that the roles are going to be reversed like this.

But he did not lose hope as knowing the Second Prince he would surely find a way to help him.

He believes in him because his life is of great significance to him and even if he does not, he could just drag him down.

While Shen was wondering about all this, he could hear the sound of clashing blades and explosions.

His numb eyes lit up suddenly and he muttered"They are finally here." 𝐢𝙣nr𝙚a𝗱. 𝚌૦m

"It seems my bad days are over."

He rubbed his palm with great excitement and muttered"Just let me get out."

"Once I get out of this place, I will try everything to take that bastard down."

His eyes flashed with hatred as he thought about Alex who had always been a thorn in his eyes.


The door at the other side leading to the passage was blasted and a dark-robed figure walked out.

Shen jumped up and saw a figure walking towards his cell and blasting the door open.

"Did you come to save me?"Shen asked in an excited voice.

The dark-robed figure nodded.

"Yes, I have come to free you."

Shen suddenly frowned on hearing a deep hoarse voice.

"I have come to free you from the world."He muttered and closed the distance.

"What?"Shen jumped in fright when he saw the dark-robed figure appearing before him.

A dagger appeared in his hand which shot towards Shen.

Shen staggered and fell on his back.

He raised his voice and shouted while closing his eyes.

"Don't kill!"

Shen, who yelled fearfully, heard a shriek from the opposite end and opened his eyes to see the dagger stopping before his eyes.

He caught the glimpse of the face of the dark-robed figure.

His face was half burnt and it was difficult to identify his expression but Shen could see his contorting expression.

The dark-robed figure was mortified for a moment as the dagger wasn't moving forward even though he applied all his strength.

A dark mist appeared beside him and his wrist was wrapped in the dark thread.

"Who are you?"

"How can you have powers similar to ours?"

The man's lips quivered and his complexion turned ugly.

The man did not get any reply but rather saw a black sword coming towards him.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 508 506:Sword Of Annihilation 2