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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 507 505:Sword Of Annhilation

While others were shocked to see Alex accepting this quite easily, Hex tried to stop the wide grin from showing on his face.

Kevin observed Alex's facial expression and said"I am glad you are prepared to take on the challenge but it's not as easy as it sounds."

"For you to take control of the entire Northern region, you need the support of the council."

"Others could have dealt with easily however you don't have support and can't even appear in the Council."

Alex thought for a moment.

The Council is just like the assembly of representatives.

While the Emperor made law, it was the Council that made sure to implement the law after a thorough check.

The Princes and Princesses who head over the council need 10 nobles to support them and in that way, he and she is their representative.

However, Alex who did not even have a foundation in politics would surely find trouble.

If he cannot appear in the Council, the decision would be delayed.

If this is delayed he cannot head towards North to finish things off.

If he cannot finish the troublesome matters in the North, he can't prove his legitimacy for the Crown and then he could not represent Kinley during the treaty and put forward the proposal to open the gates to the Darkness realm.

"The Council will be held in three days, after which it will take place next month."

Kevin muttered as he saw through Alex's trail of thoughts.

Alex stared at him solemnly.

"I see. I will try to find a way."

"Hmm!"Kevin nodded.

"Every Prince Or Princesses after the ceremony would head over to the warehouse to choose their weapon."

"Chief Chamberlain would show you the way."

"Dismissed!"Kevin shouted and walked back.

After him, everyone started to retreat.

Ivine gave Alex sneer while Hex looked at him with an inexplicable gaze.

Leia walked towards Alex and gave a slight nod.

"Alex I did not mean any harm?" 𝓲𝑛𝗻𝗿𝘦𝒶𝐝. ᴄo𝗺

"I just wanted you to step back and not get hurt but if you persist in the task I have no way but to accept the date. However, I had never thought Hex would play like this."

Leia gave a slight nod and left.

There was no need for more words nor did she plead for forgiveness.

"Alex, let's have a chat after you clear things," Sean spoke and patted Alex, he left, leaving behind Alex and Alice in the huge audience room.

"Brother, are you going to run for the Crown?"

"It's dangerous," Alice spoke with teary eyes while thinking of persuading Alex to step back.

Alex understood her thoughts and patted her.

"I am sorry Alex, I have to step in."

"Cause this is the only way to get Riya back otherwise…"

Alice could understand Alex's words and clenched the hem of her dress while cursing the cruel fate for forcing her brother.


After passing through a trial, every member of the Royal family would get a chance to visit the Realm Of Dreams.

It was a secret warehouse created years ago when Kinley was first established.

This was the place where the Imperial family stored its treasures from thousands of years ago.

It exists somewhere underground in the People's Palace and it was a place where no other than Stans's blood relatives could enter.

Alex headed to the place under Chief Chamberlin's guidance.

"From here on, you have to go alone. Please make a good choice."


"Please put a drop of blood on this magic circle."

Chief Chamberlin bowed his head politely and stepped aside.

Alex nodded, making a small cut that dripped blood on the magic circle.

The magic circle glowed and started shining brightly.

Alex's whole body was devoured by light and a creak was heard from the door.

Alex pushed the door and entered.

As soon as he passes through the door and goes down to the basement, a thick fog fills the place.

Alex sensed that the fog was quite abnormal and carried the power to harm one's body greatly.

Realms seemed to be meaningless before it however his body seemed to be resistant to the effect.

"Does it mean anyone except Stans would be affected by it?"

After taking a few steps through the mist, Alex's eyes saw the stars glimmering softly from the ceiling.

Like the Milky Way, a long road of stars appeared before him as if all of this was a dream.

Another huge stone gate blocked Alex's vision.

The stone gate was covered with ruins and a barrier exuding strong pressure.

"This place had too many security measures."

Alex saw another circle and dropped another drop of blood.

The barrier receded and the gates opened.

What appeared before Alex was a sea of treasure beyond his imagination.

Alex who crossed the door heard a cheerful voice.

"Welcome to Dream Realm."

"A place where your dream comes true."

Alex turned and saw a girl with golden hair and golden eyes staring at him.

"An Angel."

Alex murmured with surprise.

"I am just a projection of Angel granted to Emperor Schelidas in the year #######."

"Okay, I got it, please stop."Alex tried to stop his dizziness after hearing her speak thousands of words.

"I am Ella, the warehouse keeper here! You are Alex Von Stan, right?"

"I did not think that you would ever step in here. I am truly surprised."

Alex's lips twitched.

"You shouldn't undermine people so much."Alex snorted.

"First of all congratulations on being able to restore your status. Is this the first time you are?"

"No, I have been here countless times."

Ella's smile faded and her brows creased.

"Huhh! How can it be?"

"I remember you have never appeared here."

"Since you know that this is my first time then why are you asking me this stupid question?"Alex spoke with a glare.

Ella pouted with a cute expression. It had been a long time since she had a visitor and she just wanted to talk a bit.

She coughed to clear her embarrassed expression.

"This is the best treasure trove in the world where you will find treasures beyond what Prince Alex had thought!"

"Each weapon from here can cause disaster and the treasure with the lowest value can easily supplement the budget of a nation."


"However, let me give you a reminder."

"The things here have been sought after from past to present and the future each with its Myths and legends so the weapons choose you not the other way around? If you are not chosen by a weapon you can't take it no matter what."

Alex nodded and started to search around.

The only good weapon he had was the Deadweight Greatsword.

He initially used swords made of steel which were replaced by swords from the Lockheart collection; however, all of them fall short.

Till now, he had not found anything that could accompany him forever.

Alex passed through heaps of weapons.

Dragon Spear.

Celestial Sword

Satanic Dagger

Spear of Stan.

The weapons started to vibrate as Alex passed through surprising Ella.

"What the.."

"All the weapons you pass through want you to choose them. This is the first time I have seen something like this."

"It's because I am special," Alex muttered.

"I have never seen a narcissist fellow like you."

"And why are you not choosing from any of them?"

"I don't feel like choosing them," Alex replied nonchalantly.

Each of them might be a great weapon however what Alex wants is his intuition to scream.

Still, Alex's eyes shone seeing the weapons as he skimmed through them while passing over Ella babbling beside him.

Alex decided to take some weapons to try them.

Sword Of Light.

It was a shining blade that seemed to be good for those with light elements so Alex stretched out his hands towards the handle.

However at that time.....

The entire space around Alex started to vibrate.

Not only the space, but all the things here also started to vibrate loudly, shaking the entire place.


"What's happening?"Ella spoke with a perplexed tone and closed her eyes trying to find out the source of the abnormality.

Her eyes scanned through everything around the place and finally fell at the back.

Her face became pale and her eyes flashed with disbelief.


Along with a blank voice that came out, the space before Alex that was covered with weapons started to split.

The weapons slowly started to step aside as if they were welcoming the Emperor of Weapons.

Through the split sea of weapons, Alex saw a dark grey spot.

A sword wrapped in darkness greeted him.

The place around it was so dark that no one would notice its presence.

From sword to handle everything exuded a sense of ominousness and seemed to be absorbing all the light that existed around him.

Alex's heart started to beat rapidly as if he had developed a crush.

"What is that?"

"Sword Of Annihilation."

"But how can it be?"

Seeing Alex's confused gaze, Ella explained.

"You might not even know about this.."

"The First Emperor of Kinley built this castle over an ancient ruin."

"He found this sword in the ancient ruin and he was fascinated by the blade but he was not able to pull it out."

"So, you are saying this blade has been stuck here for an unknown period and an Imperial castle is built around it."

Ella nodded.

Alex approached the Sword Of Annihilation.

"It can be dangerous."

"Don't do this."

Ella shouted and raised her hand to stop Alex.

But the next moment she could see a series of black light eruptions from Sword Of Annihilation.

Darkness erupted and started swallowing the whole place in Dream Realm.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 507 505:Sword Of Annhilation