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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 506 504:Deciding The Crown Prince

Seeing the Emperor asking Alex, doubts appeared on the faces of the Princes and Princesses.

Because they couldn't guess what he was thinking.

Alex took out some mana crystals and placed them before the Emperor.

"Your Highness, these contain the evidence of some crimes committed by Shen."

"If you take a closer look at the content inside, you will know just how much Shen had made a mess in from Western borders."

Alex's words poured cold water on Hex.

"I just wanted to have a nice chat with Shen, however when I confronted him with all of this, I was attacked out of nowhere."

"Everything is self defence."

"Do you think we are naive?"Ivine and Shion spoke at the same time.

Seeing them bicker like this, Kevin sighed.


Ivine body stiffened and she stared at The Emperor.

His eyes were as dark as the night sky filled with dissatisfaction.

"Do you know what is your mistake?"

"I..I.."Ivine stuttered wondering what she had done for The Emperor to condemn her openly.

"I know,"She said, biting his lips.

"No, you don't."

Ivine lips opened and closed but no words came out.

"Speak, what you did wrong."

Ivine clenched her hem tightly and said"I should not have drawn the sword in the audience room."

"Drawing your sword is not wrong."

Kevin muttered and looked at everyone's confused expression.

"It's your inability to judge the situation and draw the conclusion."

"You were not able to judge your opponent nor were you able to defeat it."

"Look at Alex, once he started confronting everyone he pushed forward without stepping back no matter who appeared before him."

"Remember one thing."

"In life there is no stepping back.'

"Your choices and actions have consequences and you cannot turn away."

"Even after being pressured all around, he won while you all lost."

"You could not defeat your enemy with your own hands and dare to raise this matter here asking for my help."


Kevin stomped the ground.

The platform under the Throne cracked and a mighty aura forced everyone to tilt their back.

"That's why till now we don't have a Crown Prince."


He snorted and shouted.

"We have seen each other after a long time and I know you don't like all this so let's go straight to the point."

"I have called here to announce that Alex's status is going to be restored."

"From now on The position of Fifth Prince of the Royal Family will be returned to Alex."

"But father he doesn't have the blood of God."

Ivine shouted.

"Shut up!"

Kevin's voice filled with flurry resonated in the room.

His words rang like thunder causing strong gales to surge from him.

"I did not ask for your opinion."

"His blood was not awakened at that time. The sudden awakening of the Blood Of Gods might be the reason why he gained this sudden strength."


Everyone was drenched in a cold sweat and even forgot to breathe for a moment.

"The real reason I called you today is to talk about the successor

"And I am not asking for your opinion."

"It's almost decided."

At that moment all the members of the family raised their heads at once.

Because it was so sudden.

However, the words of the Emperor that followed were shocking enough to erase the mind of everyone here.

A mischievous light shone in the Eyes of Kevin which gave Alex chills.

The moment Alex noticed that he felt a bad premonition in his heart.

"I wish to make Alex my successor for now."

A bomb fell from the Emperor's mouth which even startled Alex.

The inside of the audience room was so quiet that even the sound of breathing could be heard.

'Is he on high after taking some drugs or did I have some secret supporter behind my back who did something with this man behind my back?'

Alex thought that he could have regained his Fifth Prince position back but talked about being Crown Prince when his position had just been restored.

'Is he directly pushing me into muddy waters?'

Alex faced the Emperor who was looking at him.

Things were getting quite interesting.

If you were designated as successor you would be closer to the Emperor than anyone else at least in terms of legitimacy regardless of qualities or power.

But the question is how others will handle it.

The backlash would be quite huge and in one way or another, it is Alex who has to take on all of this making him a target of many.

Yes this was both a help that he called off however it was also a test for him

Surprisingly the first one to confront this was none other than Leia.

"Your Majesty, Can you tell me the reason for all this?"

"An heir cannot climb the Throne by himself. He needs support and help."

"And as far as I know, he doesn't have any."

"Your Majesty, tell me you are joking, "Hex asked with a solemn expression because things have come beyond what he had expected.

"Everything is pointless before true strength."

"You are still unaware."

"You have not seen his true strength, that's why you are speaking like this."

Kevin gave a helpless smile which did not fit the situation and spoke"He can now slaughter Supreme like a pig so what support are you talking about."


Leia screamed while everyone's expression became pale and everyone looked at Alex.

Even Alice was surprised to hear this and wondered what kind of monster his brother had become.

"So tell me what Support you are talking about."

"The Emperor of Arkham is at Saint Realm while the Emperor of Harold is at Supreme rank and here your brother has already surpassed the head of two Empires."

"In fact no matter what, Alex should be punished even if his actions were justified."

"However, since neither side was wrong, there is bound to be a confrontation."

"Sliong Raizarford the Supreme rank expert of Raizarford died unable to take Alex one attack."

"His strength had even surpassed those of the Supreme and only the Overlord could keep him in check."

"Now tell me."

"Should I push him further until there is mutual destruction or find a way to solve it."

"And telling you the truth, he is the best heir I can think of now unless you can surpass him."

However, just because he designated him as an official successor did not necessarily mean he would become the next Emperor.

"I can't believe this. Your Majesty, don't you know what position he is in now? How he is treated and how do others perceive this?"

William spoke and Leia who was standing next to him broke the composer she had maintained and looked at Alex with an inexplicable gaze.

"I too have always followed my father's will but this time I cannot accept it."

"He is too young for all this and even if he is strong this is going to be a huge burden for him."

Rosaline asked with a calm voice.

"May I ask why you chose Alex?"

"Strength cannot be the only criterion for this. You cannot rule an Empire with strength only."

"Because I judged him to be most suitable for the next Emperor among you."

The faces of the royal family were even more distorted by Kevin's unconventional words.

"I just cannot understand what is going on. It was you who threw him out of nowhere and now you are the one who accepted him easily and now you are even raising his status as the Crown Prince."

"Just why?"Shion asked with a frustrated expression.

Everyone was thinking the same thing.

Kevin clicked his tongue and spoke, "If you could have understood that much then you would have already been designated as the next Crown Prince."

"However, if only you had that much head."

Shion stepped back on Kevin.

"I still can't accept this."

Hex expressed his anger towards Kevin however Kevin's eyes were as calm as the gentle sea.

"A word once spoken is never repeated."

It was his iron rule which he had followed still now and so he will be in the future.

And that was known to everyone.

'Since he had already made up his mind. This is already irreversible..' Leia thought and shook her head.

"I will follow Your Majesty's will."


Everyone gawked at her.


Under everyone's bewildered gaze, she said"I have one suggestion."

"Tell me." π’π˜―π‘›π‘Ÿπ˜¦π™–π˜₯. α΄„πš˜m

At those words, Leia's eyes turned towards Alex.

"Everyone knows that this is too sudden for everyone to acknowledge and may create unrest and chaos in the whole Empire."

"Even with us, the backlash from other members such as nobles, councillors and knights will be huge. There will be endless doubts and dissatisfaction."

"So why don't we give him a chance to prove himself."

"An opportunity to prove himself as a successor," Kevin muttered and spoke.

"How do you do that?"

At that Hex spoke with a sinister expression.

"Why doesn't he solve the plague that is slowly corroding the Empire."

Hex's eyes drew a black arc and he spoke.

"The Northern part is in chaos. Dark Elves and Demons are slowly pushing Elves while keeping us in check."

"War may happen anytime soon."

"So, why doesn't he solve the problems by meditating in between?"

The Northern part is facing a huge crisis.

A huge number of troops were stationed here keeping Demon and Dark Elves in check however minor skirmishes are going on every day.

Every day hundreds to thousands of soldiers die and many people go missing.

The situation is getting worse every day.

There is a shortage of food and funds are becoming insufficient.

Kinley had spent a great resource to regain the Western Part and now if something happened to the Northern Part, there would be a huge calamity.

If Alex was not able to manage the Northern borders properly, all the blame would fall on him and who knows if could return alive from that place under Demon's watch.

It was quite a sinister plan on Hex's part.

However, everything lies in his father's decision.

"If you have to become Emperor you have to solve it anyway otherwise the stability of the Emperor would be in the stack. There may be mass support for him if he solves this and he would be able to prove the qualifications."

"I don't think it's a bad idea."

"I agree with brother Hex."

Everyone except Sean, Leia and Alice agreed.

Even though suggested this she had not imagined Hex to push Alex so far nor did she believe that his father would agree to this.


There was interest in Kevin's eyes and he looked at Alex wondering what he would do.

At the same time, everyone's gaze falls on Alex.

Alex massaged his forehead as he had somehow expected this to happen.

However, it was okay.

It's time for the world to know the fear.

The fear of having Alex as an enemy.

"I accept your proposal."

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 506 504:Deciding The Crown Prince