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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 504 502:Gathering Of Royal Family

The rays of sun shimmered, illuminating the room.

Under the rays of sun, the wooden pane of the portrait glittered.

Inside the portrait a small boy sat on the chair while a woman stood behind him with a loving smile.

Her refreshing smile depicted the state of her happiness and heightened her beauty.

Alex calmly stared at Riya and spoke

"I wonder how the painter is able to draw you."

"Still this picture of yours doesn't even come close to the real you."

Then his gaze fell on his younger self.

His body was quite rounded and he looked like a swollen ball.

However he had to admit one thing.

As Athena said he looks quite quiet.

He stepped forward and caressed Riya's face in the portrait.

"Soon..Very Soon.."

"Wait for me"


"Come in!"Alex spoke in a displeased expression.

"Your Highness, all the ladies have gathered."

"I see."

"Take the stacks of paper with you."


"From now on, I will devour everything."

Alex tilted the cup in front of him and quietly opened his mouth to his wives sitting opposite to him.

Hearing his words, the image of Alex ravaging his opponent came into Athena's mind.

It was the image which she could never forget in his life.

"Ask the forces of Leonhart to prepare themselves."

"We will also move the League of shadows."

"It's time to reap all the things we have sown"

"What are you going to do first?"Catherine asked.

"We will collect evidence of the kingdoms attacking us."

"Will we suppress them or wage war against them?"Yvonne enquired.

"Neither."Alex shook his head and spoke

"There is no need to waste manpower on these bugs anymore."

"We will assassinate their heads and make the Kingdoms fall into chaos.You know what to do next."

"So you are going to use League of Shadows to kill them."Christina murmured while thinking about something.

Alex smiled while shaking his head and clapped his hands.

A Knight entered under every one curious gaze and kneeled down.

"Davidson, it's time to test your loyalty towards me."

"We are prepared to prove our loyalty, Your Highness."

"We will tread on fire and water for you."

Seeing the other three curious gaze, Athena explained to them"He is Davidson, Captain of the Knights of Fifth Division under Alex."

"The Kingdoms range from tier 4 to Tier 1."

"Form a squad of Legendary ranks and get this done in a week.The earlier it's done it's better."

"Yes, Your Highness."Davidson bowed his head.

"Have you gotten the list?"

"Give it to Christina."

Davidson nodded and handed Christina stacks of paper.

Christina took it and scanned the names written on the list.

Her eyes lit up with surprise.


"In three days all of them are going to be assembled."

Christina's hands trembled and she closed her eyes which surged with happiness.

Her squad that she had built with blood and sweat was abandoned and dispersed.

She tried to look for them but it was difficult for her alone to locate all of them.

"When did you begin to look for them?"

"Since, I arrived at the capital."

"In fact, I found them quite a long time ago but I was cautious about other eyes so refrained from making big movements."

Christina frowned as she realised something and asked"Then wouldn't it be troublesome if I do this now."

"They were dispersed under the Emperor's order so are we not going against him by doing this?"

"I don't care anymore."

"What can he do now?"

"Instead of me they should be worried."

"Cause I will now cut everyone who opposes me without mercy."

"And secondly, I think things will be cleared by tomorrow when everyone meets the Emperor."

"Soon the tides are going to be changed."

"If you are incapable of bending to the circumstances, you can only blame yourself."

"It's time to use everything we have built till now."


People's palace at the centre of Imperial Palace.

About a dozen people were gathered in a huge audience room.

Sean looked at the people gathered here with heavy eyes.

'It was the first time they have been gathered like this.'

Sean after marrying moved with his family out of the capital to keep his family safe from the wolves.

When fights happened here, he was near the borders and honestly he was greatly shocked by all of this.

He knew that one day Alex might explode but it came so first that it surprised him greatly.

In Sean's eyes the figures of men and women with golden hair just like herself were reflected.

It was more like a gathering of competitors instead of brothers and sisters.

To aim for the throne you need to pass through a succession ceremony and recently Second Princess Ivine passed the ceremony.

Since Shion was uninterested in the throne , Ivine would surely hoard all the power of the Raizerford family and start spreading her influence.

Only the third Princess Rosalie and Fourth Princess Alicia remained to pass the ceremony.

He did not know what they would do in future.

People who inherited the blood of Stans have already suppressed the limits of strength and had immense capability.

On birth each one of them would have an awakening ceremony to awaken the blood of God.

It was said Alex failed that and he was treated as an outcast as he had no Blood of God that symbolises Stan.

Thinking about all the drama going on in their family made him bitter.

'I will have to protect my family from these wolves.I can't let these people harm them as each one of them are monsters who could take the lives of others without hesitation.'

There is no humanity in them.

Greed of power makes people lose their sense.He knew it very well because he was also one of them.

Drunk in power, human life meant nothing to him until he met her.

She added meaning to his life and made her understand that there was something more greater than power.

With a sigh, he observed everyone.

Shion and William looked down, however he was surprised to see Hex looked calm as usual.

"Long time no see brothers.Why do all of you have gloomy eyes and messy hair?"

"Have you not slept well?'

At that moment, a woman with long blonde hair hanging down her back opened her mouth with a smile.

First Princess Leia.

"Sister Leia, you still have that habit of poking things you should not poke, isn't it?"

William muttered with a smile.

"I am just worried about my brother's welfare.You all know what happened three days ago.The entire capital was in uproar."

"People's hearts had been restless.So as an older Sister it's my job to look after my brothers who were at the centre of all this."

"Are you only going to talk about those filthy things which don't mean much?"

Hex spoke with a smile.

The two looked at each other with calm eyes as a greeting like this was not a provocation at all.

But deep in their eyes there was disgust for each other.

"I heard you lost some people?"Leia asked with an expression as if she knew something.

"You have really grown courageous enough to enquire about my business."

"It's just some bugs who lost their lives.Since, they are not capable enough to do their duty well enough, it's good that all of them died."

Hex folded his legs and spoke with a sneer.

Leia glanced at Sean who gave her a look that she should not drag her into this.

Alice who stood at the side shed cold sweat wondering why a gentle lamb like her was forced to attend a meeting of tiger's.

All of them were summoned and asked to attend no matter what.She had to take a holiday and came here in a farce.

" a pleasant atmosphere."Ivine muttered with a clap.

"This guy is the shame of the Stan family.Just by being here he is undermining the honour of the family"Ivine spoke with a venomous gaze.

"He doesn't have any God blood so I don't understand how he became so strong."William spoke with a confused expression.

"On top of that he had broken several laws and attacked the Prince.He is just a King of a small Kingdom. What right does he have to touch us?"

"I want him to be punished according to the law."Ivine shouted and looked at Hex. 𝓲𝓃𝐧𝓇𝗲𝒂d. 𝑐𝐨m

Hex eyes which were calm became intense.

The loss he suffered was heartbreaking.

"If he was going to be punished, he would have already been punished.Since he is not.It seems that the Royal Father has some other plans."William spoke.

"I don't know.I just wish he disappears from sight."Ivine whined while clenching her fist.

She had come here to take a look at the bastard who dared to harm her mother.

"He is too strong for you all to handle,"Leia added.

"No matter how much strength he has, he is alone."

"What can he do alone?I don't even know how long he will last.Soon he will find himself in a pit surrounded by people over his throat."

Shion, who kept his lips closed till now, spoke with a smirk.

"That's what I am also curious about."

One voice echoed in their ears.

At that, people turned their heads toward the door of the audience where the voice was heard.

"Let's see what I can do and how long it will last."

There was Alex entering the audience room with an ominous smile.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 504 502:Gathering Of Royal Family