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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 503 501:You Will Bear My Rage

It was a bloody night.

Soon the tales of the night which had shaken the entire power structure of the Empire would reach everyone's ears.

He knew that this would soon spread all over the place like wildfire.

People will surely be more interested towards the origin of the story rather than the plot.

After all, fights between the family members happened like an everyday meal in the imperial castle.

However this was the first time where people were butchered like sheep.

And Hex who would centre of all this would become a laughing stock of the entire world.

His eyes which had been filled with ambition and arrogance were nowhere to be found.

Sitting around the debris, he watched his mansion burn.

He had built this place with a lot of hard work to get out from his family shadow and cut off the moles as much as he could.

Hex, who was known as a Miraculous Magician, had the support of Kinley's Magic tower.


Hex hoarse voice made the person before him tremble.

"Your Highness.."

"14 Legendary realm Knight, 9 Legendary rank Magicians and 38 miscellaneous Transcendent rank."

The informant's lips quivered as he recited the information.

"I don't dare to talk about the Mythic ranks."

Hex bit his lip till it bled and looked at the bloody moon.


The informant quickly left, leaving behind Hex whose anger started to flare.


"How dare you do this to me?"

"You filthy bastard."

"How dare you?"

Hex screamed on top of his lungs and pulled his hair in pain and agony.

He caresses the place on his chest where Alex kicked him and started to scratch it.

He felt disgusted and tried to scrape the meat over his chest where Alex put his feet.

Blood dripped down from his chest leaving gnarly wounds.

The memories of being hit by Alex nauseated him.

Sean, who had the support of the Kinley's Knight squad, had always been at odds with him.

The Magic Tower and Army Knight Squad had always kept each other in check.

With Shen's help, Hex had gotten hold over a

knight regiment and made his own army which could rival them.

However the balance broke during the war where Sean power had been cut.

And Hex aimed to cut the remaining weed and finally step on the Throne.

He was so close to fulfilling his dream.He just needed a tiny push and seize it.


Just a single night...

And just a single man thrashed his dream and everything.

He appeared like a storm and destroyed his men as if they were made of paper.

He lost the Mythic rankers and many Legendary rank knights.

He might be able to get up on his feet but he knew this wasn't the end.

Because with Shen in their hand, Hex might really be in trouble.

People might think Shen as a fool.

A weak and greedy bastard without any brain but only he knows the truth.

Inside that fatty look lies a cunning man with great eyesight.

He only lost his composure when it came to the matters pertaining to Christina.

As he thought about what might happen next, the voice of Alex started to echo in his ears and hunt him.

'This is just the beginning of your despair.'

'You will drown in despair.'

'A never ending despair.'

'You will cry and beg for death.'

'And even if you die, what will be waiting for you after death is nothing but despair...'

"No!"Hex roared angrily and hit the pillar beside him.

"It will not be me but you...."


"I will show you the true despair."

Hex who talked to himself suddenly felt an ominous feeling beside him.

Hex did not need to look beside to know the identity of the man.


"Second Prince, you don't look well."

"Sometimes I wonder what would you be doing now if you had accepted our offer."

A sinister voice echoed in his mind.

"Yes, I will take your offer."

"Help me to gain the throne and I will keep my words."

"So, you finally accepted."


? "Heheheheh!"

"It would have been more fun if only you had listened to me before."

Hex looked at the cloaked figure who had an amusing smile on his lips.

"I also want you to help me with something."

"And what is that Second Prince?"

Hex muttered faintly and smiled on getting the confirmation.


In a dark room where the moonlight barely hides through the window.

A pair of red eyes stared at the bed where four women slept peacefully.

After putting Athena to sleep, Alex went out to look for the other three.

His heart stirred seeing their sleepless face filled with exhaustion.

While he was unconscious they had worked day and night over the past month arranging many things for him.

They have taken care of him quite well and since he had woken up, it was their time to take a rest.

So the moment everything was over, they fell asleep yesterday and have not woken up till now.

While all of them were asleep, Alex sat there on the rocking chair while contemplating many things.

As his body swayed to and fro due to the motion of chai, his eyes dozed off from time to time.


He did not dare to sleep.

Everytime he closed his eyes and tried to sleep, the terrific nightmare of losing his wives started to appear again and again.

His nightmare had developed into fear and now he was afraid that his wives would be taken away if he fell asleep.

The moment he dozed off, the tear stricken face of Riya filled with misery appeared in his mind.

So he simply sat there with a blank expression.

However it did not mean he was wasting time.

He became more familiar with his new power.

He was walking on a path that no one had threaded before and he did not even know the end of it.

He was also worried of facing an obstruction which he could not solve.

He had been ignorant to many things.

He had always thought that his soul was strong because of the memories about his past life and due to being trained by Goddess.

However it was wrong.

His soul had always been strong.

The proof was the presence of that being inside the soul.

It was just that his soul was keeping up with the body.

It is like a gas which when required can be contained in a small cane while at the same time it can fill the entire room if left free.

When he changed his power structure, his soul expanded crazily, becoming stronger than before.

Alex sighed.

"I just got the answer about my soul strength when the new question of who that person is appears."

What worried him more was the last words of the man.

"He said that the outside world seems fun."

"What did he mean?"

As Alex thought over it again and again, the only thing he could think was that person might have been locked in his soul or something like this, who wanted to get out.

Or maybe he was one of his previous shelf who, unable to find any excitement, locked his personality and memories waiting to appear.

Alex thought that it might be because his gaze looked quite boring and it was quite similar to him.

In fact, Alex often feels bored when he fights with others.

When he decided to go all out, he knew that the Supreme might not pose much threat however it might be one of the few moments he had felt excited.

He never intended to kill the members of the Royal family.

It was just a gamble to pull out those old men from their shell and thankfully he succeeded.

If not for Riya's absence he would have thoroughly enjoyed the moments.

Alex snapped out of his thoughts and looked at his wives sleeping peacefully.

Every time he looked at them, he missed Riya's presence.

He could still remember Goddess Of Wisdom words

'Cut those who need to be cut.Discard what needs to be discarded.A King should never should never show any weakness.'

'You lacked greatly in that aspect.Words and knowledge cannot fill that gap.'

The amount of practical experience he had can be said to be negligible.

He was just an ordinary human in his previous life and even though he learnt a lot of things, he was not able to use them properly.

It was the difference between knowing theory and doing practical work.

Unless you experience things on your own you will never grow.

He thought that if he laid low without interfering with others, people would not look trouble with him needlessly.

That's why unless required, he doesn't provoke them much.

However some people really mistaken his indifference as his inability to fight back.

It was the same for those people from the Darkness realm.

If they knew a little bit about him, they would have never dared to provoke.

They have touched something which they should never have.

Alex gasped heavily and his gaze burnt with hatred.

What fueled his anger more was that coincidentally, Ava's true reincarnation was none other than Riya.

Catherine might look like Ava but Riya was Ava.

And he failed to protect Ava for a second time.

Now that he knew about this, Alex wondered if Riya knew about the past.

It may be possible she knew about the past and knew about his true identity as God Of Death arranged their fate and Riya also carried his power.

However Alex can only keep patience for now while Riya might be suffering in thier.

This thing stuck in his heart more than anything.

"You all will pay the price."

"Price for your imprudence."

"Just wait and prepare yourself."

"You will bear my rage."

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 503 501:You Will Bear My Rage