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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 502 500:The Place Where He Spend His Childhood

There were 20 palaces in and the entire place can be called Imperial City.

All the palaces surround the People's Palace where the Emperor stays, the most magnificent of all.

It was where the core of power lies.

Alex, who was heading towards the place which used to be his home, looked at the buildings as he passed.

'Not bad.'

Alex murmured inwardly.

It may not look like but every building arranged here looks like a part of some grand array formation.

Soon, a white palace appeared in his vision.

It was so grand that it was accurate to call it a castle rather than a palace.

Somehow Alex felt that the grandiosity of this Castle can even be compared to the People's Palace.

He started to feel that familiar feeling.

As if waiting, many knights standing in front of the main gate of the Palace approached and bowed their heads.

As Alex stepped down, an old man walked towards him.

"Your Highness..It's nice to have you again."

The old man's voice was quivering and not only he but also many standing there looked emotional.



The old man was startled by this and bowed his head.

"Please forgive me for my imprudence."

"I am Fray and I have been serving as your butler, Your Highness."


"I don't remember much.I have lost a lot of memory."

Alex's words surprised many.

Fray regained his composure and asked Alex to follow him.

"Follow me, Highness, I will guide you inside."

Alex nodded slightly and started following him who walked politely.

Fray looked like a frail old gentleman who looked quite harmless.

However behind the cover, Alex could see years of experience.

Though he is currently at Legendary rank his strength used to be Mythic rank as discovered by his eyes.

Maybe he lost his power due to some injury.Alex thought to keep asking him about this later.

Fray, who seems to be quite talkative, started to narrate the events while Alex was out.

The fate of the servants had always been tied with their masters.After Alex was disowned they were not able to serve other masters nor any one of them were willing to do so.

Fortunately, as if their intention had been understood, the Emperor hadn't thrown them out and asked them to maintain the place and work as usual.

"Your Highness, without you this place had lost its auster and became colourless."Fray spoke with a sincere smile.

Alex, who just listened till now, opened his lips.

"Fray, I was just a fool and fat pig."

"I don't understand one thing."

"Why do you respect me so much?I can feel genuine happiness on my return from all of you?"

"I am a person who had been ridiculed and made fun of for being an idiot and had been labelled as a dark stigma by everyone so why are you all so happy to serve him.Or is this because I have become stronger and returned with glory."

"This is making me confused."

Fraycstopped walking and turned back.

Fray glanced at Alex and shook his head with a gentle smile.

"Highness, as I said before the fate of the servant tied with the master.We servants take pride in the master we are serving."

"However, even if your Master is a great man that does not mean that he is a great human."

"We are not ignorant of others.We have always been abused and gotten rid of if we fail to comply with the Masters demand."

"Our life has always been in the hands of the person we survive.Even if we are not killed, we have been subjugated to all kinds of humiliation."

"However you have always been different."

"Even if you are known as an imbecile, you are quite the perspective of other people's emotions and troubles and you have helped many."

"You have always treated us with utmost courtesy and respect and now it is our job to help you in treading your path with everything we have got."

"It may not look like but the Knights stationed here are not weak compared to other.Though I can agree that there may be moles here and there, nevertheless everyone here will do their best."

"It may be hard for you to believe in but it would be easier if Lady Riya had been with us now as she knows us better."

"I wished Lady Riya would have come with you. I am heartbroken to hear about her being taken away nevertheless, we all believe that you will surely bring her back."

"I will."Alex muttered.

Seeing the upright posture and sincere smile, pieces of memories started to appear in his head.

"Grandpa...Grandpa I want to eat that.."

"Grandpa, please carry me."

"Grandpa, I want to go out."

"Grandpa I wanted a piggy ride.I cannot walk any more."

Fray frowned as he noticed Alex standing like a statue with a frozen expression but little did he know that Alex was trying to hide his embarrassment.

'Damn it.'

'Crying for a piggy ride at the age of 15.'

'I should just drown in a pinch of water and why the hell are these stupid memory scenes coming back now.'

Alex tried to clear his embarrassment and asked"What if I had been changed?"

"What if the current me started to abuse you and kill you at the slightest mistake."

"I have already massacred many knights on the way.I am just a cold blooded killer."

Fraycraised his eyes and appraised Alex.

"Your Highness, you can't fool me.I have been with you since you were born and fed you with my own hands until Lady Riya took the job."

"So, I know you better than anyone."

"No matter how much you change, the core will always remain the same."

"You are the type of person who would treat kindness with kindness and hatred with more hatred."

Alex's lips curled upward.


The more you walk the more you get used to it.

Alex thought as he walked through the corridors towards the Second floor towards his room.

The sight of several people running here and there greeted him.

As he got closer towards the room, he heard the sound of familiar footsteps.

A lady with nimble movements like a cat pounced on him and hugged him tightly.

"Ahh..So, you were here."

Alex spoke and wrapped his hands around Athena's body which seemed to be trembling.

She hugged him so tightly as if she feared that Alex would disappear if she let him go.

"What were you doing here?"

"I am managing things out here.I often visit here to play with you and help Riya to sort out things and I am also quite familiar with them."

"So, I thought of sorting things here before you come."

"I see then thanks for taking care of it."

The broad chest of Alex and the warmth radiated from him calmed her down.

Athena, who had always been strong, tried to control herself from crying.

She was really afraid.

Afraid of losing the person who had been her light.

Without him, she did not know where she would be now.

If he died, all the meaning of her life would be lost.

From the past month, she had not even blinked a moment when treating Alex.

Unlike other she did not only rely on divinity to heal others.She had also learnt various of techniques and procedures ranging from acupuncture to herbalist, acupressure, ayurveda, surgery and many more,

She can be said as a proper physician which broadens her vision on treating others.

And thank God, all this knowledge helped her to keep Alex alive for a month.

And it became more hectic as Alex moved like crazy after waking up without paying any heed to her or others.

Alex caressed her hair gently and stood there for a moment.

The servants around them blushed a bit and quickly gave them some space and went back.

Alex saw drowsiness in Athena's eyes.

"You can sleep, Athena."

"Rest well and have sweet dreams."

Alex's soft whispers filled with love and care sounded like lullabies in her ears.

Her vision started to become blurry and without resisting against it, she let herself fall asleep in his arms.

Alex pulled Athena and carried her in Princess carry position to his room which had been prepared by Athena from before.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 502 500:The Place Where He Spend His Childhood