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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 500 498:The Weight Of His Debt

Thunder raged across the sky, quakes shake the ground while spreading like waves of ocean.

Fierce gales were followed by dust storms all around sweeping everything in its path.

The devastation from Alex's attack moved towards Zenith rapidly.

Everyone around Zenith felt the aftermath while those who were near to the wall were shocked to see a huge mass of dust cloud rising up I'm the sky and at the same time it was coming towards them.

Losing their minds, they rang an emergency signal warning everyone of the incoming danger.

People's hearts became restless wondering what happened whereas many thought that an enemy had invaded the capital while some started to pray to the Goddess for safety.

The Supremes face became pale and everyone took their position to repel the attack.

"Don't let it reach here otherwise people may get affected."Leighton shouted and attacked.

The attacks from Supreme clashed against the devastation and dispersed it.

With their strength they managed to take care of the aftermath.

Everything in the world became standstill after that.

If they did not repel it, Alex was ready to clean his own deed but since they had done it, he focused below.

The trees, river and small slopes of hill that were present beneath him disappeared leaving behind a huge crater of nothingness.

The impact shook off the entire capital and the quakes transverse to the nearby kingdom alerting them while at the same time scaring them.

The Supremes who only took a moment to reach there could only watch helplessly.

The presence of Sliong had been wiped out completely as if he had never existed.

The heavy atmosphere seemed to freeze due to the shocking heaven defying palm strike.

No words could describe the feelings they were undergoing now.

An ancient giant who had lived for more than 400 years was killed with just a single palm strike from a boy in its youth.

It was quite shocking and at the same time it was quite embarrassing for them as well.

They who have ignored his pleas and requests before, could feel the severity of the situation.

Only after witnessing the horror of his power, they realised the weight of the favour owed by that man.

A debt owed by such a man is priceless.

They had the chance to earn his goodwill however instead of that they had stepped on his bad side.

Sliong reacted aggressively because his descendants' life was in peril and now he paid with his life.

The Supreme who were stupefied for a moment finally snapped out of their thoughts and one of them looked at Alex with hatred.

"Do you know what you did now?"

Alex stared at them calmly and nodded.


"I just freed the world from the burden of an evil man."

"You..How dare you insult a deceased who had contributed greatly to the society."

"Did no one teach you any manners?"


Alex raised his brows and looked straight at the man's eyes causing his body to shiver in fright.

The old man felt as if the sickle death had been placed on his neck waiting for this boy's command to take his life.

"Sir Kalmen."

"I don't mind cutting you off and sending you to accompany your dead comrade."

Kalmen and everyone's expressions were distorted.

Alex rotated his gaze and observed the people around him.

6 Saints and 8 Supreme realm experts hovered before him.

All of them had a solemn expression and their nerves were quite tense.

"Boy you are violating the treaty that had been set by the ancestors."

"Don't you have any shame."

"Do you think we will not kill you?"


The man who spoke this was suddenly blasted away and splashing blood, his body hit the cliff with a loud bang causing several cracks one after another.

Breaking through the trees, when he finally landed on the debris, his body seemed to be wrecked gravely.

A chill ran down the spine of the people present out there.

"I am not Saint and I have not signed any useless treaty so don't try to force me."

"And yeah, if you dare to bark at me or threaten me or even show a tiny hint of hostility then prepare yourself for a bloodbath."

Alex's words echoed throughout the place.

Unable to handle his imprudence anymore.

"Enoughhhh!"Leighton shouted fiercely.

His aura enlarged and pressed onto Alex.

"Do you really think you can deal with us?"

"Let's show him what we are?"

Followed by Leighton words, each one of them released their aura locking onto Alex.

They took their fighting stance while waiting for Alex to move.

"Since you don't know how to be flexible, let me bury you here today."

A huge sun appeared behind Alex shining dazzlingly in the night.

It was so bright and fierce that the darkness of night disappeared and the entire place was lit.

Beside the sun, a small black star that was flickering as it was going to be extinguished suddenly expanded into a blackhole like crazy and started to suck in the mana present in the place greedily.

They could not believe the sight they were seeing.

It was a scene beyond their understanding.

Light and darkness were intertwining with each other and existed in harmony.

The Saint realm cultivators who always proclaim themselves powerful were smashed just by the pressure emanating from the man now.

"Have all of you gone crazy?"Cardinal Paul shouted.

"This place cannot stand your presence."

Both sides did not withdraw their aura and just looked at each other cautiously.

At the same time someone moved and attacked Alex.

Followed by it countless attacks poured on Alex.

None of them were life-threatening and were just meant to measure him.

Alex flicked his figure towards the attack.

The black hole spun and devoured the attacks voraciously into nothingness.



They grasped in shock wondering what had transpired suddenly.

Alex inhaled and a strong gust surged from his body.

His image blurred and he threw countless palms.

The palms materialised and slammed against their chest.

The Saints were smashed into pulp and blasted away while the Supreme were pushed back.

When Alex moved, they only saw flashing palms appearing like lightning.

"Why does he have so much power?"Leighton mumurmed while pressing his palm on the chest to suppress the pain.

He felt that if Alex had struck them seriously they might have really died.

Alex saw them getting up again.

"So, you still have not given up."

Alex tone carried a hint of anger.

A bloody killing intent leaked from Alex and red lightning started to flash around him.

The air and sky became bloody red being affected by his killing intent.

They swallowed their saliva seeing this scene.

Everyone prepared themselves to fend off against him earnestly while thinking of taking Alex down as quickly as possible.

While the tension rose and was threatening the existence of several innocent people who might be swept away by the aftermath of this battle, a faint majestic voice was hard.

"Stop it."

"All of you withdraw your aura."

"Alex, that's enough for today."

"I will hear what you have to say."

"Your Highness.."

The Supremes frowned and stared at Alex for a moment before withdrawing their aura.

"Your Highness, we cannot leave him like this or this will leave a bad example in the history of the Emperor."Leighton uttered hurriedly.


Leighton shut his mouth when he heard the cold voice.

"It's not that I am saving him, rather I am saving you all from him."

"If you don't believe me you can try.You can't even see his movements and you are thinking of taking him down."

"Or do you want me to dispatch Overlords just to catch him."

Everyone could feel the anger in his voice which caused them to tread carefully.

"Sliong had broken the pact and his death can be explained however if the fight carried on it will be Kinley that will be on the losing end."

Their auras disappeared instantly and all of them stepped back with a bitter expression.

"Alex, meet me at the castle."

Alex looked towards the capital and muttered"If you had done this at first, you wouldn't have lost so many people."


With this,Alex's figure disappeared leaving behind a gloomy atmosphere.

Leighton looked all around and suppressed his boiling anger.

"Someone carry Kalmen.We need to treat him before he dies."

"And look around and see if you can find any remains of Sliomg to hurry him."

Cardinal Paul sighed deeply while wondering what was going to happen next.

Though at the same he was relieved that this had not been dragged further.

Seeing Alex valour he was genuinely happy for Athena.

After Athena was taken in by the church, he had always kept an eye on her and treated her like a daughter.

Truthfully he was against Athena's marriage however the way things have developed, he was genuinely happy.

"Maybe Goddess blessing be with both of you."


In the Royal Castle..

A chilling atmosphere filled with fear and horror had made everyone stand there like a frozen statue.

No one dared to move due to the fear of being killed.

Athena joined her hands and prayed for Alex's safety.

Even when Alex was struck by lightning causing her to sacrifice a part of their lifespan, she had never felt fear.

But now she was really afraid.

Afraid of seeing Alex dying before her eyes.

To calm her agitated heart, she could only pray to Goddess on behalf of Alex and ask her to let her carry Alex's burden.

Shion, who had lost his composure, was biting his nails nervously.

He hoped for Alex to die by his ancestor's hands.

His mother had been injured by Alex and had been undergoing treatment.

Fortunately she was legendary otherwise she might really be killed today.

Meanwhile William's eyes looked bleak.

Only he knew just how much he had worked hard to reach here.

Being born late was unfair.

He had not even started to walk when his brother's had already been running.

With so much hard work, he was ready to run for Succession however...

Before he could take a leap, a giant wall which could never be overcome appeared before him.

"Alex…..Just had you gone through to reach here."

"You were clearly a weakling so what happened in the recent years which made you so strong."

William who stared at the sky blankly heard the loud sound of an explosion one after another.

Many covered their ears due to the loud noise.

As the intensity of noise started to increase, a majestic voice piercing deep into the sky echoed.

"Royal Father."

Shion and Willaim muttered with disbelief.

Recently their father had stopped meeting with others and even the orders they received were through Chief Chamberlain.

The last time they have seen him was when Alex broke in forcefully with a head.


After a few words, his voice faded and a flash appeared in their eyes.

The back became drenched in cold sweat as they felt the man's expression.

Their heart started to beat wildly seeing the bloodied figure.

Athena felt a warm hand patting her head which startled her.

"It's over for now."

"Don't worry I am fine."

"Ale..Alex are you really alright."Athena asked worriedly.

"I have never been better."Alex replied with a smile.

"I will visit that man.Meanwhile take care of this bastard."Alex murmured looking at Shen's body which had been lying in the corner.

"Leave it to me."Athena spoke and nodded her head resolutely.

Alex's image beside her disappeared under everyone's astonishing gaze.


Alex's silhouette appeared before the huge palace red in colour.

People's Palace where the Emperor lived.

Alex noticed no sign of Knights or guards around the place.

At the gate stood an old man with a long white beard.

"Nice to see you. I am the Chief Chamberlain."

"Nice to see you too."Alex replied and asked.

"Where is he?"

"He is inside waiting for you."

Alex followed him, who led him to the Emperor's quarters and stood at the side of the door.

With a deep breath, Alex entered with a tensed expression.

Cause in a way, the road to save Riya lay in the hands of this person.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 500 498:The Weight Of His Debt