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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 499 497:Slaying A Supreme Rank

Filled with fear and awe, everyone raised their head towards the only source of the light in darkness.

A mythical sight unfolded before everyone's eyes.

Seven stars reflected in their vision emitting a bright white light and a dark star was shimmering slowly as if it was about to awaken.

The power emitted from the stars gave them chills down the spine.

A sense of dreariness passed over them seeing the small black star which seemed to be surging with a great amount of power which could tilt the scale of power.

Alex who was at the centre of all this felt a surge of power coursing throughout his whole body drowning him in endless amounts of energy.

Instead of controlling it, he lets it wreck havoc and push the door to the 8th star that was flickering trying to appear in the world.

Alex broke his realm and created each star for each realm.

However it only represents his realm but also the feelings he had gone through to reach here from his previous life to being here till now.

His emotions and all the things he had been through had been condensed and encompassed to form this new kind of power unknown to this world.

Squire rank-1st Star representing the feeling of happiness

Disciple rank-2nd Star representing the feeling of sadness.

Master rank-3rd star representing the feeling of resentment.

Epic rank-4th Star representing the feeling of insignificance.

Transcendent rank-5th Star representing the hope

Legendary rank-6th Star representing his awakening.

Mythic rank-7th Star representing his strength.

Saint rank-8th Star representing his wrath.

From 1st to 7th, the stars are all white which contain the power of light, however from 8th onwards it would contain the power of darkness.

The black star that was flickering represents his anger toward and hatred for not being able to Riya started to enlarge.

Even though it was synonymous to the realm, the level and power of star cultivation cannot be compared to each realm.

[Starlight Cultivation Technique]

It was something which he could call his own.

There were many risks in changing the power structure which had been followed by the world but if he wanted to stand above everyone so that he would never need to back off...

He had to do this otherwise to reach the Overlord realm he would have to spend 10-20 years and he cannot wait that much because he needed to get back Riya as soon as possible.

Alex had saved the Power Of Faith previously and with the remaining Power Of Faith help, he pulled some of his strength stored in the centre.

"What is this?"

Sliong screamed in panic.

"I don't know what he is trying to do but I cannot let him proceed."

Sling muttered and his figure disappeared.

Alex who was immersed himself in breaking through saw a huge fist coming towards him carrying a great amount of strength.

The blow contained enough power to kill Alex.

Paul reacted quickly and tried to interfere but the two Supreme standing before him tried to stop him and clashed with him.

Seeing this Athena body moved towards Alex.

"If I cannot protect you at least I will die with you."Athena muttered with a resolute gaze and rushed forward.

At that time a voice echoed in everyone's ears causing Athena to stop.

"There is no need."

The huge palm flying towards Alex on touching the aura of darkness surrounding him disappeared as if it never existed.

The killing blow was wiped out as if it meant nothing.

Sling gasped in shock as he had poured a great amount of power in this and thought that the result was already decided.

Which was Alex's death.

For showing disrespect to his people even if he killed him hundred times, he could not soothe his rage.

However, contrary to his thoughts his power was neutralised.

"How did you do that?"He screamed in terror but he did not get the reply he wanted.


With a frightening burst which seemed to echo throughout the world making the sky rumble in fear, the eight Star enveloped in darkness emerged which made everyone's heart beat in palpitation.

With a single gesture, the world started to shrink and the spontaneous will of Alex started to suppress everyone.

Alex's eyes opened at a time which glowed with blood red colour.

His iris had become as black as a dark hole and his pupils were golden with a crimson tint in it.

The Eyes Of Truth could see through all disguise and people's information.

The Devil Eye could make people tremble in fear, making them remember their deepest sorrow while giving them the fear of death.

And when both of them were combined into one.

A new eye power which never existed before was created which not only carried the previous powers but also enhanced them.

Countless lines and information appeared in Alex's eyes.

As Alex stared at everyone while processing the information and getting used to it.

With countless bright flashes, many people appeared in the sky and when they looked at Alex, they could feel the looming figure of death standing beside them and whispering into their ears about the arrival of their death.

What was in front of them now was not just a person who seemed to have broken the traditional powers of realms but something that they couldn't recognize as human.

He had both the power of darkness and light and at the same time they were not able to measure his realm.

A sense of suffocation made them drench in cold sweat.

All the human senses that was felt from that person just now was completely erased and what lies at base of it is endless ferocity and hostility towards them warning them about their forthcoming death.

This death that came to greet them was now in the form of Alex.

The aura around him was so dark that you can not even feel that it is the same person they had seen before during the war.

In Alex's eyes countless lines representing their weakness and effective ways to kill them appear.

Alex ignored them and focused on Sliong whose expression was quite ugly.

"Since you attacked me with the intention of killing, that means I can also do the same."

"You have already broken contact and interfered in the world. Now don't blame me for being ruthless."

Alex's words sounded like a firm law.

A law that announced the death of this person.

At that time everyone felt goosebumps rising from their bodies.

"Alex, we acknowledge you.Lets solve this matter peacefully."

"We will listen to whatever you.."

"We will punish Sliong according the pact and give you a satisfactory answer."

The Supreme ranks came forward trying to appease Alex however they were interrupted before they could finish their speeches trying to appease Alex


A loud cry erupted from above that echoed throughout the capital.

The owner of the cry was none other than Sliong who was blasted off.

Breaking the barrier of sound, his body shot like lightning.

Transvering a great distance while leaving a trail,his body blasted off the cliffs and forest outside the capital like a rag doll.


Astonishment flashed in everyone's eyes as even if they were at Supreme rank they were not able to see Alex move.

They turned their gaze and looked at Alex who hovered in the air.The dense aura of death warned them.

All the Supremes present there made their move trying to restrict him.

However before they could make a move, Alex's figure had already disappeared from their sight.

"What..Where did he go?"

As they mumbled, they looked at the devastated path in the middle of the capital where buildings were cracked and the trail extended far outside the capital.

"Don't tell me."

Realising where Alex might have gone, each one of them moved outside.

Sliong, whose body had been devastated, laid down on the debris in his own puddle of blood while wondering about what happened in the split second which caused him to end up here.

His gaze which directed towards the surrounding suddenly stopped as the rays of light coming from the moon disappeared.

His eyes widened as he saw a huge dark looming figure covering the entire sky.


"Don't kill me."

Sliong shouted crazily and tried to get up but all his bones were broken which caused his vision to shake with the pain.

It might be more than a decade since he felt pain like this.

A huge palm as big as the sky covering the moon and stars descended on him.

Feeling the crisis of death over his life, he tried to plead.

"Have mercy."

"Please don't kill me."

"I will do what you say."

The more a person lives the more he fears death and naturally Sliong lost his mind sensing the approach of death.

"Please save me.."At the last resort he tried to ask help from his comrade.

His voice echoes through the place breaking the silence of the valley however it was suppressed by the huge palm imprint crushing down on him like an ant while at the same sweeping away the entire valley from its existence.

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 499 497:Slaying A Supreme Rank