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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess
Chapter 498 496:A Night To Remember 3

In the Church.

After Alex left in a hurry there was a situation of panic.

Catherine who saw Alex rushing ahead like a storm felt a great amount of anxiety

"No, he is going to do something bad."

"What are we going to do now?"Christina spoke.

"We need to stop him now."Catherine spoke hurriedly.

"I..I have never seen that look in his eyes."Yvonne muttered while folding her arms and squatting down.

"Seeing his eyes is giving me chills."

"There is no way that is Alex.There was no emotion in those eyes.It was cold and ruthless as if nothing in the world mattered to him.Its like he had lost his mind."

"I don't know what he is going through but I..I don't want him to look like that.Although he looked emotionless, his voice seemed to be filled with pain and pain."Yvonne spoke while feeling saddened after seeing Alex like this.

"I have seen him before like that."Christina muttered, drawing their attention.

"It was when Catherine was kidnapped.It was the same look however..."

"However,"Yvonne and Catherine asked with curiosity.

"However this time it was more intense."Christina muttered.

The three became silent for a moment and looked at Athena who had a helpless expression on her face..



"Huh!"Athena was startled and looked at the three who were looking at her worriedly.

"Athena what happened?"

"That..."Athena wanted to speak but no voice came out from her lips.

Because the scene of Alex coming out from the prayer room replayed in her mind.

Alex's aura can be still said to be normal when he entered but as he came out, it was as if he had stopped being human.

A bloody dark aura as if he was evil itself enveloped him.

It was so intense that Athena felt suffocated just by looking at it.

The aura that was emerging from his body gave her a glimpse of an unknown feeling which is death..

The feeling of death watching over you.

In her eyes, Alex looked death in itself who commanded the lives of everyone around him.

Athena who was again lost in thoughts shook her head and said"We need to help him."

"We cannot leave him like this."

"Yvonne and Catherine, spread the evidence we have against Shen immediately."

"I am sure Alex would kill anyone who stepped before him today and wreak havoc in the Second Prince Mansion.So, circulate the evidence quickly."

"Meanwhile, I will meet the Cardinal and ask for help."Athena spoke with a resolute expression and moved quickly.


The great pillar of golden light plunges down forbidding the destruction of everything in front.

But before the pillar could touch the ground something flashed by it causing it to break and disperse in the air.

The power carried by the attack went up into the and scattered.

Alex's eyes were hit by a small beam causing him to tumble back.

Alex's ears perked up when he sensed the aura of the powerhouse above Mythic rank appearing.

"Are you trying to kill them and destroy the Empire?"

"What kind of imprudence is this?"

With a mighty roar a huge pressure descended onto Alex causing the ground below him to crack and crushed into dust.

"Please have mercy on the lamb."

"He had just lost his reason in pain.He needs some guidance."

Cardinal Paul along with Athena appeared trying to save Alex.

When Athena along with Cardinal Paul appeared at the scene they could already see many powerhouses came out and pinning down Alex.

Cardinal Paul tried to interfere but he was stopped by two Supreme Ranks.

"Cardinal Paul, please step back."

"We assure you that we are not going to kill him."

"If there is any confrontation, he would just be punished lightly."

"It is beneath us to deal with a junior.If the life of the Fourth Prince was not in peril we would not have come out."

Athena tried to plead the two but she was stopped by Cardinal Paul.

"Athena, let's just watch out."

"If something happens I will surely interfere."Cardinal Paul assured her and started to observe the situation while looking at Alex with an inexplicable expression.

Shion, who saw Cardinal Paul being stopped by others, laughed while casting a pitiful gaze.

'So, that's why you are flying too much.Did you think that just because you have the support of a Supreme rank you can threaten me.'

'Fool..I am a Prince.A person of great importance who stands above millions.It would be another thing if you were a Prince however you are not...."

Shion's ego was inflated seeing Alex being trampled by others.


"See you can't even touch a single hair of mine."

"I am the Prince."

"I have an army supporting me."

"The moment you touch me, you die."

"Kid, let him go."

"You cannot kill him."

An old ancient voice echoed throughout the place.

Alex was put under an invisible pressure like never before.

It was a warning.

A warning that the person would kill him if he continued this recklessness.

Followed by the voice everything became quiet.

Countless of gazes locked onto Alex wondering what he was going to do now.

Athena bit her lips seeing the scene.

With the Cardinal help, she could only protect Alex however she knew Alex's pride would hurt if he stepped back but what could they do in this situation?

They don't have the power to deal with the powerhouse now.

That's not only her but everyone else thought that while some were secretly ridiculing Alex for acting like a fool.

While everything became standstill a faint sound of splashing was heard.


Shion laughter suddenly stopped and William's body shuddered as an ominous feeling started to emerge in his heart.

Shion's eyes widened as he saw blood dripping from Alex's closed eyes.

The veins near his eyes bulged as if it was going to burst out.

The blood trickling from Alex's eyes frightened them.

He did not know why but the humane figure of Alex before him now looked like a demon.

"Do you think I care?"

"Do you think I give a shit?"

"A dragon reverse scale should never be touched and unfortunately you have already touched one."

"Useless old shits."

Alex's voice sounded like a defeating roar and eeriness started to emerge from his body.

"What were you doing when the people from the darkness realm invaded here?"

"Why didn't you show your valour there instead of here?"

"When your comrade wanted to have revenge, you all agreed to go into the realm of darkness but when my wife was taken away, you did not give a shit even though I begged you and said that I will owe you a debt?"

The power houses who were watching the scene were shocked and wondered how he knew about it.

After being stunned for a moment, someone's voice was heard.

"Kid, I don't know how you learned all of this but the truth is.."

"We did not find your proposal worthwhile."

"What can an ant do?"

"Many people reach Mythic rank easily but they has taken several years to centuries just to step into Saint realm and out of all Mythic ranks only 1% were able to step into Saint."

"People fear us so much that we are placed under restriction so how dare an ant like you dare to voice your opinion in our presence."

"Did you not take the Prince's opinion into consideration?"Alex asked.

"But you are not a Prince?"

"Nor are you strong enough to attract our attention.Yes, I acknowledge that you have shown an unbelievable performance but that's it.We have seen many people like you."

"And in our eyes you are still weak.Without the holy power and divinity that you used in the battlefield you are weak and could be killed by that demon with a single flick."

Alex stared at the man who was barking at him from afar trying to undermine his power, discarding it as nothing.

Sling Raizorford.

He seemed to be the ancestor of Aester and Shion.So, that might be the reason he was barking loud.

"Don't give me that glare kid."

"You don't know how high the sky is so I will make sure to teach you a lesson."



Alex back arched down as mighty pressure from all around tried to force him to kneel down.

Alex channelized his strength into his legs to support himself but before the mighty force he felt like an ant.

Seeing the great wall that lies between him and the person, a moment's doubt started to appear in his heart.

Alex bit his lips and clenched his fist as countless inner voices seemed to whisper into his ears.

Alex whose vision was momentarily blinded saw darkness materializing in a place and took shape in the form of a human.

The figure that appeared was similar to him except his hair was totally dark and he had the Devil Eye.

Alex stared at him with a weird look.

The being before him was a vessel or can be said as an alter ego created due to using Power Of Darkness.

Using the power of light and darkness at the same time harms his body severely so to stop mixing this, a small part of his soul was molded into this human.

The Devil himself helped him to create this persona.However, it was an alter ego it had never appeared before like this cause the amount of soul was too minuscule to communicate.

However it seems it had gone stronger after Alex created a mana core with which he could use the Power Of Darkness.

The Dark Alex walked around Alex and spoke with a sneer.

[You are a weak bastard.]

[You are just an idiot who is not worthy of Riya.]

[You don't have the strength to fight them still you come here to die.]


Alex wanted to refute but he was not able to.


[Athena would surely enjoy seeing you die.]

Alex's consciousness blurred and he started to lose his vision.

His resistance became futile in front of the person Supreme of rank.

The gap was quite a bag.

The bud of self doubt caused Alex to question himself.

'Is this the end?'

'Am I going to get pushed back again.'

Alex closed his eyes.

The answer to his question lies within himself.

Why is he so weak when he has so much strength?

Why is strength getting restricted by the realm?

Since he goes beyond common sense, there is no way he should be bound by the realm.

An unshakable soul with his body current strengthened to the limit filled with a huge amount of mana.

Everything was in place and I only waited for him to break the norm.

Alex looked at his other self with a smile.

[Did you find something?]

The dark Alex asked with a smile.

[You are just an ego created by the Power of darkness.We are the same at the end and you know why we are here so stop mocking yourself.]


Dark Alex rubbed his chin and spoke.

[I was just having fun.]

[We have gathered those bastards here so let's go and give them a bang.]

"Since, my body can handle the darkness, let's merge."Alex muttered.

[Truthfully, I did not want to, however it seems that I have no option.]

[Make sure to crush that bastard ass.I don't like those who bark at me.]

"Sure."Alex spoke with a grin.

With this, Dark Alex dispersed into darkness and starter to merge with Alex..



The system tried to speak something but only screeches like a broken record resounded.

Alex's body started to fill with vitality whc was sucked out from the system forcibly.

[Eyes Of Truth Activated]

[Eyes Of Truth Restriction Removed]

[Devil Eye Activated]

[Merging Eyes Of Truth And Devils Eye]

[Unknown power detected.]


A shadow emerged from Alex body and the entire place was submerged in pitch darkness

Sling and everyone were stupefied by the change.

Their vision became dark, unable to spot anything.

At that time a tiny movement occurred.

However the momentum carried by the movement forced them to step back subconsciously in fear.

"You said you have an army."

"But you don't know one thing."

"I am an army myself.'

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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess Chapter 498 496:A Night To Remember 3